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The site presents a selection of the most interesting and important movies of the last mesyatsa.S dog uverennostyuDDB London created a story about a little and nervous dog that feels so confident when traveling on VW Polo, which sings with all her little heart.

Dylan Harrison said: "The idea was born out of feelings that typically experience while in the shower. You're relaxed, you're up to what is not the case, and regardless of your abilities and voice data you can sing any song that has just come into your head. The same feeling you experience when you go to a safe Polo ».

Feargal Ballance adds: "Once we have found an idea, we are faced with the next challenge - to find the right song. When we stumbled on "I'm a Man" Spencer Davis Group, then just immediately fell in love with her. First of all, this is a song guy - brave, the proud ... and it may sound very funny from the mouth of the dog.

- Then we need to find a performer. We found a wonderful singer Charlie Winston, which has a fantastic and distinctive voice, he actually sounded as if the song takes our dog ».

The Swedes could not spoil Enjoy The Silence in advertising Sony EricssonSaatchi & Saatchi Stockholm used the most famous lyrics Depeche Mode to transfer "the most uncompromising in the world of music perception».

Minute spot is in the form of cutting frames of different people with headphones and telephones. They line by line, word by word sing the famous «Enjoy The Silence», stressing the importance of pure perception and emotions that we experience when we listen to good music in good quality. Of special mention is the "air" roller, warm and beautiful picture, different, very gentle voice, which turned out not only spoil the fragile «Enjoy The Silence» with its peculiar sound, but also give it a new shade.

Great mix of musical styles in advertising radio NovaFrantsuzskoe agency Young & Rubicam France has developed an interesting campaign for radio station Nova under the slogan «Le Grand Mix» (~ Big mix).

In the campaign 9 prints and the same commercials, they talk about the directions of music and its influence on people.

Drunk globality Carlton DraughtAvstraliysky beer brand Carlton Draught, owned by Fosters, traditionally swings at Cannes. New epic movie «Skytroop» («Paratroopers") was no exception.

Clemenger BBDO creatives removed from the story of the traditional sports events show for the spectators. During the break between the two halves rugby match main sponsor of the competition - Carlton Draught - satisfied air show. Skydivers add up to the figures, and a huge glass of beer floats and soars on parachutes, flying out of the stadium and bringing chaos and destruction in the life of the town. Of course, a bold and unexpected decision - to break branded object several houses and bring down power lines.

The slogan «Made from beer» («Made of beer") directly alludes to the relationship of destruction and beer - friend, former responsible for managing metal bowl Carlton Draught, is clearly not an adherent of a sober lifestyle and could not resist the temptation.

Shvepsssssss explodes at a rate of 10,000 frames per sekunduAvstraliyskoe agency George Patterson Y & R as part of a branding strategy Schweppervescense (~ «Quintessence Schweppes») launched a campaign «Burst» - «explosion».

In an attempt to show the essence of the drink and the experience of it was filmed a movie in which Schweppes placed in all of us familiar with the childhood "Kapitoshka" and blasted them in different ways. Scatter toner and scraps of balloons filmed in Super Slow Motion, camera, fixing 10 000 frames per second.

Tagline: «The Moment of Schweppervescense».

Nissan Qashqai - tested gorodomNissan launched in the UK its most ambitious at the moment television campaign - in the center of the campaign video in which a building come alive and play with "experience the city» Qashqai.

The idea clips «Play With The City», developed by TBWA / London and Paris TBWA / G1, still the same as it was at the "Skateboard" - through an interesting game to show the maximum fitness of Qashqai to the city and its "cheerful nature».

Advertising was shot in Buenos Aires for 8 days with the team of 170 people under the leadership of the famous director Daniel Kleinman.

You also not noticed Medvedev? Government organization Transport For London, concerned about the safety of the increasing number of cyclists on the roads of London, has launched an advertising campaign «Look Out For Cycle» («Be careful to bicycles»).

The campaign, developed by agency WCRS - to attract the attention of motorists to cyclists, who are far less secure and reliable position than people in cars. We are in a central video campaign - the physiological human carelessness, that he "monozadachen».

The man sitting behind the wheel, stereotyped thinking about the dangers posed to him the other cars, and the danger that he poses to humans. The danger associated with cyclists, anyway, often falls out of focus.

Long Haired vile hand nasiliyaGermanskoe agency Red Rabbit has done for the organization Dunkelziffer, dedicated to the protection of children affected by violence, amazingly compelling and masterfully made movie.

Polutoraminutny spot "tentacle" with terrible hairy process that creeps on the child survivors, metaphorically showed disgust, fear and a sense of foreignness. Emotions that throughout his life experienced victim left without assistance and splashed his pain.

Tentacle simultaneously reminds men and hairy arms that extend to the victim, and genitals.

Tagline: "If children, survivors of sexual violence do not help, they will never outgrow his injury».

Canisters blyuzJung von Matt Hamburg, one of the most creative agencies in Europe, has launched an advertising campaign in Switzerland Car Smart, which awakens the audience the feeling of pity for gasoline canisters.

The purpose of the campaign - to convey information about one of the main advantages of Smart, a very modest consumption of gasoline. There is no need to carry a spare in the trunk of a can of gasoline in case. Consequently cans are sent to the garage in the cellar, are thrown in the trash, are left anywhere. And the canister with the real owners, frustrated by the fact that they are no longer needed, they are totally empty, and only fills the rain, singing soulful melancholy blues.

Tagline: "Only 3 31 100 km. Sorry ».

"I have long." Nike launches campaign My BetterNike and Wieden + Kennedy Portland announced the start of shares of Nike SPARQ Training - competition program, in which can get to the training with the best USA sporstmenov try sports shoes and clothes Nike SPARQ. At the same time it launched an advertising campaign under the slogan «My Better». Nike SPARQ product line is an abbreviation of the inherent qualities of these shoes Speed ​​(speed), Power (energy), Agility (speed), Reaction (response) and Quickness (swiftness).

Monsters like to eat people from the capacious Ford KaJWT Argentina in the development of campaigns for restyling Ford Ka showed very real turretless and free approach to the self creative ideas.

New Ford Ka differs increased space for the driver and passengers in comparison with the previous version, which had to be displayed in the advertisement. Argentine creators have gone the way of the least obvious and compared the Ka with a pack of candy like Skittles. People placed in it as much as in a pack, and sweets that do? Eat.

Four animated videos that were drawn in the studio Gizmo, very shaggy giant monsters eat men, shaking them out and sending them straight into his mouth.

Tagline: "More space for people»

Sweaty armpits in buduschemUnilever and Lowe New York launched a campaign for a deodorant Rexona - the eternal problem of sweating even in the distant future. General strategy has not changed - the rollers continue to develop the concept of "never let you down." In the first video the guy from the future gets to work, overcoming many obstacles and getting away from all sorts of threats. And, of course, his armpits are dry and clean. The story conveys the message that the high technology that await us in the future already exist in the deodorant Rexona.

Another 4 video - part of a global campaign, held under the slogan «Future Ready Protection» («protection, ready for the future") - are small scenes from the life of a Man and his domestic robot in the distant future.

Dudes in Vegas. The third series of the TV series Dude Bud LightDDB Chicago and Anheuser-Busch launched the third movie in the campaign «Dude» («Dude") for Bud Light. After the November spot on uniting and expresses strong emotions all the male power of the word Dude, followed by a clip with a story line - about how the man went to the football, and that he had to go through there.

The plot of the new movie - the journey of two friends in Las Vegas, where they committed all that is necessary to make a normal tourist in the most important place blighted States.

Continuation of the victorious campaign of Smooth E: «The real beauty comes from within" Thai agency JEH United launched a campaign for a brand of youth for the skin Smooth E.

In the campaign of three rollers, however, they were broadcast in a row one after the other within a single ad unit on television. Through its Thais unique approach to advertising agency and one of the world's most awarded filmmakers Thanonchai Sornsrivichai again demonstrated as a tool for skin care transforms a person from within. Rollers are stylized scenes, shot with a hidden camera. In each of the three subjects people need a little attention and assistance, and every time there is certainly a nice girl with a radiant skin. This "good soul" represents the cream of the new slogan: "True beauty comes from within».

LOVE / hate. This is the New BalanceBBDO NEW YORK developed a new advertising campaign for running shoes New Balance. Realizing that a fairly large number of people not related to running and jogging as the biggest happiness in their lives, wants to change people's view of the sport and help them to overcome the internal hatred.

The campaign involved several television commercials, directed by Fredrik Bond of MJZ. The main spot - "Anthem", it tells the story of New Balance two feelings that are fighting in every man who is forced to make every morning jog. And he says that can help change the balance between the senses.

The slogan of the campaign: «LOVE / hate. This is the new balance ». "New Balance" is reflected in the slogan and graphically: the word "love" written in large letters and "hate" - small.

Map, pop, two socks - new video VisaBritanskoe Department of Saatchi & Saatchi in a new commercial for Visa argues that human life does not need anything other than card Visa. And then he'll be.

Minute spot of the journey golozadogo man for his own wedding almost the whole country, and it illustrates a successful tagline «Life flows better with Visa» («Life is better with Visa»). Go to the end of the quest and come to the wedding on time, dressed with rings, he helped map Visa - she had only a pair of socks male companions at the beginning of travel.

In Skittles new uncle to bityaTBWA \ Chiat \ Day has created another crazy video for Skittles.

At this time, the basis for the movie became popular Latino fun, caught on in the States. The game "Pignata" is very loved by children and adults - need to go all out to crack a baseball bat hanging on a special doll, it will crack and endow others sweets.

The spot Pinata in a traditional dolls for piñatas, pasted chopped rustling paper presents one of the company's employees. With a bandaged hand and a plaster on his forehead, he bursts into the room and expresses its indignation against those who produced the new chocolate Skittles so chauvinistic way.

Text roller:

Man-pinata: This is what you were looking for? The new chocolate-flavored Skittles?

Colleague: I'm sorry ...

Man-pinata: What do you think should happen, Steven? I think that if this bat hit me, from my little sprinkling of chocolate candy?

Colleague: Yes ...

Man-pinata: I go out and buy Skittles on the ground floor ... Just like everyone else! I'm the same as everyone else !!!

Farmers Insurance: Underwater Circus everyone who does not zastrahovalsyaStrahovaya company Farmers Insurance Group and Detroit agency Campbell-Ewald continues to campaign & quot; One call to Farmers HelpPoint could fix that & quot; ("One call to Farmers HelpPoint can fix it") for rapid service insurance, begun last summer.

Two new video, aired in the US last week, in essence no different from its predecessors - the idea of ​​good-quality, excellent production. Farmers Insurance once again touches upon the topic of car accidents and inconveniences that followed it, and in regard to the household, it reminds viewers of the possibility of a flood.

Beckham has filled up sneakers PonyProizvoditel sportswear Pony is known for its advertising hooligan antics. Disrespect for advertising and sports in the form in which it is now in the advertising of sports giants is their distinguishing mark.

The result of a new collaboration with the Fish Tank Media has become a campaign «Back In The Game» («Back to the game"), in which the Pony and Fish Tank Media with great pleasure on the neighing of their mothers campaigns of competitors. Heroes of the rollers Adidas, Nike and Under Armour just filled up sneakers Pony.

"I - I Hu." TBWA \ China continues to campaign about the incredible Chinese fanatovAdidas and agency 180 / TBWA presented the third roller campaign timed to coincide with the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing this year. Under the familiar slogan "Impossible is Nothing", the idea of ​​showing the role of fans in sports. The idea of ​​the campaign stressed that behind every great athlete there are thousands of his fans to help him with their attention and support. In the creation of prints, and the 60-second spot used mixed media pencil drawing, "live" pictures and computer graphics.

In the third stage of the campaign featured an Olympic champion in diving of China Hu Jia.

"My name is Hu Jia. The first time I took part in the Olympic Games, I won a silver. In the next 3-4 years, I went on to win silver again and again. Some people thought I was never able to win the gold, and I was really upset me. I did not believe that the first place is inaccessible. I squeezed out of a maximum of and a lot of training. And in the end I won in Athens. In 2008, in his hometown again, I want to challenge yourself ».

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