What to give a girl on March 8?

Gift girl on March 8 is an important attribute of the beginning of spring. These days all men who are in search of original gifts on March 8 for your favorite. In this article we will look at examples of gifts to women on March 8 and can help men who are currently in confused feelings.

What to give a girl on March 8, cheap and tasteful

An unforgettable morning

Make a morning of your favorite or memorable second half — to start with coffee in bed, and svezhevyzhatogo fruit juice. In advance buy a beautiful Cup or glass and don't forget about her favorite colors. Agree, the costs are small, but gorgeous effect of such a gift is guaranteed.

Bouquet or ...

Think tulips or Mimosa banal present holiday? Then buy his beloved a bouquet of flowers or fruits. It is not only beautiful, but also incredibly delicious.


As we know, all the girls sweet tooth. Special sweets handmade will not leave indifferent any girl. A small box of chocolates or her favorite candy bar will be a nice gift on March 8. The girl in the day but You will give a lot of sweets, but do not worry. Chocolate – it's not the flowers, she uses it so quickly that and "wilted" in no time:)

We have to remember that girls like ears. A lovely poem that You will choose the gift that will turn Your small gift into a huge wave of positive.

Special gifts for March 8

What to give a girl on March 8, as not the fulfilment of her dreams? May favorite share your innermost desire, and if so, and you have the power to carry it out — go for it! Someone dreams of traveling to exotic countries, giving a ticket and go along if she wants to swim with dolphins — go on a Dolphin. Creative personality gave the tickets to a master class or record it on art courses.

Another great gift option would be a joint horse ride in the Park in the fresh air. You will have a great time together on such a romantic date.

Gala dinner

Gala dinner in an unusual place (like the roof) will be long remembered by your beloved. Numerous agencies on organization of holidays offer services for decorating, and will be able to create a unique atmosphere of the evening. Decorate it with live music. And if you have a vocal or musical talents, you can dedicate a favorite song on the guitar. This day will definitely be remembered for a lifetime!

Unusual photo ideas

If you still can not decide what to give a girl on March 8, photo from your picture on the pillow — a very interesting option, especially if you don't live together. With this gift, beloved will always fall asleep with thoughts on you.

Now very popular paintings-mosaic from photos. Find a beautiful photo and make a collage. This picture will adorn the wall of any room and will serve as a reminder of your love.

Gift certificate

The most versatile option. In fact, what happens is that always you just give her the money and she spends them. Gift certificate can be any of: SPA, Solarium, massage, even shooting from a gun on plates — all that she wants.


In General, best choice is a scarf or shawl, and preferably, made of cashmere. This accessory does not require fitting, and along with your compliments and admiration by her beauty, will save you during this difficult day. Also good gloves, but they, like bracelets, choose more difficult.


Many believe that giving cosmetics not only bad, but also a hint of flaws. Trust me, she will be forgotten soon, if on the box with cream painted logo would be a good way of the company. Don't forget the flowers.

Expensive gifts for women on March 8

A girl really deserve an expensive gift on March 8. If You decide that Your favorite girl, too, then with confidence go to a jewelry store. All girls love jewelry, especially if they are made of precious alloys.

Therefore, a great gift for girls on March 8 can be a gold or silver decoration. It can be bracelets, pendants, pendants or earrings. Ring on March 8, it is better not to give, otherwise Your girlfriend will immediately start to try on a wedding dress:)

There are those girls who to the gifts of jewelry on March 8 are neutral.

Then maybe she's a fan of gadgets. A good gift on March 8 for such a personality can be a fancy laptop, tablet or new iphone.


We have to remember that girls like ears. A lovely poem that You will choose the gift that will turn Your small gift into a huge wave of positivity.published



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