Unjustifiably forgotten medicinal properties of pine oil

The use of pine oil in traditional medicine.

It is considered that fir oil is a universal healer, which is the prerogative of the so-called folk medicine.

This statement is very far from the true state of Affairs. Even a cursory glance at the chemical composition of fir oil will help you to understand how great pharmacological potential of this natural ingredient. The most popular component of pine oil is camphor and its derivatives: 20% solution of camphor for injections, camphor oil, camphor ointment, camphor, alcohol, solution of camphor and salicylic acid.

Camphor is also an important component of multi-component drugs (for example, in connection with Valerian, pepper and so on.).

A variety of medications based on camphor used to treat a number of diseases. Camphor tones the respiratory center, and promotes activation of metabolic processes in the myocardium, it is used as an expectorant. In pneumonia, poisoning, sedatives, heart failure, arthritis and as an antiseptic and analgesic also used camphor. As we can see, this medication is used to treat a very broad spectrum of diseases of different etiology.

Widespread also Galanova drugs fir.

Herbal medicines are called drugs obtained from plant material (typically by extracting and extracts). As a rule, herbal medicines have complex structure — in addition to the main component, in this case pine oil, they contain many additives, corrective action the main component of the mixture. To medications herbal range include infusions and decoctions of fir, which are used mainly the buds of this tree, containing fir oil.

In Siberia for centuries, decoctions and infusions from the buds of fir is used to treat many forms of scurvy, ulcers, respiratory diseases, and used as a diuretic.

In the second half of the twentieth century, fir oil has been used on a scientific basis as a valuable pharmacological raw material.

The therapeutic properties of pine oil.

Fir oil is an almost colorless liquid, sometimes with a very faint yellow or green tint. Smell — typical of softwood, with distinctive balsamic notes. Fir oil is practically insoluble in water, very sparingly soluble in glycerol, a well — to oils of vegetable and mineral origin, as well as in ethanol, hence, alcohol-containing liquids.

Chemical composition of fir oil is rich in nutrients, among which the already mentioned essential oil, carotene, with which we usually associate carrots and rose hips, ascorbic acid and tannins. These components are contained in cones, twigs, buds and needles.

Fir oil — a universal medicine. Revealed its ability to improve blood composition, promote freedom from diseases of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, and viral infections.

Fir oil — medication of direct action. When applied topically pine oil acts directly on the diseased organ or area of the skin. After applying pine oil to the surface of the body, it quickly enters the blood and, therefore, quickly moves through the bloodstream, affecting the entire body as a whole.

Fir oilis used for the treatment of diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, influenza, bronchitis. It is used to treat rheumatism, hyperhidrosis. It helps in diseases of the liver and kidneys, with the cholecystitis and urological diseases.

Fir oil, given its antibacterial properties, can be used for disinfection of the room in which the patient is located. Simply add 5 drops of pine oil in the water in aromalamp ne to heat the vessel and to be in the room for about 1 hour. This method will help in the fight against respiratory diseases and viral infections.

Doctors suggest the use of the vapours of pine oil with aroma lamps for General prevention. This method is particularly recommended during different epidemics (acute respiratory disease, flu, sore throat). The combination of techniques of classical massage and pine oil gives a quick positive effect.

Long fir oil is applied to soften the tissues and eliminating pain syndromes in case of small injuries to the skin in case of burns.

Regular use of pine oil will help to reduce pain in a variety of diseases, which are related to the peripheral nervous system, as well as diseases that are accompanied by persistent pain such as sciatica, rheumatism and sciatica. The scientists unanimously concluded that the use of pine oil leads to rejuvenation of the body and its beneficial effect on cells, for example, promotes disappearance of wrinkles and smoothes the skin. As a consequence, widespread application of pine oil for cosmetic purposes.
A few drops of oil you can add to your tools for skin rejuvenation or in a bubble bath.

Fir oil has long been used in aromatherapy. Therapy with the use of pine oil includes procedures such as baths, massage, inhalations and the use of oil burner.

Tart burners are the most harmless and environmentally friendly means of treatment.
The inhaled air is saturated with vapors of the used drug, and the patient thus uses the healing properties of a fragrance in normal breathing.

Widespread in recent aromamedalony. It is quite safe and very effective method of treatment.
Aromamedalony is in the vicinity of the chest and lasts quite a long time — as long as you wear the medallion.

A small vessel of pottery, as a rule, serves as a decoration and at the same time, has considerable healing potential.
Its use is very simple — medallion drip a few drops of pine oil.
As a variant — drops is applied to a small piece of cotton, which is placed in the locket.

An Allergy test pine oil.

The unfavorable ecological situation that has become "the norm" for many cities in the world, contributes to the emergence of numerous allergic reactions. Possible Allergy and fir oil.

Before the use of pine oil for the treatment of a disease pass a little test for allergies.

Better to protect themselves from possible unpleasant consequences, than to take strong antihistamines in case of Allergy to this medicine.

To check whether allergies to fir oil from the patient, apply a few drops of oil on the back side of your wrist where you normally wear your watch. If after a short time there will appear red spots — fir not for you.

Preparation of pine oil at home.

Pine needles and thin branches on which there are no shoots, cut into small pieces and placed in a glass jar with a volume of 2 l, leaving the top empty space (approximately 5 cm). To this level the mixture is poured with sunflower oil.

The further procedure is the evaporation of a mixture of pine needles and branches to allocation of their oil. A jar with a lid (do not close tightly, just covering it!) and placed in the pan, the bottom of which lies a napkin. The pot is filled with water to the middle, cover with a lid and put on fire. After boiling, reduce the fire and removed the liquid for 4-5 hours while controlling the presence of water in the pan if it becomes less than the specified volume, add water as evaporation.

After the specified time the pan can be removed from the fire. The oil from the jar with the pine needles is poured into another jar. In her press needles, which then can be discarded.

First can refill chopped pine needles and sprigs and pour after the first evaporation of oil.
The procedure is repeated jar placed in a saucepan filled with water to half, and is evaporated on slow fire for 4-5 hours, not forgetting timely to add water. Obtained after the second stage of evaporation of the oil is the desired product, ready for use after cooling.

Possible contraindications to the use of pine oil.

Patients suffering from palpitations, should also be very cautious about the feasibility of treatment using pine oil. Once in the blood, the oil remains in the bloodstream for several days. As with any medication, it should be guided by the medical slogan of "do No harm!".
Remember that the use of pine oil can have a laxative effect. Let it not be for you an unpleasant surprise.

The use of pine oil in various diseases.

Fir oil — a truly versatile tool for treating a number of diseases. It has beneficial effects on various parts of the body.

It is recommended to consult with your doctor and get his approval for an independent application of pine oil. Do not self-medicate!

Treatment of rhinitis isof pine oil.

It is recommended to apply a small amount of pine oil on the nose and the bridge of the nose, avoiding contact with eyes.

Gently massage the oil massage. Additionally, it is necessary to use fir oil intranasal, burying 1 drop in each nostril 3 times a day.

Treatment of acute respiratory diseases (ARD) of pine oil.

It is recommended to take fir oil intranasally.

Bedtime should drip 1 drop of pine oil in each nostril, throwing back his head. This can manifest side effects such as lacrimation, expectoration, sneezing, you may feel a burning sensation. These unpleasant feelings pass quickly.

Treatment of coughfir oil.

Fir oil type in the pipette, please much patient to stick out his tongue and drip 3 drops on the tongue.
The procedure should be carried out 2 times a day immediately after waking and immediately before going to bed.

The flu treatmentfir oil.

In influenza apply rubbing. Apply a few drops of pine oil on the shoulders, chest and back and RUB it into the skin, using classic massage movements.

As this procedure helps to activate the circulatory system, after the massage the patient is wrapped with a sheet and a blanket.
It is also recommended to take warm tea or herbal that stimulate sweating.

Massage should be performed several times a day at intervals of 5 hours.
This procedure can be used in acute respiratory diseases.

The treatment of anginafir oil.

In the treatment of angina it is recommended to apply fir oil in an available area of the tonsils. To do this, you should drop fir oil on a cotton swab or swab and lubricate the tonsils. In severe cases, the introduction of pine oil with a syringe. Lubrication of the tonsils should be performed several times a day at intervals of 5 hours.

Treatment of chronic sore throats and bronchitis, of pine oil.

Apply the above procedure with the additional introduction of pine oil intranasally (1 drop of pine oil buried in each nostril). May have side effects similar to those manifested in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases.
Rapid healing promotes also the foot massage with the use of pine oil.

Pneumonia treatment fir oil.

When pneumonia (inflammation of lungs) and use the same massage as in the treatment of influenza, together with intranasally procedures. You can dig fir oil in the nose or apply the outdoor inhalation. To do this, add 5 drops of pine oil in a glass or enamel bowl with hot water. The patient leans over the dishes at a suitable distance and inhales the steam for 20 minutes. With his head covered with a thick cloth impermeable to air. You should breathe and my nose and mouth alternately.

Treatment of sinusitisfir oil.

Used introduction of pine oil route, digging in the morning and night 4 drops in each nostril. The treatment will be more successful if you add external and inhalation, which is used for inflammation of the lungs. Only in this case, hot water is added to 10 drops of pine oil, depending on the severity of the disease. Breathe hot steam covered with a thick cloth head is recommended for 15 minutes.

The treatment of wounds, abrasions and cuts fir oil.

Fir oil — a strong antiseptic that promotes healing of wounds and prevents the appearance of pus. Apply a small amount of pine oil on a tampon and spread it over the open wound area. To wait fir oil will be absorbed.

Treatment of children's diathesis fir oil.

In this case, use pine oil in combination with baby cream or vaseline. 1 drop of pine oil mixed with a small amount of cream and gently smeared with the mixture of inflamed skin.

It is recommended to carry out this procedure within 1 week.

Treatment of acne and furuncle of pine oil.

The disease can be cured with a few drops of pine oil, mixed with ointment Vishnevsky. The mixture is applied to a bandage or gauze and placed on the corresponding area of the body. To avoid slipping, it is recommended to put on top of the bandage or gauze bandage tightly.

Treatment of eczema of pine oil.

It is necessary to prepare ointment fat-base that does not have salt supplements. The ratio of pine oil and a fatty basis of 1: 2. Carefully stir the resulting mass and put it on a place of the manifestation of eczema. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day for 2-3 weeks.

Treatment of herpesof pine oil.

Apply on cotton wool 1-2 drops of pine oil and apply to area of skin where rash. Hold for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

The treatment of bedsores and diaper rash fir oil.

Apply 2-3 drops of fir oil on the affected skin and gently RUB. Treatment for 3 days.

Fungus treatmentfir oil.

2-3 drops of fir oil to put on a bandage or gauze and press it to the affected areas of skin. Keep for 30 minutes. It is recommended to repeat the procedure within 1 week.

Treatment of inflammation of the gums of pine oil.

Apply on a cotton Bud or swab 1 drop of pine oil. Gently hold the cotton swab over the outer surface of the gums. The procedure is repeated several times a day with a break in 3 hours.

When you see the feelings of a burn of the mucous membrane, it is recommended to increase the interval between treatments up to 4 hours.

In acute dental pain.

Apply on a cotton Bud or swab 1 drop of pine oil and apply to the sore tooth. The procedure is repeated several times a day with a break 2 hours.

If you get burned.

It is necessary to prepare ointment fat-base and add to it fir oil in the ratio of 2:1. Lubricate the burn several times a day.

Arthritis treatmentfir oil.

Wipe with alcohol the joints and gently RUB them in 1-2 drops of pine oil. Then put a bandage from a bandage or gauze for 30 minutes.

Treatment of rheumatism and sciatica fir oil.

After the adoption of the pine bath RUB the areas of the body where pain is concentrated, 2-3 drops of fir oil. Repeat the procedure within 1 week.


RUB 2-3 drops of pine oil into the fracture (as well as injury or dislocation). Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.
Penetrating into the pores fir oil contributes to the rapid accretion of the damaged bone.


Apply 2 to 3 drops of pine oil on cotton and apply it to the area of the body that is susceptible to pain. Top wrap with a bandage and keep the compress for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10 days.

Treatment of osteochondrosisfir oil.

In the treatment of osteochondrosis fir oil is used together with traditional massage treatments.
After the massage 2-3 drops of fir oil is rubbed into areas of the body along the spine. The procedure is repeated after each massage session, a course which is 1 month.

For colitis.

5 drops of pine oil added to 100 ml of boiling water and whisk in a mixer. The resulting solution is accept 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Treatment of anginafir oil.

3-4 drops of fir oil applied to the chest area and gently massage until the cessation of pain. You can repeat the procedure several times a day as the occurrence of seizures.

It is important not to exceed the dose, because the use of pine oil in large quantities in diseases of the cardiovascular system is not recommended.

Neurosis with sleep disorders.

Prepare a bath for the patient acceptable temperature. Add 5-6 drops of pine oil. Take a bath for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure within 1 week.

Cleansing the body with the help of pine oil.

Fir oil has a pronounced laxative effect and for its medicinal properties not only cleanses the intestines of toxins, but and normalizes its flora. Cleansing of the body with the help of pine oil will have to devote a few days, gradually increasing the dose of the drug.

During the procedures fir oil should completely eliminate the intake of alcohol.

The technique is very simple.

A piece of refined sugar (or a teaspoon of sugar-sand) put a few drops of pine oil. After taking medication should drink 50 ml of warm water or a weakly brewed tea. Days 1st and 2nd
3 drops 3 times a day. Ani 3rd and 4th
4 drops 3 times a day. Ani 5th and 6th
5 drops 3 times a day. Days 7th and 8th
6 drops 3 times a day. Days 9 & 10~th
7 drops 3 times a day. The days of 11th and 12th
8 drops 3 times a day.
Days 13th and 14th
9 drops, 3 times a day. Days 15-16 Yi-y
10 drops 3 times a day.

The best course you should choose. If you start palpitations by increasing the next dose, should terminate the course. In any case should not exceed the dose to 10 drops.

Patients with high acidity take fir oil with sugar after a meal, patients with low or normal acidity before eating.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before you start body cleansing with the use of pine oil.

Douching fir oil.

Ingredients for the irrigation of pine oil.

Fir water — 50 ml, fir oil — 5 drops.

The method of preparing pine oil for douching.

Fir to heat the water to 40 °C, add the fir oil. Be douching. After 15 minutes, empty the bowel.

How often to douching fir oil.

Douching takes place daily for 1 month. The number of drops of pine oil can be gradually increased to 10 if it doesn't cause discomfort.

Indications for irrigation of pine oil.


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