This simple procedure will remove the laxity of the face and teeth whiten

Sesame oil (sesame oil) is divided into several types depending on seed color. This «Raktha» (red), "Krishna" (black) and "Shweta" (White). Sometimes there is a different color seeds -. Golden, brown, gray

The color depends on the type, method of cultivation, the collection and processing. The kind of sesame included about 25 different species.

White sesame is most popular in the West and the Middle East, black seeds are more popular in the East, in Asia, where they are used as a spice in many Asian dishes, giving food nutty flavor.

It is believed that black sesame seeds have the best healing properties and is recommended for use in all Ayurvedic protsedurax and in the manufacture of Ayurvedic drugs, which include sesame. The oil pressed from the seeds of black sesame seeds, is highly regarded due to long term storage with no rancidity.

White sesame seeds have a mean healing qualities and is more commonly used in cooking. Red sesame has no special curative qualities.

Some sources written that white sesame seeds - is a purified black. Removing the shell (although it is not generally removed) does not make black white sesame grain, they remain black. It could write a person who has never seen a black sesame. It does not whiten, I assure you. white sesame seeds are usually cleaned from the shell. Treated seeds also appear white. Whites are common and brown sesame seeds, if their seed coat removed.

Ayurvedic tastes of sesame:. Sweet, bitter, astringent

Vipaka (aftertaste): sweet

Energy: hot

His heavy nature of sesame oil gives strength and nutrition of tissues, therefore a must for a weak constitution wool and wool-deficit.

Sogrevayushim action can be (theoretically) beneficial kapha, but as sesame oil, thick, heavy for digestion, nourishes and gives rise tissues, kapha it should be used is limited. While Charaka states that sesame does not increase kapha, but only slightly may increase pitta with excessive use.

Charaka (author of the ancient Ayurvedic treatise "Charaka Samhita" (700 BC. E.) Argued that sesame oil is the best of all the oils and in combination with different plants can cure all diseases. The ability of sesame oil to penetrate deeply into tissue making its basic oil for making massage blends for paralysis, pain in the joints, muscles, tendons, for example, the basis for efficient when these problems "Mahanaroyan" oil -. it is sesame oil (sesame oil)

. With a very useful procedure gandusha (mouthwash oil) it is recommended to use sesame oil. It is said that if within 45 days of continuously performing this procedure, the stones disappear, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), eliminates bleeding gums, wobbly teeth stronger, improved and bleached tooth enamel. The procedure is recommended on an empty stomach, up to 3 times a day.

"Rinsing the mouth with sesame oil strengthens the jaw, gives voice completeness, removes facial flabbiness, improves taste. Those who practice rinsing the mouth with sesame oil, will never have a dry, cracked voice, cracked dry lips, they do not have dental caries, tooth roots are strong, teeth will never get sick, are not sensitive even to acidic foods, will be able to rather chew solid food »(Charaka Samhita Ch V-78 to 80).

Instantly relieves toothache gargle with hot sesame oil mixed with asafoetida and Kalonji (black cumin seeds).

Also, when a toothache makes a simple chewing sesame seeds. In many problems the ear, nose and throat is recommended to bury the warm sesame oil, if you do not manage to buy a special, such as Anu tiles (Anu Thailam), the basis of which - sesame oil, infused with Ayurvedic plants and preparations (the number of components can be from 20 to 50) .

In Panchakarma sesame oil is widely used, especially for Snehana (external oiling) and basti (Ayurvedic enema).

Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) with sesame oil provides relief from many problems: it improves blood circulation, lymph flow, removes pain and tension in joints and muscles, provides relaxation, reduces stress, leads to good sleep

. Adults are recommended to do an Ayurvedic oil massage with herbs, respective constitution of their body or therapeutic targets to be achieved.

Children are encouraged to do the oil body massage from birth to three years of age (at least), and even up to adolescence. Infants under one year every day lubricate with sesame oil before bathing and weather conditions are favorable child buttered endure for a short time in the sun to produce vitamin D, and better penetration into the oil cloth.

Abhyanga is not carried out in the presence of the following symptoms:

oncological diseases severe weakness, intoxication, intense physical discomfort
acute stage of skin diseases
some digestive disorders (stomach ulcers, constipation)
during menstruation
cough, colds, fever, fever
an allergic reaction to the oil and herbs used
during pregnancy (but immediately after birth is shown a special massage for a long time to calm Apana Vayu (poddoshi wool, responsible for all the isolation and generic activities).
With an excess of vata dosha in the intestine is carried Basti (Ayurvedic enema) with sesame oil, present in plants with a sour taste (Charaka Chikitsa Sthana 17th ch).

In Ayurveda, sesame seed oil is considered an excellent tool for general physical weakness, prevent many problems, keeping a good state at the problems listed below:

in some digestive disorders (dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome, dysentery). 2 tbsp. l. sesame seeds (raw or slightly boiled) mixed with 3 of Art. l. goat milk drink periodically throughout the day. When dysentery in children they are given a lick spoon mixture of crushed sesame seeds and powdered sugar (or honey). Almost immediately there comes relief. A similar rapid relief in dysentery reception gives a mixture of ground sesame seeds with fresh butter.
diabetic reduces urinary frequency.
hemorrhoids: attachment paste of sesame seeds with sesame oil to the hemorrhoidal nodes reduces pain and bleeding
. with dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), and secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstruation for several months). It is recommended regularly in the last 7 days before the expected date of drink drink: 1 tbsp. l. sesame seed boil in 1 cup of water (240 g) as long as the amount of liquid has evaporated and you will not have the original ¼ of volume. Cool, add a little jaggery (natural palm sugar) or honey, and drink. If the expected duration of the onset of menstruation is not known, then drink longer, as many days as it takes to process started. Guarantees that no menses begin, but the drink in any case be useful.
the use of sesame seeds increase milk production in nursing mothers.
when mastitis is very useful to put gauze soaked in sesame oil to the chest.
women after childbirth give a mixture of sesame, shakkar (jaggery powder, powdered palm sugar) and barley powder. This mixture stops bleeding as sesame promotes better blood clotting (this should be taken into account and the use of sesame should be limited, if a person has an increased blood clotting).
vaginal infections, vaginal dryness recommended douching with warm water and diluted it with sesame oil.
sesame menopause helps women feel normal (in combination with other measures), thanks to calcium, which prevents bone loss and also helps restful sleep, which in many disturbed during this period.
sesame improves eyesight (supporting the liver, which in turn is responsible for the eye, improving their blood supply)
It helps fight tinnitus, especially with instillation of special oils on the basis of sesame oil, such as Anu tiles.

Sesame oil is very popular in bodybuilding as it helps build muscle mass. So kapha with increased weight - pay attention to it and not get carried away with sesame oil in high doses

. Sesame seeds increases the humidity of the tissues, so it is very effective for dry skin.

The oil has excellent healing properties. In case of burns apply a mixture of sesame seeds, camphor and ghee

This reduces the burning sensation and pain. Also, apply a mixture of ground seeds with milk.

Sesame oil is widely used for cosmetic purposes. They say women of India - "If there is sesame oil, then you do not need other cosmetic products." Oil tightens the skin and tightens pores person.

It is useful to make a shower scrub of ground rice flour and sesame oil.


½ cup of grinded sesame seeds,
½ cup of apple cider vinegar,
¼ cup of water.
Let stand and rinse your face with this mixture before going to bed without washing. Very soon you will notice your face radiant skin.

However, it should be understood that the strong skin problems that often come with digestive disorders external rinsing will help a little, because the problem lies within.

Sesame oil is added to creams for tanning, so it does not transmit ultraviolet rays. If you have already burned, the application of sesame oil on the body and hair will help remove dryness.

Sesame seeds act as an aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac), give strength, increasing sexual potency, and help with premature ejaculation in men. Take his advice and raw and brewed in milk and toasted in a mix with honey (which is also an aphrodisiac) - a very popular mix of men in India

. People use mental occupations sesame gives the body are essential for mental activities microelements and substances such as phosphorus, B vitamins, amino acids and phospholipids.

Sesame oil is recommended for preventive purposes. The main methods of oil Hour:

- Lubrication of the nasal mucosa. To do this, dip your little finger in the sesame oil and rub it in each nostril. Then hold both nostrils for a few seconds and quickly breathe (to draw in itself), as the sharp intake of breath.

- Rinse the mouth to strengthen the bone (in sesame oil rich in calcium), the purification of the mouth of toxins

. - Whole body massage before a warm shower or bath. Keep the oil on the body can be from half an hour to several hours, the longer, the better.

Taking a bath with the addition of sesame oil into the water improves blood circulation and thus cleans the body.

Massage joints with sesame oil can give good results before going to bed, and can cause discomfort if increased stiffness in the joints observed.


The oil increases hair growth and prevents hair loss, dandruff, so hair oil is the basis of many sesame. It is recommended to rub sesame oil into the hair roots, massaging the scalp for at least 1 time per week.

With the use of sesame oil to the hair a bit confusing - hot sesame oil by nature, increases pitta, and accordingly, should increase hair problems. But Charaka says that some of the properties of sesame oil, such as «Twachya» - good for the skin, is therefore used as the basis for many Ayurvedic oils for the treatment of skin diseases. Another property «Keshya» - improves the quality of hair, stimulates hair growth, reduce hair loss, prevents the appearance of gray hair

. In general, regardless of the energy of hot, sesame oil contains a sufficient amount of phyto-nutrients to improve hair quality. hair oils based on sesame, typically contain several Ayurvedic plants and drugs, skillfully balancing the hot nature of pure sesame oil.

Often in such oils is added to the milk (cooling ingredient). Amla also cools, and often part of the hair oil.

Masks with sesame oil is good for the dry, damaged hair, with split ends, damaged poor quality staining. They return the hair shine, elasticity, making them soft.

Incidentally, blond - keep in mind - almost all industrial manufactured oils is written "for dark hair only." Blond hair several shades darker to obscure color, depending on the frequency of use. Personally, I (blonde) after the use of masks for hair with sesame oil in the cabin barely straightened hair color to my usual.

Vitamins and trace elements

Refer to the table «Sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum), whole, dried» Nutritional value per 100 g. (Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

Translation into Russian will not, and the ground is clear (calculation per 100g):
Energy Kcal 573 29%

Carbohydrates 23.45 g 18%
Protein 17.73 g 32%
Total Fat 49.67 g 166%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 11.8 g 31%

Folates 97 μg 25%
Niacin 4.515 mg 28%
Pantothenic acid 0.050 mg 1%
Pyridoxine 0.790 mg 61%
Riboflavin 0.247 mg 19%
Thiamin 0.791 mg 66%
Vitamin A 9 IU & lt; 1%
Vitamin C 0 0%
Vitamin E 0.25 mg 2%

Sodium 11 mg 1%
Potassium 468 mg 10%

Calcium 975 mg 98%
Copper 4.082 mg 453%
Iron 14.55 mg 182%
Magnesium 351 mg 88%
Manganese 2.460 mg 107%
Phosphorus 629 mg 90%
Selenium 34.4 μg 62.5%
Zinc 7.75 mg 70%

Other studies considered that sesame contains vitamin K, B6, omega-6, omega-9.

Copper is required in the body for the production of enzymes, some of which have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to ensure the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels, bones and joints. Therefore, black sesame sure to include in the diet of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnesium is present in the black sesame, it helps prevent asthma attacks, helps lower the blood pressure and can prevent migraine attacks, reduce the severity of menopause. The black sesame quite a lot of calcium, necessary for bone health. Incidentally, the menopause in women bone weakening, leading to osteoporosis. Eating black sesame seeds at the age of menopause is influenced positively. Studies have shown that older people who use black sesame seeds, osteoporosis is diagnosed less.


Sesame improves blood clotting and is not recommended for people suffering from thrombosis.

Suffering urolithiasis sesame also contraindicated.

Excessive consumption of sesame oil causes hiccups and breathing disorders with labored breathing.

Sesame its hot nature can cause allergic reactions, especially in the hot pitta, especially in people who respond to different nuts.


One of the main advantages of sesame oil - and it is well preserved for a long time, not rancid

. Sesame seeds can be used in whole, crushed, chopped, raw, peeled, roasted form, or in powder form. For therapeutic purposes, use the seeds with the shell. In cooking, use the sesame seeds with a remote shell (that we can see the top of the buns), in different types of chocolates.

And the black and white sesame seeds are used in the preparation of various types of sweets, desserts, dressings, sauces and marinades, add them to certain types of rice, vegetables, salads.

Black sesame seeds have a strong and lasting fragrance, compared with white. They have a kind of a unique nutty, sweet smell, which is greatly enhanced when roasting. Black sesame slightly bitter.

White sesame seeds, with their rich, nutty flavor, are widely used in the preparation of a more sugary foods, such as cakes, bread (no tortilla in the Middle East is not without sesame seeds), muffins, and sesame bars. They are more suitable for fine baking.

Sesame seeds are widely used for making various kinds of sweets (gajak, laddu, revadi), especially in winter, because they have a warming effect and protects against colds.

Laddu (laddoo) provide morning and evening for children with bedwetting problems, especially during the cold season. Just this kind of sweets is recommended for adults with frequent urination. Composition laddu different. Base: milk, palm sugar, flour and various different types of fillers, including Ayurvedic. From paste form balls and fried in ghee (melted butter).

Raspostranen spice - roasted sesame seeds, they are often sprinkled with Japanese and Korean dishes

. Around the world, their methods of preparation (from the refined to the hard cold pressing) and sesame oil consumption. Например, тёмное кунжутное масло холодного прессования не подходит для жарки и его смешивают с рафинированным.

Можно приготовить вкусную кунжутную соль (широко используемую у корейцев). Нужно обжарить семена кунжута, разломолоть и на одну 200 г чашку добавить 1 ч.л. соли

Корейцы умело применяют листья кунжута, вкус которых довольно жгучий. В свежем виде их подают к столу с овощами, готовят соусы, жарят в кляре. Квашеные листья кунжута добавляют в тушёные мясные блюда в самом конце приготовления.

Японцы используют листья кунжута для приготовления суши.

При покупке семян будьте внимательны. Они должны быть в закрытом герметичном контейнере и должен быть свежим, во избежании риска прогорклости. Очищенные семена становятся прогорклыми быстрее и должны храниться в холодильнике.

Кунжутное семя относится к продуктам, могущим вызвать аллергические реакции. Поэтому начинайте применять с осторожностью, небольшими дозами и наблюдайте за реакцией организма. Если есть отрицательная реакция, так называемая «пищевая аллергия», задумайтесь о своём пищеварении. Практически все пищевые аллергии являются признаком нарушения пищеварения.


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