Black cumin oil alters the genetic code of cancer cells

Black cumin for more than 3000 years cultivated in the East, and the same time people use the oil of this unique plants for the treatment of various diseases. Even the famous physicians Hippocrates and Dioscorides, mentioned in his medical treatises about its amazing healing properties. The statement of Avicenna, black cumin oil contributes to the life energy of the person, helping to overcome fatigue and exhaustion.

Modern scientists have revealed the fact that the oil is actively stimulates the production of bone marrow and has a positive effect on the functioning of the thymus gland, very important for the normalization of human immunity.

It is known that thymus gland responsible for the body's defenses. In the experiments with the application of black cumin in the blood is several times increased the number of T – lymphocytes, T – killers and other cells responsible for healing and strengthening the body's defenses.

Scientific studies have shown that black cumin strengthens the immune system, thus serving as a "remedy for all diseases" because the durability of immunity is a necessary condition for getting rid of any disease, of whatever nature it may be. Oil is also an excellent preventive tool in the prevention of cancer of the blood.

Back in black cumin oil contains hormonesthat help with infertility and enhancing potency. It is used for flatulence, diarrhea and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, it facilitates breathing in bronchial asthma and blocked nose, cures a cough with SARS and influenza. Vitamin a helps the full production of sex hormones. Caraway oil helps prevent the appearance of tumors, to normalize the menstrual cycle, ensures the prevention of cystitis and pyelonephritis.

This is one of the few natural oils that are ideal for the treatment of oily skin and can easily cope with the formation of pimples, dilated pores and contaminated. It helps with fungal infections, various skin diseases and allergies.

Composition of black seed oil is extraordinarily rich. The product contains vitamins, minerals and natural antibiotics, it is important to note that it allows you to fight the virus of cholera. Black cumin oil has excellent effects on the cardiovascular system.

With caraway oil can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol level in the blood. The substance prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which are a serious threat to health. Black cumin oil is a very good effect on the cardiovascular system. The product has a preventive action against atherosclerosis.

The composition of the oil contains components which normalize the activity of the digestive system. You should know that black seed oil helps to increase appetite, normalizes the acidity of gastric juice, helps in combating stomach disorders.

The product is able to support the functioning of the liver, it protects against serious diseases of the body. Vitamins ulcerative process be prevented, provided prevention of diseases of the digestive system.

Caraway oil improves the nervous system, calcium and phosphorus assist in strengthening muscles.

When used, it is possible exacerbation of chronic diseases, which hurts people. This is a normal reaction of the body as black cumin is immunostimulator and the strengthening of the body immune system begins to counteract diseases that were not cured before the end...


Composition of black seed oil

The composition of the oil contains over one hundred components, half of which are stimulants of metabolic processes in the human body. It contains:

  • the phospholipids (of which 46% phosphatidylcholines;
  • amine acid — 15% including 8% of the essential;
  • saturated and unsaturated fatty acids;
  • carotenoids;
  • vitamins E, C, and D groups;
  • micro and macro elements;
  • phytosterols;
  • poly - and monosaccharides;
  • alkaloids;
  • enzymes;
  • essential oil;
  • flavonoids;
  • saponins, including trytophane.
Recommendations for use:

In preventive and curative purposes as well as to strengthen the immune system black cumin oil is recommended to be taken in the following dosage:

  • children (from six years) – just half a teaspoon per day;
  • adults – 2 times a day: in the morning on an empty stomach one teaspoon and evening also on an empty stomach one teaspoon.
The oil is recommended to drink on an empty stomach 15-20 minutes before eating. It is washed down with either a half glass of water, which dissolved a tablespoon of honey or half a glass of carrot juice. The duration of the course typically lasts 3-4 months. The course may be repeated with a break of 2 months.

High blood pressure can use the following mixture: 100 ml of oil, cumin, lemon juice and honey, mix and take on an empty stomach every morning and evening for 1 tablespoon. The mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.

The oil can be mixed with orange juice or yogurt (Halal) to improve the taste.

The product has antiviral, antibacterial effects, helps in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchial asthma, has antipyretic effect.

Treatment of black cumin in Oncology.

In the study of black seed in cancer Center scientists have come to the conclusion that the substance timokhino derived from plants that can not only slow the growth of cancer cells, but also to reverse the process. Mostly the studies were conducted on cancer of the pancreas, and it is intractable form of this disease.

Scientists believe that timokhino alter the genetic code of cancer cells that leads to their destruction. Based on these data, they intend to develop a drug for the treatment of liver diseases.

As the results of another group of researchers, black cumin reduces the incidence of skin cancer by 34 %. This treatment cumin tolerated much easier than biochemistry, affecting bone marrow and blood count. Cumin prevents side effects produced by the treatment chemicals.

In the treatment of cancer folk medicine recommends to lubricate the affected area with black seed oil and the seeds the plants make with freshly squeezed carrot juice or natural honey.

In the treatment of oncological diseases it is recommended to mix the oil with the juice of one small onion. Treatment should continue for at least a month.

  • For cancer of the throat, suggest daily use of oil.
  • Lymph nodes – part of the immune system, the use of the oil helps reduce them, as it helps to fight germs in the blood.
  • Strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss. In the Arab countries are popular shampoos with the addition of black seed oil.
  • Black cumin oil is a great remedy for improving the condition of skin, helps to remove malignant tumors.

Treatment of prostatitis the black cumin.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. The main cause of the disease is a bacterial infection. Inflamed or infected prostate manifests painful urination and ejaculation. If the disease is not timely cured, then there can be serious consequences. Prostatitis is the third, after cancer and benign hyperplasia, and the place is more than 25 % of diseases of the sexual sphere in men.

The main causes of prostatitis are persistent hypothermia, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged abstinence of sexual activity, delayed urination, bad habits, and a number of accompanying diseases of the genitourinary system.

There are several effective ways of treatment of this disease black cumin:

1. Oil plants daily is recommended to lubricate the lower back and scrotum, producing rotational motion. RUB the oil should be up to until it will not absorb into the skin.

2. One tablespoon of black seed oil should be mixed with a spoon of honey, a teaspoon of dried chamomile and dissolve it in 100 ml of warm water. The tool then you need to strain and take several times a day.


Treatment of hemorrhoids black cumin.

To the formation of hemorrhoids are chronic constipation, lack of exercise, heavy exercise, and most importantly – sedentary lifestyle. Discomfort, burning and itching in the anal hole to create a knotted veins. After having stabbing sharp pain and bleeding when having a bowel movement. To help improve the patient's condition can black cumin. It stimulates digestion and has anti-histamine action.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids use the cream, which is prepared from the ash of charred seeds of the plant. To prepare this cream you will need 30 g of seeds and 15 ml of black seed oil. Seeds should be fry in the pan to a state of "obgorelo". When they are cool, you should grind them into powder, and then add it to the cumin oil. The drug should be applied on the anus twice a day after bowel movements. After four weeks of use of the patient's condition will improve dramatically.


Treatment of psoriasis with black seed oil.

In addition, black cumin is widely used in cosmetology. It is effective in the treatment of various skin diseases, including psoriasis. A small amount of black seed oil daily to lubricate the affected areas of the skin. While it can be mixed with other oils such as sesame or peanut.

However, there are cases where application of oil does the opposite and promotes greater formation of rashes. If within one week after the drug will not be noticed by the improvement, the oil of caraway is suitable for this skin type and for this reason it is best to consult with your doctor.


Black cumin oil for infertility.

Black cumin oil is a fairly effective tool, tested by many women. The composition of the oil contains hormones that promote potency and capable of curing infertility. Due to high content in oil seed variety of useful substances, the drug improves the potency and libido, normalizes testosterone production and beneficial effect on the process of spermatogenesis. Regular consumption of black cumin helps to cure male and female infertility.


The seeds of black cumin.

The ancient healers believed that the seeds of the black cumin heals almost all diseases. In our days the scientific studies confirm that they can be used to treat many childhood and adult diseases, including cancer

The seeds of black cumin – a large, black, pyramid-shaped. They are quite tasty and have refreshing effect, tastes like fennel or dill. This refreshing property of the seeds is widely used as a remedy for putrefaction and fermentation in the gut.

Bloating the child him do an enema of caraway water. When flatulence and stomach pain and used a decoction made from the seeds of cumin with sugar. Pellets from grinded seeds mixed with rye flour and peppermint, relieve inflammation in mastitis, applying them to his chest. The treatment course lasts for a few days.

Caraway drops should be used with constant tearing, and to increase lactation recommended to drink milk in which cooked cumin seeds. For the prevention of various diseases are advised to take the seeds of black cumin, mixed with orange juice.


Contraindications to the use of black cumin

Despite the fact that cumin is one of the most efficient medicinal plants, some contraindications he still has. The seeds of black cumin is not desirable to take during pregnancy, as they contain plant hormones that stimulate labor. Also contraindication is individual intolerance and hypersensitivity. Is strictly prohibited the use of the oil for those people who are the recipients of different organs.

In addition, topical application of cosmetic products made with cumin, possible side effects. In this case, you should discontinue their use and consult a doctor.

In 1989, the Pakistan medical journal published an article about phenomenal properties of black seed oil. And in 1992 at the medical Department, University of Dahe (Bangladesh) made a study of antibacterial properties of black seed oil in comparison with five strong antibiotics: ampicillin; tetracycline; cotrimoxazole; gentamicin and nalidix acid. The facts undoubtedly lead to admiration black cumin oil demonstrated itself as a more effective tool.

In the hadith the prophet Muhammad said:

"Black cumin is healing for all diseases except death"
(The collections of hadith by Muslim and al-Bukhari).

Still are the following words of the prophet of Islam:

"Make black cumin as binding, because it contains a cure for all disease except the "Saam". Someone asked: "And what is "Saam"? To this Muhammad replied: "death"".

In the pursuit of easy money some people mix the pure oil with cheaper alternatives (sunflower, cotton), and then sell under the guise of natural oils of black cumin. Therefore, when buying oil is very important for the credibility of the seller, the packing factory or a cottage industry, and it is very important that the oil is definitely cold pressed.

Only in this case you can count on the fact that black cumin oil has kept all useful properties. This product still, it is better to buy from manufacturers of the Eastern countries, only in this case, the quality is guaranteed.

Butter is made from 2 types of cumin seeds – Ethiopian and Saudi. Both of these varieties are equally useful. Oil is a more convenient and concentrated form, containing all the useful properties of seeds but Packed in a modern form. published



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