Chapter TBWA told what's going on in advertising Public lecture "The Future of Advertising and the role of gap" in the Tretyakov galere.- I invited the guys from Russia [the office network of advertising agencies] TBWA, so I said what is happening in our industry.

You know as well as I, that we are now either in the middle, or the end of a major recession - I am told that in the past six months [advertising] of business fell by 60%, so really hard time scary. And at such times, people often feel isolated, withdrawal, closing worse perceive new and bold ideas.

So I want to tell you how to achieve more, with less than usual. I'll tell you about the "gap theory." (Fundamentals of the theory and techniques of creating an effective advertising Disruption - search stereotype, its destruction and the formation of a new vision of the idea of ​​the brand - Jean-Marie Dru laid back in the 1990s, first in a paper published in The Wall Street Journal and Le Figaro, and then in the second book, published in Russian under the title "Breaking stereotypes» -

If you outline the main message of my brief - we have to give customers not only the idea of ​​advertising campaigns, namely the idea of ​​brands. Offers its clients not only new products and services, namely global initiatives. To create not just advertising that is repeated and repeated, interrupting favorite shows and new content, which in itself will cause the interest of the audience.

Let's see how it looks in practice.

Good advertising NEDOLGOVEChNAPervaya part of my speech will be devoted to the ideas of the brand.

I had forty years in this business. I saw how it developed. When I started - in the 70's - early 80's - we're just trying to make good commercials and rejoiced when it was possible. Then I realized that this is not enough, that it is necessary to organize an advertising campaign: the first impression can be made only once - so it was important to consider the campaign, which could consist of 50 commercials and last for years, but should be at the head of the campaign idea.

Now we have to go to the next level: the large-scale brand ideas - that's what we need to succeed.

We were lucky, because Apple is one of our clients. Steve Jobs left the company in 1985, in 1997, came back and said: "My new product will be ready next year, now we have to find a solution how to re-launch a campaign so that those who have used Apple, know that we back. " And we have done for them roller Think different, which was the idea of ​​the brand.

This film is about 10 years, but it has stood the test of time and now it is effective as well as when released. This video was created by our top creators Lee Klau, who recently said a smart thing: "Good advertising does not stand the test of time, it is short-lived. Durable brand ideas. " Vanquish good ideas brands - such as that of [our clients] Apple, Adidas, Pedigree, Visa, Pepsi, Absolut.

All these brands are based on a very strong vision and are the result of the "gap theory" and the essence of this vision is presented each time with just a few words, "think differently» (Think different), «Nothing is impossible» (Impossible is nothing).

How did the «Impossible is nothing»? Adidas - a brand of sportswear and sports may seem to you that it is better (faster, higher or stronger) has not come out, and then it turns out that you can it, and you raise the bar higher and higher, and again overcome. Therefore, it became apparent that the "impossible" - is not an immutable fact, it's just a personal opinion. In the commercials shot for the brand, this idea is illustrated by the fate of the athletes - such as Muhammad Ali and his daughter, also a boxer.

As a result, "Impossible" was not just an advertising idea, and this motto for a huge company. Eric Stamminger, chairman of Adidas, said this year that "the impossible is possible" - is not just the idea of ​​the campaign is that we have «.

An example of a Pedigree. For these, we performed the same campaign worldwide - worldwide the last 25 years we have with them. Previously, it was «Pedigree - recommendation of the best breeders." But this pall, the phrase has become so hackneyed that we realized that we needed to change something. And we said to them: "Guys, have the opportunity to present itself on the other hand, to show itself in action, so you are not just associated with meals for dogs. You have to say that everything you do from now on, you're doing for dogs ».

That is, the idea was that the company has ceased to be a producer of dog food, and has become a company for anyone who loves dogs, cares about dogs. We have created two videos: the first - a manifesto of the company, and the second - with an appeal to help shelters for dogs to people during this campaign could buy them food, or even better - to take the dogs out.

And the slogan «Dogs rule» («Dogs rule the world»).

These are two beautiful spots, and believe me, they are very effective. First and foremost, because it is quite clear break with the ideas that were previously used by the company. When we talk about break, it is not about creativity in the process of creating the concept and the creativity of the strictly to how the concept will start to create. 20 years engaged in the production of Pedigree dog food, but when you have a strong idea of ​​the brand - it affects the company's business.

After the start of this campaign, the Pedigree, it was decided that people can take dogs with you when you go to the office or shop. Earlier in the Pedigree offices in Japan were not allowed to bring dogs, then after the movies they changed their point of view, its approach - and even especially for this move to another office to give employees the opportunity to bring pets to work.

We recently shot two clips for Visa, which is the idea that "more and more people are traveling with Visa». By running this campaign at the peak of the recession, no one tried to convince people to spend more money - it is impossible to say. We are told that this is not just a map that helps you to pay for something that is not - it is a card that opens up new horizons, countries and continents. It gave people the feeling that the world is huge, it is possible to discover new possibilities, always. And it worked.

One recent example - Pepsi. You know that this company with a long history and that in the United States, this brand [always] was the "choice of a new generation." But they decided to change their positioning, refresh the brand idea, said that acting on the old can not.

We proposed the idea: Pepsi - not just a delicious drink, it can refresh the world. The main message of the video campaign - any young generation refreshes the world, and then there were a few spots to represent the new packaging of the drink. All of them are very good fit together.

Of course, you can not simplify everything, not everything is brand new idea, but if you look at the ratings of Interbrand, you will realize that the value of the brand is highly dependent on his ideas.

DEEDS IS MORE IMPORTANT PRODUKTAOchen important to combine channels and promises. If there is a single rod - to work very hard. It is important that the idea was strong and at the same time essentially correspond brand - then it will be effective.

It is important that everyone in the company took this idea. With the exception of one customer - Apple - all other brand ideas to which I said based on the vision that we have developed, presented and made out together with customers.

We spend so-called "break days". We get together with the customer: collect twenty representatives of the customer, and from different departments (often invite directors), and twenty of us. And it begins a kind of brainstorming, very intensive work on the creation of a new shared vision. We must be ready to explain himself and the client when you try something new, something that is "in the gap" so what you are used to, you'll never feel 100% comfortable.

It is important to compare expectations with possible solutions, and it is not easy. But if 30 years ago to sell the product, it was enough to shout it out loud on the street, then now is the other times. You yourself have to grow with the client, change the client themselves should go to White Castle, to help the client to accept the new.

We are always first and foremost try to understand what is the specificity of the market in which the company operates, what are the problems you have hidden pitfalls, whether there are difficulties that may be of equal opportunities. We are always looking than the brand can advantageously differ from others. We are creating an idea that allows you to break away from the others. There is a special technique that helps to make this gap.

Pedigree was the company producing dog food - is now a company that loves dogs. When you have a strong vision of the brand - it should inspire you in all that you do - from packaging to the content of the website. This is known as media art and media art, the art of presenting your products and services.

Working with the media is very important that we constantly have to link our actions with the media, be able to represent the brand in the media. Because what the company does say about her more than words and slogans, actions are more important than even products or services.

Therefore, the "gap theory" and media art - is the yin and yang of our existence, of our work.

Take, for example, my own country - France. Brand Danone - first in the world in yogurt. But at some point, the company lost its essence, its soul, the vision did not meet the company's development. It was founded in 1920 -1930-ies and then produced some farmprodukty, then became involved in dairy products, and in the end opted for the taste. But by the end of 1980 because of the mistakes it has stopped working, the company has lost its position.

We were advised to focus on the other - on the fact that the products they offer, promotes healing of the body. As a result, Danone has created "Institute of Health Danone», which is engaged in the development of useful products for the population. We took them two rollers, one of which is based on the old Greek idea that what you eat - it is first and foremost a cure.

That is, if the earlier advertisement was based on the idea that it is tasty, it is now - it is, above all, useful. In addition, for employees it was a reminder that health - is not just important, it is the main drive of their company. As a result, Danone has become a leader in research in the field of healthy nutrition. The company as it has reinvented itself. The company lost its essence and found myself again. And now, 20 years later, 75% of sales of Danone bring four products that did not exist: all of them - not just healthy dairy products, they are specifically designed to improve health.

Sometimes a new advertising idea triggers a reboot of many internal strategically important organs, institutions, companies and start anew "to discover America" ​​for themselves - inside. It reinterprets the essence of its existence.

Danone Institute was very important in this initiative. The brand is judged not by the services and products it offers, as well, mainly by actions.

I illustrate his point another example from France.

McDonald's. Perhaps you do not know, but in a country of high gastronomy McDonald's initially not caught on. But now, in France - where a huge number of fine restaurants and gourmet - it has grown to unprecedented dimensions.

How do they do it? They no longer hide. Yes, it is a symbol of capitalism, a very large company in my country and the people did not like it. Previously, McDonald's itself seemed embarrassed, he does not tell about their company, promote only the products, but then we realized that we needed to take more corporate initiatives to the company's actions became more known to the public.

And what did they do? They began to employ young people, allowing them to combine it with studying and enabling rapid career, made many more useful and were not silent about it.

Even 10 years ago the work of McDonald's in France, said dismissively, "but makdzhob, processing cheap, low-paid, dead-end." Now McDonald's is one of the 10 most popular employers in the country for young people.

Or Pampers - a fantastic campaign. Whenever Pampers packaging sold in the US - the money will automatically be transferred to the tetanus vaccine for children in Africa. This tell their videos.

When I say that brands have to do a lot of real and useful things, it's working - I believe very few people, but it is a fact.

Procter & Gamble is campaigning against skin cancer, tetanus. Earlier this charity was nice, but optional addition to the PR-campaign. Now everything has changed. Someone says that I am a cynic when telling about it, but it's not. Today's mother is better buy Pampers, to help a child in Africa than take a free discount coupon. And it should be used.

Or Pepsi. Previously, young people, looking at the advertisements that Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, who were their idols, drink "Pepsi", do the same. Music today is important, but even more important for young people online. We have created the project: offered to share their ideas on the site, to vote for them, author of the best ideas have promised $ 50 000. We created a whole movement, which was the result of this campaign.

Therefore our work - not only to create brand ideas, but also to propose projects for them. To carry out such a campaign, you have to be very brave. At some point you may even lose control over what happens, but this is a very interesting initiative and it shows that the brand works - not just advertises itself, and doing something for the people. And this is important.

Another thing I would like to emphasize before moving to the third part: not yet come to an end the era of repetitive advertising, but believe me, the end of this era is not far off. Because when you repeat the same thing a thousand times, people no longer perceive it. It takes creativity. TBWA - an agency that has always been creative. And if we are successful, it is only through the power of our creativity.

FROM 360 TO 365Brendy need to create content. But not just any video - created, glad and relieved. It must learn to present and promote.

If you are to Adidas say that the impossible is possible - this means that you can make a lot of impossible, to back up this idea - for example, to arrange a vertical football in Japan, 60 meters above the ground.

Few play rugby in Russia, [but because few people know that] the New Zealand national rugby union team is called the All blacks. A few years ago they had a match in Europe. They gathered for a handful of earth from all fields, which played at home, brought it to Europe and little by little began to scatter before the match on each field on which he plays. It's a great idea reinforces their brand.

Here is another example with the sports drink Gatorade, which at some point had lost its force. Their advertising was on TV, it starred even large competitors, but we realized that we should not create ads and event. Each country has the legendary sporting events, which in the country will remember. For example, the match France-Germany [in the World Cup] 28 years ago, we [the French] did not have to play, [but lost]. Nor, like every athlete there are moments in life that he wanted to beat, remake.

In New Jersey, in 1993 he took a historic match [American football among student teams Easton and Phillipsburg, which ended in a draw]. And we thought that might be the Gatorade brand, which will allow these athletes to beat him. With the same coaches, referees, players on the same field. Advertising of the event was conducted everywhere: on TV, the internet, social networking. The work lasted for three months, preparing the athletes, training was very tough. Never in any other sport, this was not.

Match gathered 15,000 fans in the stadium. Gatorade disagreed gallon. It was a friendly match, no one no broken bones and, most importantly, that it was - another opportunity to experience these wonderful moments, Gatorade and inspired everyone. This event was filmed at the major film studios, videos, movies, and as a result of advertising on TV, from simple commercials Gatorade moved to a completely different kind of promotion of their products - sports movement activities. And now there will be a second season of replays - has already begun advertising on Facebook. It will be a hockey game in Canada.


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