Life without a brain

We are told that after brain death the person continues to live a few minutes then there are irreversible changes, inevitably leading to sudden death. The following are examples of real people, living or dead (destroyed, fatally damaged) brain or no brain.

In all cases, these people live a normal life, doing the usual chores and kept their social status until death, usually unexpected. Official science is not yet able to explain these amazing facts, documented by physicians.

In the autumn of 1917 the renowned magazine "Nature and people" published an article of Dr. A. Bruck " Can I live without brains? ".

Here are some incredible cases described in it.

Ten year old boy was shot in the back of the foil. The blow was struck by all the rules of art: fragmented bone, meninges opened, the brain ran freely through the wound. Beyond expectation, the boy recovered. But three years later, under the pressure of juices, proteksi weakened place, died: he became dropsy. Boy operated on and found no signs of the brain." This case is adapted from the works of doctor of Lusitanus, who lived in the SIXTEENTH century in Holland. In fairness it should be noted that about him went speculation, and individual researchers have considered some notes from his practice is not relevant to the truth.


But the case described by Dr. Child. When the doctor had worked in Algeria as an assistant Professor Broca, to them came the Arab fragmented superciliary arch. Externally, the wound was nothing special. The victim was a tubal, and he was released back home. Some time later, the patient recovered and began to lead a normal life. But after some time he suddenly, without any symptoms of the disease, died. Postmortem autopsy showed that instead of the frontal segment of the brain of the deceased was a huge abscess. About a sixth of the medulla was disrupted, and the process of suppuration has lasted for at least three months.


In the abstract of Dr. Robinson in the Paris Academy of Sciences described more unique case. An old man of sixty years, was wounded in the parietal region sharp end of a baguette. When it leaked a little blood. During the month the wound was nothing like about yourself. The victim then began to complain of poor vision. Any pain the man felt. Some time later the patient died suddenly with signs of epilepsy. The autopsy showed that the deceased was not brain — there is only a thin shell of the brain substance, containing products of putrefaction. Almost a month was practically without brain.

The above quoted article was written quite a while ago and now check out the truthfulness of the facts contained therein impossible. Moreover, it is always possible to suspect an exaggeration of one of the parties to the incident, such as the size of brain damage, and silence the behavior of a person with such an injury. To dismiss such concerns, please refer to the significant incident of this kind took place in our century, are gathered in his collection of American Frank Edwards.


In 1935, in St Vincent's hospital in new York, was born child, who was completely absent from the brain (congenital absence of the brain called Anecephaly). However, in spite of all medical concepts within 27 days he lived, ate and cried as all newborns do it. Moreover, the behavior of the child, according to eyewitnesses, was absolutely normal, and that he has no brain before opening nobody even knew existed.


In 1940 Dr. Augustine Iturriza made a sensational statement in the Anthropological society in Sucre (Bolivia) and put their colleagues in a dilemma, which today remains unanswered. He and Dr. Nicholas Ortiz long has researched the history of 14-year-old boy, patient of the clinic of Dr. Ortiz. The teenager was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The young man was in full conscience and retained consciousness until his death, complained only of a headache.

When pathologists conducted the autopsy, were amazed. Whole brain mass was completely separated from the internal cavity of the skull. A large abscess captured the cerebellum part of the brain. This begs the question: what do think boy? The conundrum faced by doctors Ortiz and Iturriza, was not so puzzling as that which has met the famous German specialist in the field of brain Jutland. He reviewed all of my previous views after opening the skull of a man who was paralyzed. Sick until the last minute kept all mental and physical abilities. The result trepanation was stunning: instead of the brain in the skull of the deceased was a little over 300 grams of water.


In 1978, in the suburban town of Protvino happened just a fantastic case. In the proton accelerator there were some problems. Anatoly Bugorski decided to eliminate them. But for some reason did not work to lock the instrument, and the head of physics "flashed" a proton beam power of 70 billion electrovolt. The charge of exposure, which was attended by the researcher, is estimated at 200 thousand x-ray! The scientist simply had to be burned brain, and it is, in all the medical canons, had to die. However, Anatoly Bugorski lives, works and even riding her bike and playing football. After that horrible accident on his head left two holes: one on the back of his head, the other around the nose.


No less amazing event occurred in the mid 80-ies of the professional diver Franco Lipari from Trapani in Western Sicily. In the warm July morning 26-year-old Franco with his friend secured under water fishing nets. On the three-meter depth, they saw tangled in fishing a large swordfish. Franco shot her harpoon gun and hit me in the head. A wounded prisoner broke the chain and plummeted into the depths. Franco decided to catch prey. He donned scuba gear, took the gun and dived for fish. She was lying on the bottom at a depth of about 30 m and seemed lifeless. However, when the hunter approached her with a knife, the fish quickly dashed right at him. People do not even have time to react, and the sword his head to the left of the nose. Trying to escape, the sword fish was hard to beat. With a terrible screech, echoed in the human brain, bony rostrum "swordsman of the deep" broke.

First aid was rendered horribly wrong — his friend, trying to remove a piece of the sword with the pliers, broke off protruding from the nose end. After that Frank had a chance to go to the light. An hour later he was taken to the nearest hospital Mazare del Vallo, where the victim did x-rays. However, doctors have not taken the liberty to save and sent to a specialized hospital in Palermo, the road which took two hours. Here urgently convened a Council. Surprisingly, respiration, blood pressure and pulse were normal Franco! When the 6-centimeter wound on her face washed, she found the piece of the sword, barely speaking beyond its edge. X-rays showed that the fragment has a length of 16 cm and located at an angle of 25 degrees to the base of the skull, passing from left to right and top to bottom.

The participants of the consultation found that the chip is firmly stuck and its tip almost touches the vertebral artery, therefore, any inaccurate moving it may cost the victim's life, Remove the chip rostrum of the fish is surgically considered inappropriate and dangerous. For extraction of foreign bodies strictly in the direction of its axis needed a special tool. It worked all night one engineer and a few mechanics. After 13 hours, the design resembling a miniature overhead crane was ready. It felt similar in length and shape of the chip rostrum of the swordfish, which was specially purchased for this purpose. Finally, after 38 hours of receipt of Franco in the clinic began operation.

For seven hours the doctors made desperate attempts to retrieve the sword, but they were not successful. Franco's position was hopeless, the doctors informed his parents. On hearing the verdict, the young man's father begged me to give him the body of the son without this terrible chip. One of the surgeons, who promised to do it, approached the young man and strongly pulled chip's hand. And — Oh, miracle! ~ he immediately removed. Franco then quickly recovered and a month later was discharged from the hospital. He again began to dive, only the scar on his face the only reminder of the terrible adventure.


Finally, the most incredible event happened in 1996 with 29-year-old Oscar Garcia chirino. 14 October, he staggered, crossed the threshold of the city hospital with a head pierced through with a harpoon fired from gun for underwater hunting. The diver got there without help. Oscar worked as an inspector-catcher on one of the reservoirs near Havana. That ill-starred day he and a friend were hunting for fish. Fascinated, mate Oscar mixed it up in seaweed and mud with the big fish and then shot him in the head. The misfortune has occurred in 80 metres from the shore, and the distance to the rescue station Oscar went himself. During transport to the hospital he was possessed neither the consciousness nor the coordination of movements.

Despite the novelty of the case, doctors were puzzled. They immediately proceeded to extract the harpoon from the head. The first arrow was cut from two sides, then durable stainless steel had to eat ticks. This was followed by complicated surgery to remove a foreign body, in which the victim for the second time was in grave danger. Currently, Oscar is feeling OK and even does not exclude that will return to her hobby of underwater hunting.


A few more facts.

In 2002, a little girl from the Netherlands went through a difficult surgery due to infection (diagnosis of Rasmussen syndrome). She removed the left hemisphere of the brain, which is still considered are the speech centers. Today baby amazes doctors-professionals that perfectly mastered two languages and studies the third. The girl is talking to her sister on the perfect (for my age) Dutch, but the mother speaks Turkish. Dr. Johannes Borgstein, watching the little girl, said that he had advised his students to forget all neurophysiological theory they learn and will learn." (Anomalous news, No. 31 (94) 2002).


Pathology, similar to that recorded Hufner (water instead of the brain) was discovered at autopsy of a 55-year-old Dutchman Jan Gerling, who died in 1976. Relatives were outraged by information received from doctors. It seemed to them offensive, because Jan was one of the best watchmakers in the country.


22-year-old student from the Scottish city of Sheffield, who suffers from migraines, surprised by medical bodies. The doctor sent him for x-rays, but the skull showed no brain. In the medical card of the student had almost hopeless: hydroencephaly. Due to such disease patients die at an early age, and if you survive, as a rule, are morons. In this case the student is not only fully human, but different IQ equal to 126, which is slightly above the average.


And again about decapitated. In the St. Petersburg press description mysterious case: one mushroom found in the forest explosive device and nothing better not figured out how to take the infernal machine in hand. This explosion completely demolished the poor thing's head. In front of astonished witnesses headless mushroom managed to get about two meters, three meters headless body was walking along a narrow Board over the Creek.


How can we explain such incredible facts? There is a version that some parts of the brain in extreme conditions, can replace the other. But how can that be when the brain has practically nothing? There's obviously no replacement won't help.

All these phenomena can be explained if we understand that the biological body is only the Foundation for our entity, and compensation mechanisms sometimes allow to do without a brain on a physical level, through the work of the brain, thinking, consciousness on other levels.

On these levels you can get some idea from the movie "New knowledge about the essence, the soul, life after death...": published




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