Stunning 60 "hacks" of the brain that will make your life better

Brain fokusyStranitsy below will help you to change the reality, both for themselves and for others, to help stop the pain, and even make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Years gathered wisdom at your disposal. Read.

If you do not think about the future, you better around h2> Consider the times: past, present and future. The difference between the proposals, "Bob in the shop buying nachos" and "Bob will go to the store to buy nachos" clearly related to how far we are from being able to eat nachos. That is the necessary information.

It may seem surprising, but in some languages ​​there is no future time, or it was not necessary. The Chinese, for example, normal to say something like "Bob store to buy nachos," and no one will laugh at your cave speech, or beat you on the lips, since you do not specify a time frame of delivery nachos. You would think that the carriers of these languages ​​did not care about the time, as we know it.

It turns out that media languages ​​without times have found a much better solution.

Consider a study Keith Chen of Yale business school, which analyzed 76 countries.

Particular attention is paid to saving money, smoking and everyday habits, as well as overall health. A surprising result is that people who speak the language without a future time, tend to make more informed decisions in the field of finance and health. In fact, it was found that "temporary" languages ​​by 30% reduce the ability of people to save money. It is believed that speakers of other languages, these languages ​​are said to be "timeless" refer to life more seriously. And they are more serious about how their decisions will affect their future, we, wild carriers 'temporary' languages.

Carriers "timeless" Sequential accumulate great wealth, and to keep them for a longer period of time, they are healthier and live longer than the carriers 'temporary' languages, for which the past - that's what we have left behind, and the future - as the Distant the planet on which are the consequences of their actions today, and which they should ever visit.

Music changes your ability to perceive time h2> «The holding music" - this is what you hear in the handset phone call when, for example, in the bank. This music hits the phones are not accidental. It is tailored specifically to how to reduce the amount of time during which you will have to wait. In other areas associated with the expectation of, for example, in doctors' offices, also used this trick. "Compression of Time" is a favorite trick of many retail stores, which is why you very rarely find a shopping center, supermarket, shop, or upper garment, which can not hear a certain "background music».

To understand how this works, think of the brain as a mountain lion in a cage which was a bag of money. It does not matter that the staff Zoo distract the lion food, bright objects, or just shouting and screaming. It matters only that they give a chance to one of his companions sneak up and get the money out of the cell, while the lion is busy definition of who would eat of these workers.

Similarly, when your brain is constantly distracted, you are less notice what is happening around you, what is true for a time.

The volume of information assimilated by the brain is limited, and when something constantly takes this volume, we are less inclined to think about things form "and whether I need this Service in the form of a cat Garfield»?

But this also works in the opposite direction. In some situations, listening to music can really expand your perception of time. For example, listening to music while performing tasks that require maximum concentration, causes us to overestimate the amount of time actually elapsed. The theory is that periodically switching between music perception and concentration on heavy tasks, the brain generates a certain "events", or different memories. When your brain is thinking about what you have been doing for the last hour, you remember many events of the hour, and it seems that it lasted a long time.


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