The best photos of March (20 photos)

March 18th. Missouri. USA
Car 78-year-old Odell Bunch washed away the road flooding. Aaron Eisenhauer - AP

March 10. Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA
Space Shuttle Endeavour on the launch. Don Emmert / AFP

March 10. Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
The consequences of the storm on the coast of England. John Millard / PA

March 14th.
KC-135R tanker in flight fills tanks government plane, which delivers US Defense Secretary Robert Gates from Turkey to the base Andrews. Mark Wilson / AP

March 20. Diyala, Iraq
Iraqi woman among US soldiers. Operation to confiscate weapons from the population. David Furst - AFP / Getty Images

March 13. Jakarta, Indonesia.
If you believe the newswire, floods in this country never cease. Irwin Fedriansyiah - AP

8th of March. Florida, United States.
Neat tornadoes did not destroy the house of Mrs. Helton. Brandon Kruse - AP

March 12. Rotterdam.
Vaccinations against tetanus and measles are made more than 3,500 children in the city. Rotin Utrecht - AFP

March 13. Andalusia. Spain
Two girls in traditional local mantillas after the solemn procession of the school. Marchelo del Poso - Reuters

March 19. Sderot. Israel.
The arrival of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Uriel Sinai / AFP / Getty

March 10. Galaxidi, Greece
Traditional local «Ash Monday» - a holiday beginning of spring. All rush into each other with colored flour. John Kolesidis - Reuters

March 10. Angostura, the Ecuadorian border with Colombia
Aerial view of the former armed groups FARC camp in the jungle. The leader of the rebels, and another 20 people were killed here during a Colombian military operation, almost caused a war between the three South American countries. Dolores Ochoa - AP

March 11th. Antarctica.
commissioned the first phase of the Belgian polar station named after Princess Elizabeth. Argue that this is the first polar station «zero-emission», that is, obviously, did not stand out in the environment?

February 25th. Torremolinos, Spain
A woman is reflected in a mirror vintage car parade opening European Dance Championship in Torremolinos. Jon Nazca - Reuters (To be honest, all kinds of reflections in mirrors, soldered to the composition, pouring in recent years have increasingly, always to the delight of the audience. I personally have somehow embarrassing to look at this reception in the 100th Razz).

March 25: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Demonstrators vshf; fn protest the government of President Cristina Fernandez in e. Fernandez refused to reduce the size of the new tax duties in agricultural exports. Natasha Pisarenko - AP

On 25 March. Miami, USA.
Compact flying device «Honeywell MAV» undergoing flight tests, a place which has not been disclosed. MAV weighs 18 1/2 pounds when fully loaded with fuel. Dimensions - 14 inches in diameter and 22 inches in height. Miami may be the first in the United States, who will get the technology as a "spy in the sky" in the fight against crime. Honeywell - Reuters

On 25 March. Kathmandu. Nepal.
Clashes between police and monks during the protests against Chinese policies in Tibet. Saurabh Das - AP

March 24th. Libreville, Gabon
Elderly woman collects garbage dump in a public city Rebecca Blackwell / AP

Windsor Castle. Britain.
Queen delivers a speech at a reception in honor of Sarkozy. Christophe Ena / AFP / Getty Images

March 10. Beijing, China
Tian An Men Square. Photograph: Oded Balilty / AP


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