Why do some women give gifts, but others do not

It is easy to note that some women give gifts, while others do not. There are several reasons.

First, women who give gifts, even at the stage of setting relations unconsciously choose the type of men who will give gifts, because for them it is natural

. The second reason - they behave in a way that does not give her something impossible. They can stare dreamily into the window of a clothing store or jewelry. They will delight to look at the man or woman who are on the street with a gorgeous bouquet.

And even if it does not work and the man does not understand the hint, she just give him to understand that she wants to get a gift. And that man who does not give gifts, she does not need.

However, she will not ask, and demand, not, in any case. She will do it quietly: "I myself can not afford to buy and flowers and a ring, and a handbag. But I wonder, do not you want to please me? "Or else. He would bring her a bouquet, and she would say on March 8: "At work, I also presented. You're just like a train on schedule. »

If the woman is not accustomed to gifts, in principle, it acts differently and makes two big mistakes.

First, she herself buys gifts for the man's eyes. Not literally, but it will come to her home and her bouquet on the table. And it is fair to say: "The very bought, like, I wanted to." Coarse option - declaration "I do not need anything, I basically pay for everything myself!" The men - being simple. He said, "I myself", he learned.

The second mistake - is to begin its cut. "That is, never from you'll never get a gift, flowers are given to all, but you never rosettes not bring it." Since then, the man is aware of two things: the woman - a victim of its essence, and she has nowhere him to stay. Because he already gives her nothing, but she had not gone. It's nagging, he will perceive as a background, not giving the meanings of words. And yet for some reason she still behaves?

Because for her it hurt, she saves in itself - it is the only affordable way to express love. She suffers, she was used to this squalid scheme that love - is the difficulty, hardship, bowing under the partner

. The difference between receiving and not receiving gifts women that that which will subsequently gifts to give, allow himself to voice the desire to present once. If a man does not make conclusions and do not realize that the gifts are important to a particular girl, she will not spend time on it, just go away. It will not whine, beg, deserve. She would never stoop to phrases in the spirit of "And Natasha gave", "A Helen's husband bought a fur coat».

It's humiliating, in the end. It is clearly given to understand that she needed. If a particular man to give her this could not, she would find another man. And it will not be manipulated or revenge, they say, you gave me nothing, and I left. She loses interest in him, attracted, including .... It is not her man, he told her a stranger, and she intuitively feel it.

I can almost guarantee to say that this girl grew up in a family where the father had behaved differently. I adore my wife and daughter, spoiled them, pleased, buying them things, led them to entertain. She was used to such attention on the part of men, and no other it does not suit.

I would like to separately also be noted that not always "does not bestow gifts" means "does not love does not value».

There are children who do not do gifts, and they actually do not understand what it is and why someone may be looking. What has most often boys and men. And these men who in childhood did not give gifts, because if that was not possible, so as not to spoil, or just parents Did this not occur, grow and do not give gifts to anyone. Because to realize the joy, the pleasure that a person receives the gift, they should first try it yourself. Buy an experience of these emotions.

There are men who grew up in the harsh environment, and in their surroundings gifts were simply not accepted. Necessary items purchased to the extent possible and without reference to dates. I personally know a man who had never received a birthday present.

He bought clothes, toys, not to say that the family destitute, to arrange a noisy party with guests at the birthday itself. But the gifts did not. "Well, you bought the bike in the spring - I think that for my birthday." At the same time, such a man can be a reliable, decent, support and protection.

It is important to understand something else: whether he is ready to invest in your relationship material. For example, to carry you on holiday or to drive to the restaurant, to pay some repairs in the house, that is, formally it is not the gifts, but it is an obvious concern. Moreover, with a probability of 99% that the man begins to give women gifts, if he loves her. Because he hears her hint and understand her wish if she will announce it.

Finally, the question being asked all the time: whether it is possible to teach a man to give gifts. The answer is: no. This translates into an equal relationship of people to the position of mother and son. As soon as a woman starts a man to teach, to educate, to form - relationships become toxic

. Author: Michael Labkovsky


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