What will be the underground in 2015?

They say that the Moscow subway - the best in the world. Morning crush on "Schukin," the struggle for a place on the "Medvedkovo" constant traffic jams on the "Park of Culture" and beggars - all this is not in the bill. Let subway struggling to cope with the traffic of passengers, imagine life without her nevozmozhno.Metro city grows along with Moscow and, like a mirror, reflecting all the problems that occur somewhere above.

In December, there will be two new stations. In the middle of the month at the Lublin line open "Sretensky Boulevard" with a transfer to the "Clean Ponds" and "Turgenev." But before the New Year promises to open the station "Strogino". Filyovskaya line now will end station "Kuntsevskaya" to which of the "Victory Park" brought Pokrovskaya line. By the same Pokrovskaya depart the station "Youth" and "Krylatskoe" and the new "Strogino". Now strogintsy get to the center of the district by: trams and shuttles to "Schukin," and then stormed the residents of crowded trains Tushin Mitin and Violet Metro Line.

December 24 opens the station "Strogino" Pokrovskaya line. Residents Strogina waiting for the subway in 1990, and now fear the influx of non-resident tenants.

The next year will give us all a new station - "Slavic Boulevard" on site "Victory Park" - 'Kuntsevskaya ", but for the year 2009 is scheduled for five. In Lublin line will "Dostoevsky" near the theater of the Russian army and "Marina Grove" on Suschevsky Val. In the west, will open the station "Myakininskaya" in the shopping center "Crocus City", then metro bridge line will move to the left bank of the Moscow River, to the station "Volokolamskaya" in the 1st district Mitin. Finally, passing over the surface area Zamoskvoretskaya line build station with sullen called "Technopark».

2010 should be happy for the residents Novokosino - they have the same name will open the station Kalinin line. The southern part of Lublin line crosses in the deep tunnel Moscow-reku- it will open three new stations, "Borisov", "Shipilovskaya" and "Zyablikovo." The last station is an interchange on the "Krasnogvardeyskaya" Zamoskvoretskaya line. In 2011 Pokrovskaya line of the north will be extended to the station "Mitino" Violet Metro in the east - to "Zhulebino" Zamoskvoretskaya the south - to "Brateevo" and Butovo line of light metro - station "Novoyasenevskaya." A 2013 promise to extend the line from Lublin "Marina Grove" to the intersection of the Dmitrov highway and Beskudnikovskogo Boulevard, where the station will be "Lihoborskie." There are also more far-reaching plans. For example, after 2011, will extend the Kalinin line to the west. Right behind "Tretyakov" station will be "Kadashevskaya" with access to the marshy area. Then there will be "Ostozhenka" interchange on the "Kropotkin" and "Smolenskaya" with changes to the station with the same name Pokrovskaya and Filevskaya lines. The last scheduled "Moscow City", which will change to "Business Center". The entire horoscope is contained in the Resolution of the Government of Moscow subway construction plan for 2008-2010. And perhaps these ideas come true, if the mayor's office again will not change the plans.

Modernist station "Strogino" will cover the 224 luminaires, hidden inside the ceiling opening 14 in the form of drops. For the disabled in the left lobby has an elevator, and the platform on both sides - running lines, signaling the approach of a train.

So look no escalator handrails and stairs inside

Of course, you can be happy for the residents Strogina, Mitya, Zhulebino and Novokosino who can not get to the center in close shuttles, and metrovagonah. But even the opening four or five stations in the year, the government will not solve traffic jams in Moscow which plunges with great speed. Here we have to build a line-doublers, to develop light rail and urban trains. A couple of years ago, State Building held complex calculations and solemnly declared that the present borders of Moscow can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 5, 2 million people. Meanwhile, according to the last census, in Moscow, over 10 million people, and every day come to the city for 5 million people in the region. A single Violet Metro Line serves residents Kuzminok, Tekstilchshiki, Vykhino, Lyubertsy, Dzerzhinsky, Zhukovsky and Ramenskoye. About a crush on "Vykhino" already legends. Available only mytischintsev orange line, which still need to drive in traffic jams Yaroslavl highway. According to various estimates, the city lacks about 150 kilometers of lines, in the next 5 years will be built by a maximum of 30-40. And the city during this time will grow. Besides underground Moscow planned so that from Perova Butovo or can get through a ring line or a center. Transfer station outside the ring can be counted on the fingers. It proposes to solve this problem in several ways. For example, construction of the second ring line. De facto, two sites it already exists: it Kakhovskaya line and plot line from Sokolniki "Cherkizovsky" to "Streets Podbelskogo." However, the construction of such a ring is not included even in the farthest the government's plans. But in 2011 promise to start building yet unnamed line from the "Business Center" through a "Running» and Khodynka to the "Dynamo" and "Savelovskaya." In the near future plan to close the line, and it will take place in two or three spans from the Circle Line.

Due to the space saving on "Sretensky Boulevard" steel silhouettes replaced by mosaic artist Ivan Lubennikova, scribbled "Mayakovskaya»

Dmitry Gayev, head of the Moscow Metro:
"Metro - a human environment. When a passenger is under the ground, there is a certain mental depression. Therefore, it is necessary to give something interesting that would distract him from the gloomy thoughts, and gave a positive charge. We came up with a photo gallery at the station "Business Center" train "Watercolor", "Red Arrow", a train on the anniversary of the "Children's World." We are working on the train "Moscow read." Something needs to be a nice person, including in the metro. Our policy - friendship with the underground art.

For more complete construction work on the "Sretensky Boulevard" shtukaturschitsy work in three shifts. Who is at a depth of 63 meters can not breathe dust

Generally Metrostroi in recent years, there were many problems. On the one hand, the lack of funds. On the other, the constant change of plans and concepts. First, any plans to build as many as five lines of light metro in the suburbs: Butovo, Mitino, Zhulebinsky, Novokosinskaya Solntsevskuyu.Potom and decided to entangle the entire city monorail lines. Then come up with a new toy - lay across the center line of mini-metro. It was supposed to be a large, only a small station and short poezdami.Takie line would be laid in the City, Khamovniki, Lefortovo and under the Boulevard Ring. As a result, the only line of monorail operates in tour mode, and develop a network no one is going. Butovskaya Elevated line proved expensive to maintain, and local residents complain of noise from passing trains. About the term "mini-metro" altogether forgotten in the City branch usually come Filevskaya line. But in the development of standards for new types of transport we have invested a lot of money that could go to the construction of those areas where they are most needed. Value in a wild rush to build in the city as much as two-station "Business Center" and "International", which are empty, or when residents Mitin Zhulebino every day come into mortal combat for a place in the shuttle bus?

For many experts the construction of the new ring so close to the old - line absurd.Novaya virtually shorten the way residents of distant regions. However, plans for a new section of the ring, not out to be. Especially that the Moscow authorities have other ambitions. Until now hung in wagons drawn maps Solntsevo line of light metro, which will connect Novoperedelkino and "Southwest". In 2002, it promised to build in 2005, in 2005, called the opening date of 2008 minutes. Now, it does not intend to build. But in 2014, we promise the 14-kilometer section of a conventional metro from Solntseva to "Victory Park". This project raises many questions. It seems to be good citizens and Novoperedelkino Solntseva will be first on his own line to get to the "Victory Park" and from there to the center of Arbat-Pokrovskaya line. But in the same Pokrovskuyuliniyu in Arbat-Center will drive residents Krylatskoye, Strogina and Mitin. "Victory Park" is likely to become a new "Vykhino».

By the way, a new circle line is not necessarily to build, as the alternative is to let the train at the small ring of the Moscow railway. In late 2008, ostensibly to start the movement from the station Presnya near City Station Kanatchikovo in the street Vavilov. This stretch crosses just three metro lines - Filyovskaya Sokolnichesky and Kaluga-Riga. But whether organized convenient connections with the underground trains and will have two modes a single ticket - is not yet known.

The problem is that in Moscow there is no approved plan for development of high-speed transport at least ten years, which will be clearly described subway line under construction, urban trains and light rail. A radial-ring scheme by which the subway was built to this day, has exhausted itself.

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