Mysterious stories related to the underground

Agree, standing at night on a deserted subway platform rather unpleasant. You peer into the darkness, waiting staff, hear the distant squeaks, whistles and rumbling, and then you splash cold stream of air, propelling the train out of the tunnel. If you like the feeling you are not afraid - we offer to learn about the truly terrible legends associated with the underground.

10. Mysterious DNA of the New York subway

Many belong to the unknown science of DNA organisms

In 2014, a team of scientists under the leadership of Weill Cornell studied samples of genetic material found on the turnstiles, seats and ticket offices in all 468 stations of the New York subway. They found bacteria living on the skin of the person in the digestive tract or even in human feces. And on one of the stations, flooded during Hurricane Sandy, you can still identify the DNA of marine life. Scientists have also found traces of pathogens such dangerous diseases as anthrax and bubonic plague, but judging by their assurances, danger to people they do not carry. A total of 15152 were found DNA of different organisms.

This is interesting: The most surprising is that over half of the samples of the genetic code did not meet some of Known Organisms. This can be explained by the fact that live in underground unknown microorganisms whose DNA, scientists could not receive and investigate earlier.

9. Secret underground network Tokyo

Under Tokyo there are secret tunnels?

In 2002, Shun Akiba Japanese journalist published an article, which made a loud statement. Akiba argued that when comparing historical maps with modern subway he had found strong evidence of a secret network of tunnels beneath Tokyo. In the area of ​​"Nagatachō" modern maps show the intersection point of two subway lines. On old maps the line strictly parallel. Assuming that no adjustment was not made, the journalist began to investigate in detail the construction reports.

It turned out that the mystery was only the first of the seven, all of them are incompatible with the official documentation. On old maps Shun Akiba found a secret underground complex, located between the station Kokkay-Gidzidomae and the home of the Prime Minister, incomprehensible places around postwar Staff Chief of the Japanese army, and so on. D. Also, Shun found that, most likely, the "new" line subway Oedo already existed. Then it turns out that the money allocated from the budget for the construction of a network of tunnels, literally evaporated.

Akiba said that a secret underground network was built before World War II, but it is unclear why it remains a mystery even today. According to him, it can be part of the government communications, intended to protect against a potential nuclear attack. Some experts also believe that state officials have access to the secret underground complex and trains, located under the buildings of government appointments.

8. Underground public and troglodytes

Mysterious dungeons inhabitants - Fact or Fiction?

People decades retell each other stories about the homeless, leaving in the subway tunnels of New York and never after that did not appear. Fans mystics suggest that these mutants live underground, hate sunlight and people from the surface. They prefer to live in underground cities, built in the abandoned tunnels. It is said that the mutants are stealing electricity use for their needs the city water pipes. Even more wild legends describe the inhabitants of the New York subway as a bug-eyed monsters, kill and eat all those who dare to get on their territory.

When the well-known journalist Jennifer He visited the subway tunnels of New York in 1993, she did not see there is no trace of mutants. But she found a community of thousands of outcasts, hermits, drug addicts and mentally ill people living in terrible conditions. As a result, the city authorities had to pay attention to the long ignored the problem and try to get all these people out of underground tunnels. An attempt has been partially successful. But in 2010, removed the video you can see that the homeless are still living in the tunnels of New York.

Rumors of these people for a long time and went to London. There they were called troglodytes. According to popular versions troglodytes descended from Irish workers were trapped in the construction of the subway at the end of the XIX century. They live by eating the waste catching rats and vagrants wandered accidentally killing.

7. Metro Singapore was not built by Feng Shui

During the construction of the subway in Singapore were affected by the alleged '8 dragon veins'

In the 70s of the last century, the then Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew wanted to build a metro system Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT), which was intended to contribute to the development of the city-state. Start of the project was quite successful, but soon suffered a recession. According to legend, the Prime Minister visited Hong Quan Feng Shui master. He said that the construction of SMRT were damaged veins 8 dragon sleeping beneath the city. He woke up angry and destroyed the flow of Qi energy, which led to the economic downturn.

This is interesting: To solve the problem, it was necessary to force all residents to carry a so-called Bagua - a small octagonal mirror reflecting the negative energy. The government has shown ingenuity and in 1987 released an octagonal coin $ 1. Residents of Singapore believe that it suppressed the spirit of the dragon, and Singapore helped to move to a phase of economic growth. The coin was released 3 months before the grand opening of the first subway line.

6. "Underground 2" in Moscow

Alleged scheme of line

Under Moscow's hidden a lot of valuable things: Byzantine Library, secret cellars to torture the times of Ivan the Terrible, a system of underground canals of Catherine the Great. It is not surprising that Joseph Stalin also decided to "go deep" in the Moscow land. "Metro 2" - so called secret underground railway network, they built in the thirties. She had to let the Soviet secret police in Moscow to move, go unnoticed.

Initially the network connects Stalin's dacha, the Ministry of Defense, command bunkers and other military installations. Of course, no evidence supporting this assumption is not. But this does not prevent the legend alive and remain to this day.

In theory, the system of "Metro 2" was supposed to protect people from a possible nuclear strike. A huge bunker, presumably located at Ramenka. In it could accommodate 300 thousand people and the Soviet High Command. Rumor has it that "Metro 2" extends far beyond the present-day Moscow. That is, the country's leaders could quietly leave the capital if it has been caused by a nuclear strike. Some researchers suggest that the tunnels used by the army to transport weapons and classified material between the bunkers.

This is interesting: Estimated tunnel, allegedly leading to Metro 2, was discovered by builders after the demolition of the hotel "Russia" is close to the Kremlin. Unfortunately, open the sealed door and walk through it to the main metro line and they did not work.

5. Red marble station Mohrenstrasse

During the construction of the station was used Mohrenstrasse red marble palace of the Nazi Hitler

Berlin subway station Mohrenstrasse famous for its design - its walls are made of bright-red marble. They say that this stone is quite unusual story of origin. Some researchers believe that the marbles were removed from the New Reich Chancellery building, designed by renowned architect Albert Speer. It is no secret that the Mosaic Hall of the Reich Chancellery, and many rooms were built of red marble.

This is interesting: It was in this building, Hitler made the decision to go to war. And under the Office of the bunker was located, where the leader of the Nazis in 1945, committed suicide.

During the war, the building was destroyed by Soviet soldiers. It is said that when in 1950 the East Germans were engaged in restoration of the metro station Mohrenstrasse, they simply used the material left by the Nazi palace. The newspapers of the time you can find a message about the shipment of red marble from Thuringia, but researchers believe that the summary was just a cover.

With the Berlin subway and other related mystery. The station Leinestrasse, as they say, local, live mysterious creature called Tunnelpfeifer. His whistle is sometimes heard from the depths of the tunnels. In 2012, there was a website dedicated to this creature.

4. Mystery Train G

And you would be afraid to see how the driver is stopped between stations and produces a tunnel of people?

In February 2015 Nelly Killala wrote in her Twitter: "Did somebody like G train driver stopped the composition between stations Bedford-Nostrand and Myrtle-Willoughby, opened the door and let the two women into the tunnel?". There were witnesses confirmed the story. When the conductor opened the door, they allegedly saw the darkened platform. A man considered even a large room with frosted windows.

Many people are interested in this story and tried to get to the bottom. Joe Ruskin, subways researcher, said that he knew about the tunnels, which are to the east of the station Bedford-Nostrand. However, he has not heard of the premises, which would correspond to those described by eyewitnesses.

A little later, another man said he saw a man, dressed in a tweed suit, entered the train, unlocked the door on the opposite side and went to the unused portion of the platform. He caught sight of the abyss before the train pulled away from the station.

Perhaps a strange room - a common signal box from which experts control the movement of trains, more often - unmanned. Then two women who were probably employees of underground, have decided to ride in the car rather than walk on the dark tracks and climb the creaky stairs. If things so things really - nothing wrong with the above-described events there. But agree that any normal passenger would be excited, seeing how someone comes out of the train between the stations and disappears into the darkness.

3. Skull Aztecs in Mexico City subway

Where did the Aztec skull to a depth of tens of meters?

Between 2008 and 2012 workers, to expand one of the branches of the subway in Mexico City, found several human skulls. Analysis has shown that they date back to the period of the Aztec Empire. Scientists suggest that in ancient times they were hung on racks as victims of the skull. A terrible discovery includes a pair of men's skulls, one female, and, oddly enough, the skull of a dog. Each finding of present characteristic holes, allowing them to be placed on the rack.

As you know, most of the Aztecs hung on racks skull men, animals used for this purpose is extremely rare. Perhaps with the exception of horses. Their skulls were used together with skulls riders.

This is interesting: El Metro in Mexico City, among other things, stores and other terrible secrets. So, people have heard the mysterious sound of screams and the walls of the tunnel Panteones-Tacuba. According to rumors, the subway regularly appears ghostly train and metro inspectors ghost appears almost every day at 3 am.

In 2008, the expansion of the London Underground were discovered Roman skull, allegedly belonging to people killed during the uprising Celtic in the I century AD.

2. The mysterious liquid in the Metro Toronto

Mysterious liquid appeared in the subway tunnels of Toronto, has guided a lot of rustling

In March 2015 the first metro line started Toronto chaos. The tunnel under the station College Station leaked incomprehensible potentially flammable liquid that smelled like gasoline. She emerged onto the tracks, forcing the workers to stop the time on the subway trains, transplanted disgruntled commuters on buses and remove traces of substance from the station using the "absorbent granules».

First, members of the commission said that was not detected by liquid water, but later changed their minds. According to them, it appeared on the rails water with small amounts of a substance similar to kerosene. She apparently got into the soil through the cleaners and leaked to the subway tunnel.

1. Tales of the dead in the underground

Witnesses sometimes say that riding in a subway car with the dead

In 2007, the forum was published Unexplained Mysteries history student of the humanities, which had the misfortune to travel in the London subway late at night. She and a man aged about thirty years were the only passengers in the car, but one of the stations the train came the trio of young people - two guys with a girl in the middle. They looked strange, so the student was trying to avoid eye contact with strangers. A minute later, a man sat down next to her and whispered that she went with him to the next station. She did so, apparently fearing a strange trio. After the train pulled away from the station, the man explained his behavior. He allegedly saw a woman that guys dragged the train sticking out the top of scissors.

Other members of Sydney spoke about a similar story occurred in his city. Recall that about 10 years ago appeared on the Internet screenshot of the e-mail, which tells the story of the doctor, which is indirect evidence realized that right in front of him in the car sat a dead woman (sandwiched between the two men).

A similar legend goes, and in New York. One night in the car, which drove the couple, the bully went 3. A few stations one of them came with the words "Good night, Dick." At the next stop, saying the same words, there was a second guy. Ehavshaya in the car the couple began to worry that the guy fell asleep. She tried to wake him up, so he did not miss my stop. And then I jumped back in horror: the stranger's throat had been cut from ear to ear.

Should I believe the above-stated legend - it's up to you. Some of them seem very realistic, others are likely to have been born in the turbulent imagination particularly susceptible individuals. But, it would be very interesting to wander, such as the Moscow underground bunker. What do you think - is there a system of "Metro 2" really?


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