Megalodon - the master of ancient oceans (18 photos)

Megalodon was one of the greatest predators that ever existed in the ocean. More than 14 million years he reigned supreme in the coastal seas of our planet. But draw power does not last forever. About 1, 6 million years ago Megalodon suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. With us remained his younger cousin - white shark continues to cause fear, admiration and curiosity. Riddle Megalodon extinction and survival of a large white - one of the greatest mysteries of paleontology. Is it possible to get closer to unraveling it?

Megalodon teeth found throughout the world - in Europe, Africa, North and South America, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand. In other words, Megalodon was a cosmopolitan view. These kinds of broad, or as scientists say, universally spread is much less dependent on changes in the environment than the species with limited ranges. Under the influence of adverse changes may disappear a few local populations, but the rest of them, is likely to continue. Apparently, the mighty predator has been the victim of several unfavorable factors, some of which had far-reaching consequences.

... Fffu-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo !!! The plume of spray shot up the sky and steam. Fresh air filled with the powerful light and shiny spin whale briefly show on the surface, again disappeared in the waves. FFF-oo-oo-oo-oo! FFF-oo-oo-oo-xxxx !!! - Close relatives of exhaled loudly, and the waves were closing and parted over their glossy bodies. A small group of ancient whales slowly skirted the shallows.

Peace giants exchanged tinkling trills, habitually listening to the sea and drifting far away the voices of other whales. Close-old male brought up the rear, and it seemed no force on earth that could stop the movement of its enormous 10-meter body. Powerful tail - perpetual motion, tirelessly rose and fell, pushing the whale through the emerald water column, pectoral fins - depth rudders, leaning back regularly carried to the surface of the sea giant for a new breath.

And suddenly a mighty jerk shook the sea giant. The tail stung sharp pain. Keith cried! His tail began to move faster, but this speed is almost not increased. One-third of the left caudal blade was missing and a huge wound left a bloody trail. Whales, anxiously talking, turned into the open sea. Losing blood and weakening old male behind. The last thing he saw was a colossal shadow rapidly approaching it. The new breakthrough, and whale tail enveloped in a cloud of blood. A moment later a monstrous jaws closed on the pectoral fin whale. He was immobilized, he choked, he shouted! And someone even more huge, inexorably attacked again and again, pulling and swallowing chunks of meat still live ...


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