Now look heroes of our beloved advertising

It seems that the characters in the commercials do not grow and do not age — they always stay as we remember them in the wrappers of chocolates or television. But time changes everything and advertising star is no exception.

The website selected for you 10 unexpected transformations of the characters of famous movies. Just look at how they have changed!

The boy on the Kinder Chocolate

This cute boy appeared on the Kinder Chocolate in 2005. Now Josh Bateson (Josh Bateson) is already quite a big boy. He was 21 years old, he lives and studies in London, works as a model.

Its predecessor and advertising "big brother"

Euringer günther (Günter Euringer) was the face of Kinder Chocolate from 1973 to 2005 until he was replaced came the aforementioned Josh. Now Gunther age 52, he works as a cameraman. And Gunter has written an autobiography called "Chocolate boy".

The girl with the wrapper of the chocolate "Alenka"

The girl name is actually not the Alena and Elena Gerinas, and a picture of her, taken by his father in 1962, first appeared on the cover of the magazine "Health", and then later on the packaging of your favorite chocolate. In the photo Lena is only 8 months old. According to some, Helen now lives in Russia and works as a pharmacist.

The girl depicted on the logo of baby food Gerber

When Anne Turner was 5 months old, her portrait was sent to the contest company logo Gerber. Illustration was wildly successful, and in 1931, Anna's face appeared on each package of the products from this new brand. Most of his life, Anna worked as an English teacher, and after retirement, began writing mystic novels.

The girl in the commercial "My family"

This girl is known to many thanks to the small but memorable role in the advertising of juice "My family". Her catchphrase is "And you pour and go away" quickly became a popular meme. Now Diana Shpak for 19 years. In addition to commercials she has starred in many films and television series. She lives in Los Angeles and trying his hand as a screenwriter.

The girl in the commercial Lego

Back in 1981 a funny red-haired girl named Rachel Giordano (Giordano Rachel) starred in an advertising campaign of designers Lego. In 2014 with the support of the publication of The Huffington Post, 37-year-old Rachel recreated a photo from the advertising with the modern Lego in his hands. Rachel now works as a doctor.

Cowboy from advertising Wagon Wheels 90 years

"Wagon Wheels — and you're a winner" — this phrase evokes a nostalgic emotion from any person who grew up in the 90's. the Hero of the advertising Maxim Averin is now 41 years old, he's pretty famous Russian actor, who became famous thanks to such series as "Copernicus" and "Capercaillie".

The guy from the Old Spice

ISA Mustafa (Isaiah Mustafa) first lit in the image of the charismatic hero of Old Spice in 2010. Since then, he has starred in many movies and TV series. On account of his role on "castle", "Horrible bosses" and "anger Management".

Man ads Marlboro

Darrell Winfield (Winfield Darrell) was one of the few real cowboys, starring for a Marlboro advertisement. In 1968, he appeared on the advertising posters of the tobacco company. Since then, he has remained loyal and did not cease to smoke their cigarettes, which led to tragic events. In 2015, one of the most famous cowboy Marlboro died of lung cancer.

The boy from advertising Breakfast cereal Life

In 1972, John Gilchrist (John Gilchrist) starred in American is Life cereal, which was very popular, and for 12 years played on television. John starred in 200 ad, but the role of a boy named Mikey remains the most recognizable. John admits that he has no clear memories of the shooting — he was 3 at the time. Now John lives in new York and works as a sales Manager in a large company.

Colonel Sanders, portrayed in the logo of KFC

The face of the grandfather, familiar to anyone who ever went to the restaurant of the fast food chain KFC. But perhaps not everyone know that logo is a real person — the company's founder and inventor's signature recipe fried chicken's Colonel Sanders.

Girl advertising Pepsi

In the late 1990s — early 2000s, a cute curly-haired girl starred in the super popular Pepsi advertising. It turned out that this girl is the sister of actor Jesse Eisenberg ("the Double," "the Social network"). Her name is Halley Kate Eisenberg (Hallie Kate Eisenberg), 24 years old, she starred in movies and TV series ("Bicentennial man," "Holy rollers"), performs on Broadway.

The girl from the Dr advertising. Pepper

In the period from 1963 to 1968, Donna Loren (Donna Loren) was the face of the drink Dr. Pepper and repeatedly advertised it, flickering on radio, television and advertising posters. Lauren was not only as a singer but as an actress, starring in many American movies.

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