Believing scientists — knowledge and faith

Science and religion are, at first glance, incompatible concepts. It's hard to believe in God, having extensive knowledge about man and the world.

However, believers scientists has always been a lot. These include, for example, can be ranked as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and albert Einstein. The latter even said:

"Every serious scientist must be somehow a religious person. Otherwise he is not able to imagine what those incredibly subtle interdependence that he observes, not invented them."

The Village was found with the faithful researchers of different scientific fields and learned how their life combined faith and knowledge.


Yuri Pakhomov, 39 years old. Senior researcher at the Institute of astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences. A devout Christian, deacon of the Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists "Good news."

I grew up in a working-class family: his mother worked at the plant of polygraphic machines (did matrix printers), and his father was an ambulance driver. They are both in God do not believe. In the Church I only occasionally visited with her grandmother, which although was a Communist, but to put a candle came in. To God I came myself. I remember a few vivid scenes from childhood. I was 12 years old, winter came, and I went into the woods on skis. Came to a clearing and saw all this beauty — winter decoration, new snow, thought that all this could only be created by the Lord. Then I decided to thank him and trampled it with my skis on the snow, the word "God", and then became perfectly at heart.

Another episode is related to illness of the mother. It was in the late 80s She became ill, the father took her to the hospital without waiting for ambulance. I was very nervous, cried, and then found grandma icon, knelt and began to pray. After a while my mom had surgery and all went well. And in 1993, when I alone went to study in Moscow, mother, herself an unbeliever, wanted to baptize me in the Church — God has helped.

Then I went on the astronomical Department of the physical faculty of Moscow state University. Astronomy, I was fond of since childhood, from the age of six. Remember, we went from house to house and collected the waste paper — Newspapers, magazines, and I came across an old textbook on astronomy, which began my fascination. It was developed in parallel with spiritual quests, one does not contradict the other. While studying at MSU, I visited the Yelokhovsky Cathedral, where he tried to find answers to their questions, the main of which is "what is the will of God?". I thought that if he created this world, not aimlessly, and wanted to know what the target is.
But there I could not find answers to their questions and not feel unity with people.

And once, in the days of the coup in 1993, I decided to go to the White house and see what is happening there. I sat on a bus next to me sat a woman. She looked at me, gave a few religious books, invitation to Church and said, "You're a preacher of the word of God." Of course, I thought the woman was crazy, and could hardly keep, not to twist a finger to his temple. And then, when she learned that I was going to the White house, said, "thou shalt Not tempt the Lord your God". In the end, I came out of the trolley and didn't go anywhere. When my roommate returned, I learned that they were at the White house, and there their wounded comrade. I then thought it was another sign: God speaks through people.

Religion does not study the motion of the planets or the nuclear reactions in stars, and science will never explain what life is


After some time, I took advantage of the invitation of the woman, and went to the specified address. It was a Protestant Church, where I first heard the Bible and have received answers to many questions. In addition, there was a people willing to help me. That's where I found the answer to your question, and realized that God created man for his glory and everyone should think, than he glorifies God. Later the Church broke up, we went to Evangelical churches, and I got into one of them, the Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists "Voykovskaya". First I played guitar in the youth group that we went with Christian songs at churches and orphanages, then was a youth leader, and in 2006 I was ordained into the deacon Ministry. Now I'm helping new members, leading the group preparing for baptism and work with the deaf group, which learned their language. Also I combine service with academic work.

In the Church I go on Sundays, sometimes I stop in during the week at work in the morning and afternoon on weekdays.

The fundamental difference between the Evangelical churches from the Orthodox is that the center of worship in the first is a sermon that explains the meaning of the Bible, explains the word of God. In Orthodox churches and Liturgy, and the service is conducted in incomprehensible to many of the old Slavonic language, which does not help to approach the Scripture. In addition, we have the priest has no such power, as the Orthodox.

It is only at first glance it seems that doing science and faith in God — are mutually exclusive things. They just have different niches: the science focused on the material, and faith in the spiritual world. Religion does not study the motion of the planets or the nuclear reactions in stars, and science will never explain what life is. Therefore, notable scientists of the pillars of science, a lot of believers. So, Isaac Newton believed his main theological works, and not the discoveries in mathematics and physics. Michael Faraday, discoverer of electromagnetism, not only lectured at the Royal institution, but preached in the Church and among students.

My vision of the world is no different from the modern scientific view. However, I believe that the world was created by God. For example, the Big Bang theory (although it is in fact a hypothesis, not a theory) does not contradict the Bible, which says that the universe had a beginning. And God, having created the entire universe and time is outside time and space, he lives not in heaven physical and spiritual in heaven, it's kind of another dimension. Therefore, on a space ship for him not to fly. No need for that: he lives near us, whether we are on Earth, the moon or in another galaxy.


Kemal Calcichew, 66Doctor of technical and physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, National research technological University MISIS. Muslim.

TO SEVEN YEARS I LIVED IN Central ASIA, and THEN IN KARACHAY-CHERKESSIA, and studied at the University already in Kabardino-Balkaria. We were an ordinary Soviet family. My grandfather graduated from the Seminary and was a member of the spiritual administration of Muslims of the North Caucasus, but after 1917 he moved to the side of the revolutionaries, and in 1937 he was repressed. My father, a physicist, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, in God do not believe. Mother believed, but no rites are not observed. I belonged to a faith neutral. I only remember that in University exam in scientific atheism had to take the ticket and say "God no!" and I didn't. The teacher protested and began to argue with me. He could not prove that there is no God and I what it is.

I studied theoretical physics and the processes that occur in the Universe: expansion, increase in entropy (increase chaos). At some point I realized that the universe cannot evolve without an external observer. Let me give an analogy with a black hole. If you're inside it, you will be torn to molecules, but for you it's just frozen stationary object. If beyond the Universe we will have no external observer who sees all the items in the same set, then all processes in the Universe will flow the same as inside a black hole. This external observer is the Lord, he does not punish or rewards, it is the object that knows everything, its entropy, the degree of randomness is zero. While praying and visiting the temples we think of it, and the level of chaos in our head is also reduced, everything falls into place. For example, I perform the prayer, to bring order to the head. Part of entropy in the brain during prayer transmitted to God, and since he knows everything, then easily destroys it.


Scientist without faith — the servant of the devil, and believes without evidence-based knowledge fanatic. Example of the banned group "Islamic state", in which a mixed bigotry and dirty politics.


We used to give the Supreme qualities of the person, but it doesn't have to have some kind of physical entity. Is an object that occupies all the space in the Universe for which there is no past, present and future, he sees all at once. Wrong to think that he sits and decides what to be. This is impractical: the world is effectively in its development have already been laid punitive and incentive functions.

Now I am working in the field of mathematical modeling of natural and technological disasters, as well as writing a book "Proof of Allah (God). A science-based Islam." In it I outline my theory of the Universe from the point of view of the laws of thermodynamics and the principle of entropy. My job was already prepared for release, but I decided to study other religions. Long story short, I came to the conclusion that in the expanding Universe there is a continuous increase of entropy, of chaos. But there exist vortex islets with reduced entropy, which in astronomy is called spirals in them and emerging life.

Science and religion do not contradict each other, it is mutually exclusive and complementary concepts. Faith and knowledge constitute the fullness of our beliefs about the world: what we don't know for certain, taken for granted, and Vice versa. This conclusion follows from the complementarity principle, a Danish scientist, one of the founders of modern physics, Niels Bohr. He formulated the following rule: existing languages do not allow to clearly define the natural phenomenon, you need to take at least two mutually exclusive, incompatible within the framework of ordinary logic.

Sadly, now science and religion went, because without each other, they face imminent crisis. Science entered the service of a soulless civilization of material goods, in which the person left the place. The crisis is manifested through religions bigotry. So a scientist without faith — the servant of the devil, and believes without evidence-based knowledge fanatic. Example of the banned group "Islamic state" (organization banned in Russia. — Approx. ed.), in which a mixed bigotry and dirty politics. Therefore, I believe that religious leaders, along with theological education secular in order not to become sources of radical ideas.

 Leonid Katsis, 58 yearsIn the past — the engineer, now Professor at the Center for biblical and Jewish studies of Russian state humanitarian University, doctor of philological Sciences. Jew.

FAITH IN ME DID NOT COME SPONTANEOUSLY, IT'S ALWAYS BEEN MY NATURAL STATE. But really interested in Judaism, I started in seventh grade, after a meeting with fellow countrymen of my grandfather, a deeply religious Hasidim. I started going to visit them, and then began to attend synagogue. Parents, Soviet engineers were from my Hobbies is not happy, despite the fact that my grandparents were close to it. But nobody touched me. The first conflict associated with the faith occurred in the ninth grade, when the teacher, quite a Jewish, asked me to shift some posters, and I replied that I can't because I have Easter. After that, parents get called into school.

In high school, I was fond of art history, avant-garde, but it was clear that the need to get engineering education. I won the Olympiads in physics and mathematics, so he entered the faculty of technical Cybernetics at the Moscow Institute of chemical engineering. It was one of several Moscow special institutions where Jews quietly took. After training, I briefly worked at the Institute of chemical physics and even passed candidate examinations, but to a degree I did not have time we had in 1991, though, according to my calculations, the Soviet power had to fail in ' 93, when I had become the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences.

In their field I was involved in spectroscopy, particularly the development of non-laser light sources for areas of deep vacuum and atomic absorption analysis. But once the Soviet Union collapsed, opened in Moscow Jewish University, and I immediately went there to teach — taught a course "Introduction to Judaism".

Also I was developing in the humanitarian sphere, my articles were printed in "Questions of literature" and "Tynianov conference". In parallel I wrote a lot of works on literary criticism and art history. Once colleagues from the Institute of Slavic studies, said in jest: "You're the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, to give doctoral you we can't." I didn't have any academic degrees, so I prepared for several months and passed the exams — the Polish language and Polish literature. In the future, I've studied Slavic studies, and the dissertation I had on the topic of "Mayakovsky and Poland". So in 1994 I began a PhD in Slavic studies. Later I published a book about Mayakovsky and another associated with Apocalyptica in Russian literature, and after the report in 2002 RSUH became a doctor of Philology in Russian literature. Now I work in the Center for biblical and Jewish studies of Russian state humanitarian University, engaged in the Russian-Jewish Affairs, history of the blood libel, the study of the interaction between the Abrahamic religions.


The study of the exact Sciences has not affected my view of God. Similar issues can arise only in pure Humanities.


Neither the transition in the Humanities, nor my current work is no fracture for me did not. The fracture was perestroika and the new Russia, opportunity for foreign grants and fellowships. Had a chance to do their work not under the guise of engineering and not in the form of dissidence. Stay out of the humanitarian sphere in Soviet times, has saved me from unnecessary research of the Fronde, and the fee for the title of Soviet Humanities, which broke so many lives. And stay in a Jewish environment has saved me from some spiritual breakings peculiar to the intellectuals who spent decades on Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and some of the liberal forms of Judaism.

The study of the exact Sciences has not affected my view of God. Similar issues can arise only in pure Humanities; for us, the representatives of the exact Sciences, science and religion absolutely do not contradict each other and exist in parallel. Science is the constant provision of knowledge to the obligatory lack of information and religion comes from the fact that the world model is known. In Judaism, we argue as follows: God gave the ten commandments, and the conversation is over. What are these days, we don't know, we weren't there. Therefore, we begin to realize themselves since the advent of Adam, and the rest is faith.

By the way, many scientists are trying to describe these days according to the ideas of modern physics. There is a lot of work, but it is only the attempt to overcome his spiritual crisis, awareness of which came with the understanding of the omnipotence of God and the limited capacity of the Creator of the science of the individual and even of humanity. Will lead a fun example: I was once a witness to how women have passed the exam on the Book of Ruth, and one of them — the doctor said the Rabbi: "I know why circumcision is on the eighth day. The fact that by this time in the body in sufficient quantity formed platelets. If cut early, will start bleeding". It was on the 12th floor of a large concrete building, and in that moment, my inner eye saw a Rabbi somewhere in the area of the basement.
In General, it was necessary to save the soul of a Rabbi, and I said to him: "Rabbi, what are you so worried about? God made it so that the platelets in the desired amount is formed on the eighth day." And the misunderstanding was resolved.

When you say the phrase "In the beginning God created," ask the question: "What is the beginning?" But you're not asking, what is zero. Meanwhile, in mathematics around zero there is a space, called the ideal. That is the way God created us for him to have a dialogue with someone, because the absolute can be absolute only in comparison with something. Therefore, our rituals and rites he does not need, it is a question of our feeling. If a person of flesh and blood that you need — please, but can do without it.

But the prayers we have are important, they are compulsory on any given day. In Judaism there is the day of judgment, Yom Kippur. The meaning of this court can be understood without a comprehension of the depths of the teachings. At the end of the year and the beginning of the next we have ten days between the New year (Rosh Hashanah) and Yom Kippur, when the fate for the whole year. The cycle follows we have a year, not unlimited: if I ask to give me to live next year, which means that the previous I sinned so much that God has heard. But if I lived this year, so I'm not so sinned before last. Therefore, people of the Jewish faith is in a constant state of self-assessment in anticipation of the result. You one-on-one with the judge, it is the underlying ethics of Judaism.

No persecution for their religion I have not experienced. I climbed the Communist party and adhere to our ancient law: "the Law of the state of the law." Boundaries I knew consciously that they are not violated, and therefore did not go into the Humanities at once. However, once when I worked at the Institute of chromatography, saw me at the synagogue and complained to the Director. He called me and said, "don't get caught fools the eye. I myself am a mother in the village Church were buried".

Our Institute was near the synagogue, and later, when the commanders of the Institute operotryada saw me there, nothing happened. Moreover, once our Vice-rector on the farm found me with friends at work in front of the synagogue in order to receive scarce then the matzo. Realizing the situation, he, Russian people, said, "you're Finished, put it all in storage and take away in the evening after classes."

Our generation was lucky: when everything was possible, we still had power, desire and health. So I can't speak about the special suffering, nor about the special tenacity in his Jewish life. Maybe lucky, but God it was why it is necessary.

 Kirill Kopeikin, 56 yearsIn the past — physicist, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, now an Orthodox priest, Archpriest, rector of St. Petersburg theological Academy, rector of the University of the temples of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and St. Tatiana.

I WAS BAPTIZED IN INFANCY, WHEN I STILL WAS NOT REALIZED. On the insistence of my grandmother, because just born, I became very ill and almost died. She considered it a miracle of God and decided that the child should be consecrated to God, what is the meaning of baptism. With my grandmother we sometimes went to Church, but it was, so to speak, on the periphery of my life. Then there was the Soviet school, which all received atheistic education. Children's experiences in the past — I was worried about in the first place the problems of the world, and therefore I began to study physics. I entered the physics Department of the then Leningrad University, and then went to graduate school, he defended his thesis and a few years later worked there doing research.

Already at the initial stage of learning, I realized that physics does not encompass all of reality. She describes the outside world, but there is an important part of the world, what we call the soul, and cannot be studied using objective methods of knowledge. Soul has the property of subjectivity, and it is unclear how this subjectivity can exist in the physical world, consisting of objective things. That the soul exists, with particular force assures that it hurts, and it hurts at times unbearable. How so? Objectively there is no soul but the pain that is! Chekhov said: "Nobody knows where the soul lies, but we all know how it hurts." My soul for unknown reasons to me, was sick all the time, and I tried to do: went to the theater and the Philharmonic, read books, played sports. All this has resulted in emotional pain for some time retreated into the background, but the question is not fundamentally solved. In the end, trying to do something with this pain, I began to go to the temple and after some time was surprised to find that my internal state is changed. It was the last year of University and then into graduate school, but I never said it was my personal business.


I couldn't believe the most important statement of atheism is that everything is just material and nothing more. Because if so, then I do not, because the psyche is only a function of molecules that are randomly gathered in person.


In those days in society there was a stereotype that go to the temple only ignorant people, and science, on the contrary, helps to break up religious prejudices. I also thought about this, and the issues I had a lot. For example, I could not understand how God created the world with words in six days because he did not understand, then, that the biblical text is special. It is not so much to convey information as to act on that, who interacts with him and ultimately with God. So if we approach it as a normal text, it is a lot to see.

To some extent, to understand the process of creation of the world God using his word out of nothing helps the analogy with mathematics. In the XIX century it acquired a Foundation in set theory of Georg Cantor, and it is noteworthy that the process of constructing a mathematical universe is very similar to the process of creation of the world described in the Bible. How the Lord does nothing, and then from him the rest of the world, and mathematician first creates an empty set, and then already from it arises the entire mathematical universe. I think it is this similarity allows you to effectively describe our reality using mathematical models.

Science questions I had: I couldn't believe the most important statement of atheism is that everything is just material and nothing more. Because if so, then I do not, because the psyche is only a function of molecules that are randomly gathered in person. But intuitively we feel that it is not that there is some significance in our lives. In a sense, this confirms physics, in particular quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, which appeared in the XX century. Thanks to them it became clear that the world is not so naive of material that elementary particles are more like some mental entity than a physical one. The fact that the very physical reality in some sense alive, it responds to our actions, and it sets a high measure of responsibility of each person for their destiny. And wonderful that even just the mere presence of the ability to "spy" system behavior by measuring certain parameters of it, radically changes her behavior, as is clearly demonstrated, for example, experiments with delayed choice quantum Erasure.

When we begin to look at the world closely, we begin to understand that the Creator exists, and that we don't see it — it's part of his plan. As Blaise Pascal (French mathematician, physicist and philosopher. — Approx. ed.), "all around, not as a direct confirmation or denial of the existence of God, however clearly broadcasts that he is, but wish to conceal. All testify to this". And the word "faith", by the way, is not "believing", as it is now accepted, and "loyalty". Faith in the biblical sense of the word there is a certain kind of relationship between God and man: I do something in life, and the Lord answers me, but not because the lips are opened heaven and the voice of God speaks to me, and the fact that changing the circumstances of my life.

I decided to become a priest in 30 years, when suddenly my father died. The next day after he was gone, I woke up and realized that life is just that does not disappear with death. After that I entered the Seminary, then was ordained and serve for 23 years. With every passing day I become more convinced that it was the most important decision in my life, I increasingly experience the fullness of being and God's presence in your life — what in biblical language is called bliss.published


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