100 best global advertising slogans

Slogan - it is a separate, very important type of advertising art. They not only sell the product and form an image in the minds of consumers. They become part of the cultural formation of the time. "The slogan" - a term that came into the Russian language from English, was originally distributed to American advertisers. The word, however, is very old, comes from the Gaelic (sluagh-ghairm), which means "battle cry." In the modern sense first used in 1880. Earlier in the Russian language, the word "slogan" use the word "slogan", which came into Russian from German (losung - «War password»).

In this article we have compiled the most popular slogans that have been noted in various advertising festivals and competitions, and the best known.


- A diamond is forever / Diamonds Are Forever

- For successful living / For successful life

- Regardez-moi dans les yeux / Look into my eyes, I said, in the eyes!

- Hello boys / Hi boys

- Impossible is nothing / Impossible

- Just do it

- Lifts and separates / Lifts and separates (underwear)

- Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline / Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline

- I am what I am / I am who I am

- Because you're worth it / Because you deserve


- Eat Fresh! / Eat fresh!

- 57 Varieties / 57 species
- Beanz Meanz Heinz / Heinz
mean Beans

- Once you pop you can not stop. / After trying again, you do not stop

- America Runs On Dunkin / America is crazy about Dunkin


- Got Milk? / Lotion is not there? (Milk is not forgotten?)

- Pure Life / Pure Life


- Foster's. Australian for Beer / Foster's. "Beer" on the Australian way

- Guinness is good for you / Guinness - it's good
- My goodness, my Guinness / My God, my Guinness
- Good Thing Come To Those Who Wait / Good goes to the one who waits

- It's Miller time! / This time Miller
- The Champagne of Beers / champagne of beers

- Keep Walking / Continue straight

- Made from beer / Made of beer

- Probably the best beer in the world! / Probably the best beer in the world!

- Reassuringly expensive / Perfection priceless

- WASSSSSUP ?! / Kagdilaaaaaa ?!

- We drink all we can. The rest we sell / We drink all we can. The rest sell


- Good to the last drop / Good to the last drop

- It's all about you / All of you

- What else? / What else?

Carbonated drinks

- Do the Dew / Do dew

- Obey your thirst / Obey your thirst!

- Schhh! You know who? / Shhh! You know what?

- Scotland's other National Drink / other national drink of Scotland

- The Uncola / Nekol

- It Gives You Wiiings / Red Bull okrylyayaeeet

- Always Coca Cola / Always Coca Cola, 1990
- It's the real thing / She's a real 1971
- Life is Good / Life is good 2001
- Live on the coke side of life / Live on the Coke side of Coln 2006

- Ask For More / ask for more (Take everything from life), 2000, mainly in Europe.
- All the taste, 1/3 of the calories / All taste, 1/3 calories, Pepsi Max, 1993
- Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation / Pepsi. The choice of the new generation (new generation chooses Pepsi), 1984
- Have a Pepsi Day! / Pepsyachnogo day !, 1977


- Central heating for kids / Central heating Children

- They're grrreat! / They ohrrrenennye!


- The mint with the hole / mint with a hole

- A glass and a half of milk in every pound / half a glass of milk in each pound
- How do you eat yours / How do you eat your own? (Pro Creme Eggs, chocolate eggs)

- A taste of paradise / Taste of Paradise

- Do you eat the red ones last? / You eat the red last?

- The freshmaker! / Express Yourself!

- Give me a break! / I need a break! (a play on words - a piece of chocolate)

- Hungry? Grab a Snickers / hungry? Snikersni!

- The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand. / Milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand

- Skittles ... taste the rainbow Skittles / Skittles: try rainbow

Fast food

- America's Favorite Pizza. / America's Favorite Pizza
- Hut, Hut, Pizza Hut.

- You're the boss. / You're in charge here
- Home of the Whopper / House, where he lives Whopper

- Nobody does chicken like KFC / Nobody prepares a chicken like KFC
- Finger lickin 'good! / Yum!

- Where's the beef? / Where is the meat?

- Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. / Two meat patties grilled cheese, special sauce, cucumbers, lettuce and onions all on a bun with sesame
- I'm lovin 'it / That's what I love
- Put a smile on. Happy Meal / Smile. Happy Meal

Food for animals

- In tests, eight out of ten owners said their cats preferred it. / In tests, eight out of ten owners said that their cat is preferred.

Entertainment and leisure

- The happiest place on Earth / The happiest place on earth
- I'm going to Walt Disney World! / I'm going to Walt Disney World!

- I love New York / I love New York

- Incredible India! / Incredible India!


- Camels Soothe Your T-Zone / Camel relieves headaches
- More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other Cigarette / More doctors smoke Camel, other than cigarettes
- I'd Walk a Mile for A Camel / Camel sake, I'll go a mile and

- Doctors Recommend Phillip Morris / Doctors recommend Phillip Morris

- Just What the Doctor Ordered / What the doctor ordered

- You've Come a Long Way, Baby / You have come a long way, baby

- Liberte toujours / Freedom forever

- Nicorette, nicorette, you can beat the cigarette! / Nicorette, Nicorette, you can live without cigarettes!


- We keep your promises / We fulfill your promises

- We're number two. We try harder. / We are number two. We tried more

- When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight / when it definitely has to be delivered overnight


- It's time to fly / fly

- We never forget you have a choice / We never forget that you have a choice

- Something special in the air / Something special in the air

- Fly with US / Fly with us (a play on words, us - we, us, US - US)

- The Wings of Man / Human Wings

- The world's favourite airline / Favorite airlines the world

- There's no better way to fly Lufthansa / no better way to fly than Lufthansa


- The Power of Dreams / Power of Dreams

- Born to lead / Born to be a leader

- The Drive of your life / your life Drive

- Drivers wanted / required drivers
- If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen / If everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen
- Think Small
- Safe Happens / Privacy happens
- Das Auto

- Grab life by the horns / Take life by the horns

- It's a Skoda. Honest / This Skoda. Honestly

- Zoom-Zoom

- Put the fun back into driving / Bring back the fun in driving

- State of Independence / Status independence

- The ultimate driving machine

- "At the speed of 60 miles per hour the loudest sound in the cabin - a ticking clock»

And no less famous answer mechanics RR:

"I always said that these hours have to do something»

- Vorsprung durch Technik / Technical superiority

- The Pursuit Of Perfection / Striving for excellence

- Driven By Passion / Managed passion


- On the wings of Goodyear / On the wings of Goodyear

- When it pours, it reigns / When pouring, they reign
- A Better Way forward / Better to go forward

- Passion For Excellence / passion for excellence

- Power is nothing without control / The Power is nothing without control


- Beyond Petroleum / More than fuel

- I swear by Shell / By Schell


- Why pay more / Why pay more
- That's ASDA price / This price ASDA

- It's All Inside. / Everything inside
- Every Day Matters / Every day counts

- Try something new today / Try something new today

Save money. Live better. / Save money. Live better.


Like anyone else (other option - like. No. Sometimes)

- Life is good

- Digitally Yours
- Your Tsifrenno (pun derived from fully yours - yours truly)

- Challenge everything
- Defies all

- EA Sports. It's in the game
- EA Sports. Everything in the game

- Connecting people
- Connecting people

- Do you have the bunny inside? / Do you have a bunny inside? - He keeps going and going and going / he continues to work, work and work

- No battery is stronger longer. / No no battery lasts longer

- Trusted Everywhere / Trust everywhere

- One that Last / The one that lasts longer / is still working

- Sharp Minds, Sharp Products
- Sharp minds, products Sharp (a play on words, Sharp - sharp)

- Let's Make Things Better / Let's make the world better (make a difference)
- Sense and Simplicity / Sense and simplicity

- Live in your world, play in ours. / Live in your world, play in our
- Play Beyond. / Play outside

- PSP. Hells Yeah. / PSP. Oh, yes!

- Jump in / Jump in (Join)

- Get N or get out. / Take the N or leave (a pun on the phrase get in or get out - come in or get out)

- Wii would like to play. / Wii wants to play (play on words: We - Wii, ie)
- Now You're Playing With Power! / Now you're playing with power!
- Play It Loud. / Come and play aloud (from the English. Say it loud - say aloud)

- See what the future has in store. / Check that the future have in store for you

- We bring good things to life. / We bring good things to life / We bring good ideas to life
- Imagination at Work. / Imagination in

- Hello Moto
- Intelligence everywhere / Intelligence throughout

- Welcome To The Human Network / Welcome to the human network

- Everything is Easier on a Mac / easier with Mac
- Once you go Mac. You'll never go back / try once Mac, you never go back
- Think different / Think Different

- Think / Think

- Do you ... Yahoo !?

- Easy as Dell / easy as Dell
- Yours Is Here / Your

- Inspire me. Surprise me. AMD me. / Inspired me. Surprise me. AMD me.

- Intel inside / Intel inside

- Invent / reinvent

- Welcome to the World Wide Wow

- Where do you want to go today? / Where do you want to go today?

- Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia / Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- Buy it. Sell ​​it. Love it. / Buy it. Sell ​​it. Love it.

- Make The Most Of Now / Take from the moment of maximum
- Happy To Help / happy to help

- The Future's Bright; The Future's Orange / Future bright future - this Orange


- The World Puts Its Stock In US / World keeps its capital in the United States (us)

- Edge Is Efficiency / crisis - this advantage

- A Passion to Perform / Passion perform

- The World's Local Bank / Local World Bank

- There are some things money can not buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard / There are things that can not be bought. For everything else there's MasterCard.

- The CITI Never Sleeps / CITI never sleeps (a play on words, city - city)

- Bank of Opportunity / Bank features

- The Bank For A Changing World / Bank of floating world

- Do More / do more


- So easy a caveman can do it / So simple that even a caveman cope

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