24 skill that can be mastered, not looking up from the Internet

Sometimes it is very boring. It even happens that you visit the idea of ​​learning something new. Or spend time in the network use. If you have access to the Internet and knowledge of English, dive into apathy and discouragement can be left for later.

Become a guru fotoshopa

Invaluable skills, which do not cease to be dragged potential employers - ownership of Photoshop. You can go to learn carefree browsing funny videos on the channel You Suck at Photoshop, or seriously - mastering an extensive training course in Udemy (focused on photo retouching).

Learn to read bystree

Spreeder - is a free online program that will teach you how to read faster, without prejudice to the understanding of meaning regardless of how old you are. With enough patience and diligent practice, reading speed will increase by two, three or even four times! Just think how much time you'll save . Em>

Learn yazyki

With Duolingo you can learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, English and other languages. In addition the site has a mobile app that will make the development of an extensive and exciting program more convenient. Damn expensive private tutors!

Practice yogu

Most cities have a community where you can join for free and do yoga. But you can practice it at home. YogaGlo has a 15-day trial and Yome is a collection of free video tutorials. If you are already familiar with basic positions you can test trial YogaTailor.

Become irresistible warrior in Excel

Chandoo - it's good fairies Excel, who want to share their knowledge with the world. Arts handle spreadsheets increase your chances of getting dust-free office work. Fast data processing will seem indispensable throughout their careers. What are you waiting for?

Learn how to pickle cucumbers and other ovoschi

Shops vegetables from cans with brine seem tasteless to you, and buy from compassionate old ladies on the street scary? Learn to do it yourself. Salt to marinate and like a real pro, thanks SkillShare and Travis Grillo.

Become a superb oratorom

You can take a course "Introduction to the skills of public speaking" in the University of Washington Online. Once you master a few tricks, you will be able to conduct business presentations or speak in front of a crowd of aggressive protesters without fear.

Learn risovat

All children draw - why adults suffer from complexes so that they are afraid to even try? Everyone can feel comfortable with a pencil and paper sketches - an excellent way to express your creativity. Who knows, because it can develop into something more ... DrawSpace - great place to start.

Begin to understand jazz

You never "cut in" in jazz? If you want to talk uchastovat aesthetes on the fashionable party or just to expand his musical horizons by taking this online course from UT Austin.

Learn how to do cool fotografii

Life hacking of photography - a great choice for a beginner. Learn how your camera, wrap on a mustache learn the basics of composition and image editing (post-production). When you are finished with it, but still feel insecure - that's a short course on what to do next with your wonderful digital photos.

Learn more about statistike

UC Berkeley has laid out a course on statistics on iTunes. Now you'll never get to the bait dirty news journalists and popularizers of science and wicked ushlyh advertisers. I know the theory of probability should every self-respecting man: nowadays ubiquitous oblaposhivaniya - is an absolute must.

Understand the basics of psihologii

Of course, nobody knows what consciousness is. But if you understand the principles of his work, which was able to identify people, it will help you understand yourself. And then - the dynamics of your romantic relationships and friendships, problems of your colleagues, wonders and woes of modern society. Yale University offers a very good lecture on psychology.

Start writing your muzyku

It is not easy, so that the sequence is the most important.

Step one: learn to play the guitar, if you have not been to pioneer camps and still do not know how. Justin Guitar - the perfect place to learn the basic chords and get the basic skills of the game. Then everyone has his own way, but you can try to find in the Internet the chords of your favorite songs: so did many budding guitarists. Yet it will make you king of partying.

The second step: set voice. This will help the course of the Berklee College of Music.

Step three: Learn how to become a good composer. In the same Berklee College of Music has a six-week intensive on Coursera of songwriting. By the end of this period, you will have at least one fully polished composition.

Step Four: Put it all together. Life hacking of the music industry to help you fuse the skills in working and effective mechanism. In no time you will be able to share your music with your loved one or with the whole world.

Learn to lead peregovory

Let Stan Christensen Stanford will explain how to negotiate business and personal life, to manage relationships for personal benefit and not to allow manipulators to pull your strings. Sports enthusiasts will please plenty of football metaphors.

Keep cool gifki

Notopulos Katie (Katie Notopoulos) c Buzzfeed was extensive and easy-to-learn management on how to do SIFCO without using their hands. Oh, that is, without the help of Photoshop. That's all it takes to be king or queen of the toggle switch.

Improve writing masterstvo

Do you think to conquer the world SIFCO - decadent and want to sear the hearts of men? Macalester College offers an excellent series of lectures that will turn any slob in a good writer. If you are more interested in journalism, start with Wikiversity.

Stop hating matematiku

If you suffer in math class in school, and now she desperately needed you, do not sprinkle ashes. You can take a course of "Mathematics in real life" on Saylor.org, he will recover and make viable your basic knowledge. Do not be afraid of abstract philosophizing: you will learn how to apply their skills in practice.

Learn vyazat

Instructables offers a training course that is charming woman. Have time to tie the funny hats and scarves filled with symbolic meaning before winter!

Increase passive income: Invest with umom

If you are standing firmly on the ground and can boast of a regular income, you must master the art of saving and investing now. Investopedia is pleased to offer you useful resources, including the popular basic course.

Learn how to spend a little time cleaning doma

Unf ** k Your Habitat divided burning guide to how to quickly clean house after a wild party when his parents suddenly decided to come back and told on the phone that will be half an hour. This blog will help you not only in emergency situations, but also in the long term. You will become more organized, cleaner and happier.

Learn kodit

None of skill in our time does not lead to such bright prospects, as programming. You want to create a website for your startup? Or issue a new application that will break all? Then you need to learn how to code! Download the detailed guidance can be anywhere, but interactive Code Academy will make the learning process more enjoyable and fun. The program is innovative and extensive, so that the quality of education does not suffer. But if you prefer the traditional way, you can start with a Harvard course "Introduction to Computer Science».

Make dynamic sayt

You are still using the existing templates or prefer to express themselves on meynstrimnyh platforms such as toggle switch and Blogspot? Learning Ruby On Rails can change your life forever. There is a long and extremely useful list of free tools for learning, from the Rails for Zombies to Learn Ruby The Hard Way. Some basic knowledge of programming will be superfluous, but if you are persistent and not very self-critical, you can easily fall into the abyss.

Create your mobile igrushku

If you are not interested in anything but fun app with games, you can take this course in the University of Reading. They promise to teach writing in Java, even if you have no programming experience! But if you want to make a really cool thing, you must first be advanced in game theory.

For the lazy: learn how to properly tie a least shnurki

It's surprisingly simple. Just think how many minutes of your life you'll save if laces cease to blossom!

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