Find out which of these 10 popular culinary tricks really work

As it turned out, not all popular life hacking, which is full internet, work and make life easier.

Revision Website has decided to tell the readers what the most popular methods worthy to enter the arsenal of housewives, but about what is better to forget.

Cut the tomatoes in half

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life hacking: to quickly cut tomatoes or other round vegetables and fruits, put them on a plate and top cover with the other. Hold the top plate and carefully cut the tomatoes. Thus it turns quickly and precisely cut vegetables

Result:. Works. Just keep in mind that the knife must be very sharp and long, otherwise it will not work

Quickly cool the bottle

life hacking.: to drink in a glass bottle quickly cooled down, wrap them wet paper towel and place in the freezer

Result:. does not work. Wrapped in a towel bottle cools exactly the same rate as normal

Separate yolks from whites

life hacking:. < / to quickly separate the yolks from the whites, use an ordinary plastic bottle. Beat the eggs on a flat plate. Take the bottle and gently squeeze the sides, to release the air. Hold the neck to the yolks and slowly release the sides of the bottle. The yolk will be involved in. Now bring your bottle to clean the plate, squeeze the sides, and the yolk falls

Result:. Works. We put this life hacking 5+. It really simplifies cooking, besides a very simple and requires no special skills. We recommend to adopt

properly cleaned strawberries

life hacking:. To remove the midway and the tail of strawberries in one time and keep the whole berry, use conventional straw for drinks. Push the straw from the bottom up and pull together with a core

Result:. It works, but is only suitable for small berries, the core of which is not greater than the diameter of the tube. For a large strawberry is better to use the traditional method of cleaning a knife

Cut soft cheese cake or flossing

life hacking:. Strong > To cut the cheese loaf or cake in neat slices, use dental floss. Cut the required piece of thread and hold it by both ends with both hands. Good pull the thread and cut product

Result:. Works. Unlike knife yarn does not adhere to the cheese and helps to cut thin slices as possible. In the case of a cake that works worse - cut the cake into even parts not work without exercise

Easy to clean egg spoon

. life hacking: Break the shell at the widest part of the egg, to break the air pocket. Then place the spoon between the shell and the egg, the egg is gradually clearing

Result:. does not work. Besides consuming a lot more time and effort than even the usual method of cleaning up the eggs by hand. It is better to use a different life hacking, which greatly speeds up the process: type in a pot of boiled eggs with cold water and close the lid tightly. Then vigorously shake the pan holding cover. Rinse with water pressure shell

Open cans of canned food with the help of adhesive tape

life hacking:. To open a jar canned food, use a small piece of adhesive tape or electrical tape. Good glue one end to the lid of a jar, and another strong hold in your hand. With one hand, hold the jar, and a second pull on the tape

Result:. does not work. A great way, if you do not want to just open the jar, and pour on themselves or on the table, half the contents. A force must be applied no less than usual. We advise you to use a different life hacking: put on a hand, which opens bank, Economic rubber gloves, or just put gum on the lid of a jar, so it does not slide in the hand

Prevent liquid boil-off from the pan


life hacking: Put a wooden spoon in the pot with the liquid, and then she will not run away

Result:. Does not work. Liquid perseveres "run" from the pan, spoon and no it is not a hindrance.

Crisp in hot piece of pizza

life hacking: to on the hot pizza crust remains crispy and does not soak, place a glass of water in the microwave along with the pieces and reheat in a conventional manner

Result:. does not work. Crust is still soaked and lost its original flavor

Clean kiwi, avocado and mango

life hacking:. To quickly and easily clean the kiwi, mango or avocado, use a regular glass. Cut the fruit in half and remove the flesh of the glass wall, as shown in the picture

Result:. does not work. To perform this trick, you have to be a true professional. Without rigorous training properly clean fruit in this way will not work. But get fruit puree in a glass. If you really want to quickly clean the kiwi or mango, use a spoon and our instructions.

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