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2003 in Moscow (near Solnechnogorsk) was marked by a mysterious event. The Bottomless Lake driver Vereshenskoy village administration Vladimir Saychenko was found regular lifejacket US Navy with the identification sign, confirming that the property belongs to the sailor Sam BELOVSKIJj the destroyer "Cowell" blown up by terrorists October 12, 2000 in the port of Aden. Tragically killed four sailors and 10 were missing, including Sam BELOVSKIJj. Maybe the information is wrong and there is no riddle?

The survey of eyewitnesses and participants of the events described, it was found that the life jacket was really discovered and the inscription on it point directly to the sailors 'Cowell' S. BELOVSKIJj.

But a life jacket from the Indian Ocean could get into the lake, lost in the vast central Russia, breaking the three years of 4000 km in a straight line? What was his way? Consequently; there are some ways unknown to us underground, tunnels, presumably related to compres- sion, enough of the Earth's continents. But by whom and when they were created, and for what?

Repeatedly by various researchers on different continents, it noted that in addition to the underground tunnels, bunkers, mines and so on. Various caves, created by nature, there are underground cavities created civilizations, previous human. Recent exist not only in the form of a giant of underground rooms, whose walls are treated mechanisms unknown to us, with traces of secondary natural processes (speleothems, stalactites, stalagmites. Cracks etc.), But also in the form of linear structures - tunnels. Beginning of the XXI century is marked by an increase in the frequency of finds of fragments of these tunnels on different continents.

Identification of ancient tunnels - not an easy task, requiring extensive knowledge of the techniques of underground work, the mechanisms of transformation of the Earth's crust and underground spaces in the historical development of our planet. But this procedure is very real, given; that the main difference between the old tunnels from natural and modern underground facilities is that no matter how strange, ancient objects from different perfection and amazing precision machining of the walls of the cavities (usually they are melted), the ideal direction and orientation. They also feature huge, cyclopean size and ... prohibitive for human understanding antiquity. But one can not say that all of them appeared simultaneously. Consider having real information about the ancient tunnels and mines.

In Crimea, the well known Marble Cave, located within the mountain Chater-Dag at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. During the descent into the cave many visitors are greeted by a huge hall in the form of a tube of about 20 meters, now half-filled with boulders, collapsed due to numerous earthquakes and flooded karst deposits. Through a crack in the roof hanging stalactites and stalagmites stretch to meet them, producing a fascinating impression. Few pay attention to the fact that originally it was a tunnel with perfectly smooth walls extending into the mountain range with a bias towards the sea. The walls are well preserved and have no traces of erosion activity: flowing waters - karst cavities, forms a consequence of the dissolution of limestone. That is part of the tunnel in front of us, leading to nowhere and starts at an altitude of about 1 km from the Black Sea level. Given that the Black Sea basin was formed in the Eocene and Oligocene boundary (approx. 30 million. Years ago) as a result of the fall of a large asteroid, cut and destroy the main ridge of the Crimean mountains, it is appropriate to assume that the Marble Cave is a fragment of an ancient tunnel, the main part which are located in the destroyed asteroid mountain range, with an age of not less than 30 mln. years.

As of the latest messages krymskih.speleologov, found a huge void under the array Ai-Petri, picturesquely overhanging Alupka and Simeiz. In addition, they discovered tunnels connecting the Crimea and the Caucasus.

Ufology Caucasus region during one of the expeditions have determined that under the ridge Uvarova, opposite Mount Arus, there are tunnels, one of which is the direction of the Crimean peninsula, and the other through the cities of Krasnodar, Yeisk and Rostov-on-Don to the Volga region stretches. In the region of Krasnodar branch fixed to the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately, the more detailed information, members of the expedition did not submit.

And just in the Volga region is notorious Medveditskaya ridge rather detailed survey expeditions "Kosmopoisk" since 1997 was detected and mapped an extensive network of tunnels, studied for dozens of kilometers. The tunnels have a circular cross section, sometimes oval, with a diameter of 7 to 20 meters withstand the entire length of a constant width, and the direction from the surface to a depth of 6-30 m. As you approach the hill on the ridge Medveditskaya diameter tunnels increases from 22 to 35 meters, further - to 80 m and is already on the very hill diameter cavities reaches 120 meters, turning under the mountain, and a huge room. From different angles leave three seven-meter tunnel. Becomes nonyatnym; Medveditskaya that ridge - a node intersection where tunnels converge from other regions, including the Caucasus. From here you can get not only in Crimea, but also in the northern regions of Russia, the New Earth and the alley on the North American continent (data contactee Anton Anfilova). Some believe that currently tunnels - current and used as a transport artery and database machines UFOs, although the latter are not necessarily of their builders. Not surprisingly, P. Mironichenko in the book, "Legend of the LSP" believes that our whole country, including the Crimea, Altai, Urals, Siberia and the Far East, riddled with tunnels. It remains only to find out their location. And it happens in most cases accidental. Thus, a resident of the village Liskinsky Selyavnoe Voronezh region Evgeny Chesnokov Meadow fell into a hole that was the cave with diverging in different directions tunnels, the walls of which were depicted characters.

In the Caucasus, in the gorge near Gelendzhik, it has long been known for vertical shaft - straight as an arrow, with a diameter of about one and a half meters deep 6olee 100 m. In addition, it is characteristic of smooth like melted wall. The study of their properties has shown that the walls made both thermal and mechanical effects, which are created in the rock crust thickness of 1-1, 5 mm, giving it a very strong properties that can not be created even with today's technology development, and melting the walls testifies to its technogenic origin. In addition, the mine marked an intense background radiation. It is possible that this is one of the shafts, connecting with a horizontal tunnel, running from the area in the Volga region to Medveditskaya ridge.

It is well known; that after the war (in 1950) was issued a secret decree of the USSR Council of Ministers on the construction of a tunnel through the Tatar Strait to link the mainland with a railway. Sakhalin. Over time, the secrecy was removed, and the doctor of physical and mechanical sciences LS Berman, who worked there at the time, told in 1991 in his memoirs Voronezh branch of the "Memorial" that the builders did not so much built as reduced an already existing tunnel that runs in antiquity, very wisely, taking into account the geology of the bottom of the strait. It mentions the strange discoveries in the tunnel - unknown mechanism and fossils animals. All of this then disappeared into secret bases of special services. So it is not unfounded statements Mirošničenko that our country and the Far East are penetrated by tunnels. And that used by a tunnel, it is possible to lead further through. Sakhalin to Japan.

Now we'll move to the area of ​​Western Europe, in particular, to the border of Slovenia and Poland in the Tatra mountain range Beskidy. Here stands the "Queen of Beskid" - Mount Babia height 1725 m. From ancient times the inhabitants of the surrounding area is kept secret connected with this mountain. As one of the residents named Vincent, he is in the 60s of the XX century with his father, at his insistence, he went from the village to the mountain Babia. At an altitude of 600 m with the father, they pushed aside one of the protruding rocks, and opened a large entrance, which could freely enter the cart with a horse. Opened in the form of an oval tunnel was straight as an arrow, broad and so high that it could fit the whole train. Smooth and shiny surface of the walls and floor seemed covered with glass (back extraterrestrial technology?). Inside, it was dry. A long way along the inclined tunnel led them into a spacious, hall, shaped like a huge barrel. In it were several tunnels, some of them were triangular cross-section, the other round. According to Father Vincent left, that the tunnels here you can get in different countries and on different continents. The tunnel on the left leads to Germany, then to England and then to the American continent. Right tunnel extends to Russia, the Caucasus: then to China and Japan, and then - in America, where it joins with the left.

Can get to America and other tunnels, laid under the North and South poles of the Earth. On the way each tunnel is "gateways" like this. According to him, at present, these tunnels are active - promote them noted UFO vehicles.

Message from England shows that during tunneling for household purposes miners heard the sounds wafting from the bottom working mechanisms. When the thickness of the stone struck the miners discovered a staircase leading into the well, and the sound of working machinery increased. However, nothing more informed about their further actions. But maybe they accidentally discovered one of the vertical shafts of the horizontal tunnel coming from Germany. A sound working mechanism showed its working condition.

The American continent is also rich in reports of the whereabouts of the ancient tunnels. Andrew Thomas, the famous explorer, is convinced that America remained under the ancient underground vertical and horizontal tunnels again with burnt walls, and some of them are in perfect condition. The tunnels are straight as an arrow, and permeate the entire continent. One of the sites where converge several mines, is Mount Shasta in California. From her paths lead to the states of California and New Mexico. Proof of this is an incident that occurred with spouses Iris and Nick Marshall, that in the vicinity of the small California town of Bishop in a mountainous area called Cazaux Diablo entered the cave, the walls and floor of which were extremely flat and smooth, as though polished to a mirror shine. The walls and ceiling were drawn strange hieroglyphic writing. On one of the walls had small openings from which jets of weak light rays. Then they heard a strange noise coming from the ground, leaving hurriedly left the room. Perhaps they accidentally discovered one of the entrances to the underground tunnel, which was in force.

In 1980, off the coast of California was once again found a huge hollow space extending into the continent for several hundred meters. It is possible that was discovered one of the hubs of underground tunnels.

The presence of tunnels is the fact that the nuclear tests in deep water at a certain range in Nevada gave an unexpected effect. Two hours later, in Canada, in one of the military bases in the distance of 2000 km from the Nevada test site, it was recorded radiation levels 20 times higher than normal. How could this happen? It turned out that was near the base of a huge cave, which is part of a vast system of caves and tunnels of the continent. In 1963, when tunneling stumbled upon a huge door through which they came down the marble steps. Perhaps it was once the entrance to the tunnel system. Unfortunately, it is not known, where it has occurred.

And here in Idaho anthropologist James McKean examined a large cave and advanced on a wide stone tunnel several hundred meters before he was stopped by an unbearable smell of sulfur, terrible remains of human skeletons and distinct noise from the depths. As a result, the study had to be stopped.

On the territory of Mexico in one of the most arid and sparsely populated areas marked by ancient cave de las Golondrinas of Satan, which has a depth of more than a kilometer and a width of several hundred meters. Its steep walls perfectly flat and smooth. But the bottom it is a maze of different "rooms", "transition" and tunnels that diverge at this depth in different directions. One of the nodes of intercontinental tunnels?

South America is not part of the tunnel behind the North. Recent studies by Professor E. von Denikin under the surface of the desert Nazca found many kilometers of tunnels, which are still flowing clean water.

And in June 1965, Ecuador, Argentine explorer Juan Moritz in the province of Morona Santiago, in the territory, contouring Galakviza cities - San Antonio - Yopi, discovered and mapped an unknown system of underground tunnels and ventilation shafts with a total length of hundreds kilometers. Login tunnel looks like a neat cut in the rocks the size of a barn gate. The descent to the successive horizontal platform leads to a depth of 230 m. There are tunnels of rectangular section, width varying with turns at an angle of 90 degrees. The walls are smooth, as if covered with glaze or polished. Strictly periodically arranged ventilation shafts with a diameter of about 70 cm and a room the size of a concert hall. It has been found that in the center of one of them are placed like structure section and seven "electrons" of the unknown material similar to plastic. Next to the "throne" place of gold alloy found large pieces of fossil dinosaurs, elephants, crocodiles, lions, camels, bison, bears, monkeys, wolves, jaguars and even crabs and snails. In the same room is a "library" of several thousand embossed metal plates measuring 96x48 cm with some icons. Each plate is stamped in a special way. X. Moritz also found stone "amulet" (11x6 cm) depicting human figures, standing on a globe.

The tunnels and halls abound piles of gold items (disks, plates, huge "necklaces") with different patterns and symbols. There are pictures of dinosaurs carved on the walls. On the plates there are images of the pyramids, built of blocks. A symbol of the pyramid with flying side by side (not crawling!) Snakes in the sky. We found hundreds of such images. Some records reflected astronomical concepts and ideas of space travel.

Without a doubt, a discovery made by X. Moritz somewhat lifts the veil of who digging tunnels, their level of knowledge and tentatively - an age when this happened (they saw the dinosaurs).

And already in 1976, a joint Anglo-Ecuadorian expedition examined one of the underground tunnels in the Los Tayos, on the border of Peru and Ecuador. They found a room where there was also a table surrounded by chairs with backs more than two meters high, made of an unknown material. Another room is a long room with a narrow passage in the middle. On its walls were shelves of ancient books, thick tomes - about 400 pages each. Sheets of volumes of pure gold were filled with obscure characters.

Of course, the creators of tunnels and rooms were used not only for transportation but also as a repository of valuable information designed for a long time. It is clear that now, these premises are not used.

Expedition scientists and cavers in 1971 in Peru discovered the cave, the entrance to which was blocked by rock blocks. Having overcome them, the researchers found at a depth of about 100 m large hall, whose floor was paved with blocks with a special relief. On (again) polished walls could be seen strange inscriptions resembling hieroglyphs. The opposite sides of the hall ran numerous tunnels. Some of them are towards the sea, and under water continues on its bottom.

Thus, we are faced, apparently, to the next node station.

On the other hand, the portion of the secondary circuit, which stretches from La Poma to Kayafate (Argentina) near the city of Cacho subjected currently high levels of radioactivity and the electrification of the soil, vibration and microwave radiation, according to research by scientists Equal Biophysical Institute Omar Jose and Jorge Dilletayna



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