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Written by my friend Sergey - sports writer Russian-language newspaper "Kommersant", it meser at the Lodge Fisherman. Was written for his family from Russia, who asked him to run away rather in Russia from "Bendera" and "fascists».

Russian media lied on the first day of protests in Ukraine that we have going on.
I give a selection of links to the actual events that took place in our country. There is documentary footage of what happened. Visuals of the Ukrainian TV with the horrors of lawlessness thieves power Yanukovych, which in Russia is not shown. Here dictatorial laws, which were introduced in Ukraine and examples of atrocities police, which did not react this power. Here examples of "work" of the Russian media, with which Russia Putin simply preparing for war with some brown plague, which simply does not exist.
Finally, there is a refutation of the reality of "puppet" post-revolutionary demonstrations in our cities in order to enter into Ukraine troops, as well as video of the real presence of Russian troops in the Crimea, as Putin is still lying to their citizens.
I understand that information about another country, usually extracted from their media. But it can make to a standstill, if news are built on lies ...
Ukraine does not want to fight, but we will defend our country, if you have to! Together, let us NOT ALLOW unreasonably bloodshed !!!
See for yourself and make decisions about why you lied and whether to tolerate such false diktatorskuyuv thieves' power ... In principle, exactly the same as we had under Yanukovych ...

We all began with that first reported the country soon signing of the accession to the EU, and then at the beginning of November 2013 refused. At this time, Russia banned blackmailed supply our products to him, and so

The people came to the meeting with the opposition. Somewhere 20-22 November I, as a journalist, knew that the opposition - Yatsenyuk (party "Fatherland Yulia Tymoshenko"), Klitschko (the party of "Beat"), Tyagnybok (the party "Freedom") - peresralis each other and did not know how to tell people to disperse or simply "go home on dick».
But some remained, mostly people of Kiev, and students.

A little later in the night from 29 November 30, around 4:00 am arrived komunalschiki install a Christmas tree for the New Year. Come with "Berkut" (type vashogo OMON) and all violently dispersed. Beat everybody and referred to the provocation.
The same acceleration from the TV channel "Ukraine", which belongs to the largest country oligarch Rinat Akhmetov (which is also Donetsk and the Party of Regions). Here, incidentally, is really seen in the video provocation (the video is simply no other !!!) - some pretzel rolls a burning log in berkutovtsy. This is an occasion to brutally beat ALL ???

After that, people started to protest Masov that "beat our children" and to arrive in Kiev from all parts of Ukraine. Demanded to punish the guilty - berkutovtsy themselves, their bosses, remove the interior minister, who was making innocent eyes. From power was zero reaction, then began to picket the parliament, the cabinet, presidential administration. Basically were ordinary people, including a lot of my friends Kiev. Now demanded the resignation of the government and Yanukovych. The slogan "Down with Zeke!" (In Russian - convict won) - because Yanyk sat, and sat for stealing a mink hat. It knew the whole country, but he became president ... We need something else to talk about integrity of our elections?
Furthermore this power in the country has built a clear system of "common fund" with mandatory setbacks. All leadership positions they took their people who were looking on the principle of the zone, or they were staring ...
The rally was massive, but relatively peaceful up until a few thugs not stolen tractor and did not start to enter them in the internal troops (namely those boys recruits with shields and batons, even without heroes eagle put to the front as cannon fodder). Ordinary people scumbag first obstacle, and then in all the Streak indiscriminately by the cops thrown grenades. And then they rushed to the attack, beat everybody indiscriminately ...
MI nobody simple !!! And the authorities, who gave the command, - too !!!

December 2013. Independence. Prohibition was - drunk asked to leave. People in the center of Kiev began to build barricades to protect themselves from the Golden Eagle. Considering how smashed head earlier and repulsed kidney - now wore motorcycle helmets, helmets, shields on the legs and arms of the usual sportmagazinov.
Pulled down the statue of Lenin that understand not all.
To make it a place to live in the cold winter, as "constitutional public property" occupied several buildings around the square - the city council, House of Trade Unions. There have been attempts to disperse - did not work ...
Some people stay here for weeks. Food, clothing, blankets and mattresses brought from all over Kiev, drove across the country. Them the power to interfere - burned cars, planted ... Moreover, there were and their clinics, doctors took time off and traveled to Independence. This here "shtatovskih financing", as you say)))
Everyone helped as he could. I passed through the familiar clothes - I had not left the house fleece)) My friend, for example, brought several thermoses - just make tea. He told me that one man asked how much it cost - responded that nothing. Left after 15 minutes and brought back three thousand. Cups. Here are our harsh nationalists Bandera ...
See for yourself: even such "Bandera" - the family, the elderly, children - walking the streets. Protest against corruption in the country, the impunity of power. The poster inscription "servants of the people, skhamenіtsya (Servants of the people, come to your senses)».

In parallel, the authorities started to organize near the Independence Square in Mariinsky Park (where the Verkhovna Rada, etc.) the so-called Antimaydan. Ordinary people on it, of course, do not go. To complete it in the eastern, central, southern regions of Ukraine power under threat of dismissal collecting public sector (teachers, workers ZhEKov, janitors, etc.), or simply type thugs for 200 USD per day (700 Russian rubles). Proplachennyh thugs we call "Titushky" in honor of "proplachennnogo" Vadim Titushky of the White Church (in the third minute of the first video in a black suit Adidas front), who in August newcomers of the year during a crackdown other protests beat two journalists.

Union Berkut and titushek:

And it was, and so))) from Nikolaev (Ukraine is south) on Euromaidan in Kiev planted homeless. Homeless people say that they were put on a bus cops ...

Independence, December 14. THIS IS OUR UKRAINE. We have it will defend !!!

Meanwhile, your TV shows news about North Korea about Americans)) Ukraine at that time was standing up for their rights, and the Russian TV feed you tales about the European Union.

Evromaydanovtsev began to catch - or just cops hired power Gopnik. Who planted, who beat ... Video avtoregistratora machine with Tatiana Chornovil, which was severely beaten. This journalist. On the head is not always friendly, but still as a woman does ...

New Year's Eve at this Maidan met many:

But Bandera that scare you. For reference, until 1939 the western regions of Ukraine were under Austro-Hungary and Poland, until they were conquered Union. Over the next two years before the beginning of World War II, Stalin then shot the, jail and repressed in Siberia half of the population, and Stepan Bandera was a leader of the resistance (and Austria-Hungary, too). With the arrival of the Germans tried to declare an independent Ukrainian state, and immediately found himself in a German concentration camp for three years. When I got out - again started underground struggle for the freedom of their country. Think about it, if Bandera was Russian and fought for the freedom of the Russian people - it would be a bad person?

Maidana were in other cities of Ukraine. Were Titushky ... Guess who helped them?

January 13 - one and a half months of confrontations. From the power of the people on the Maidan and no one came, but before proplachennym Antimaydanom tells everyone what Yanukovych fellow Afghans ... Words:

Talk with the power of Ukrainians))

In mid-January Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on MDM for participating in rallies "light" criminal penalties. Only vote the Party of Regions and communists, and in manual mode, with some MPs were not, but even voice and no one thought ... this law about DICTATORSHIP responded, putting his head on pots and colanders and sent back to the square. Most actively preparing for the defense.

AutoMaidan (those who have had the car) started to catch on Kiev titushek who has openly robbing people and beating machine. In general, for the police to do their own work.

January 10 AutoMaidan blocked berkutovtsy who beat activists in court. Stopped and forced to show their faces, that country remembered their "heroes»:

Well, the eagle began to catch AutoMaidan:

Total with December-February in prison transplanted several hundred maydanovtsev and avtomaydanovtsev. It is those who are caught during sweeps, but only for the transportation of tires on the maidan people light mnogetnyaya stints ... For police lawlessness - not a single criminal case discovery was not !!! Even murder blamed on themselves maydanovtsev: police also did not use weapons)))

Self-defense Maidana was created to protect the people from his own militia. And now get at least one barrel for video maydanovtsami ...

But right quadrant that scare you. Yarosh says its director. Listen to what they say ... Zero fascism, but there is a struggle for the rights of ordinary people. They are, incidentally, the power is not torn and they are now in power there is.
In general, the right sector, says Jarosz, formed on the Maidan by the merger of several nationalist (that is, the freedom of the people, not the Nazi - the supremacy of the nation above all others in Germany was) organizations. Moreover, the size of rules for understanding the sector - this is just one of hundreds of Self Defense Maidan. And there are hundreds of much, but they were formed in a different way - on a regional basis, etc ...
"Stepan Bandera in svіy hour visunuv three representations to not ukraїntsіv. Vono duzhe simply.
Yea pobratimske - for quiet, hto s time fights for us up Ukraine Square od natsіonalnostі.
Yea tolerance - to quiet people who live on yakі tіy zemlі not protidіyut nashіy borotbі, the fact of them presentable to normal, Ukraїnі vsіm mіstsya vistachit.
Third - the witch, to quiet, hto protidіє natsіonalno-vizvolnіy borotbі ukrajins'koho people, and in the end of whether yakіy derzhavі, whether yaky people sama takі pozitsії i Got. »© Lider" right quadrant "Dmitry Yarosh

Meanwhile, in my hometown ...

Football fans. They protect people from titushek in all cities !!!

And on January 19-20. The street was freezing to 20 degrees, the police watered all of the water cannon ... In response already flew koteyley Molotov.
Attack Berkut, grenade thrown to the clinic ... How it was:

That's what happened to the prisoners:

And this is the first dead - Sergei Nigoyan. His parents fled from the war in Armenia ... The head of the Interior Ministry Zakharchenko claimed that firearms cops did not use ...

But really small arms used not all - the soldiers of internal troops was always only with shields and batons. Stun grenades were only Berkut. These bitches primytyvali sketch bolts and nails. Throwing all in a row. Journalists - about 40-victims, including a torn hand and knocked out his eyes.
And this is the weapon "not at all" parts of Golden Eagle ... This video surfaced later.

This is fortunate, he crawled out of the woods. Second - the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Yuri Verbitsky - found in the woods with his hands tied ... "frozen", - Yanukovych said.

And this avtomaydanovtsa allegedly kidnapped near the house Titushky. Released a week later.

Euromaidan in other Ukrainian cities, the people seized oblasne administration and governors forced to write a letter of resignation. And protected them cops and Titushky. Ordinary people defended football ultras. People create governments.
In Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy cops Titushky people initially rigidly dispersed.

Chernivtsi, January:

Athens, January:

Odessa, January:
Odessa, answer proplachennyh titushek. Note, all in the same helmets, why? Because they were given an organized ...

Dnipropetrovsk, January:

Dnepropetrovsk. Acceleration Titushky. In the first video - the city council of the city, where they were outfitted.

And these are the people who are in Russia called Bandera and brown plague. They took from the Internal Troops of the Ukrainian House (stored there historical museum exhibits, documents, the building was actually in the rear of the Maidan) themselves vstravlyayut broken windows.

And this is our national defenders of peace))

Honest millitsioner with Kherson

And they came just to earn)) And banderovets provokes them on a purely Russian language))

February 20th.



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