Putin clearly miscalculated with Ukraine

All of which makes Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and in the international arena - is not a policy, it is an adventure, which for him could end up quite miserably. Too bad it's so not learned the experience of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Press conference of Vladimir Putin's "pleased." Its main thesis: the Ukrainian authorities are not legitimate (except of the Verkhovna Rada, in her partial legitimacy), the opposition did not fulfill the conditions of the agreement of February 21, there is no democracy in Ukraine is not - dispersal of the Constitutional Court of the direct and obvious evidence of any elections in Ukraine Currently there is no question, the timely strengthening of the protection of military facilities of the Russian Federation has greatly reduced the tension of the situation in Crimea, the ability to send troops there, but not necessary. And most importantly, that the Russian state with the document is not signed, and now all of a preliminary agreement with Ukraine - have ceased to operate.

The topic: Putin - a liar. Untrue theses expressed by the President of the Russian Federation at a press conference on March 4

But if we start from Putin's logic, that Russia "that" state no documents not signed, then, in this case: the Black Sea Fleet is located in the "this" of the territory is illegal loans "that" the state did not take, and for gas it has exactly nothing should not.

But if you continue "logical" conclusions Putin further, such a conclusion can work in both directions: Kaliningrad, at the time, went to a different country, Siberia was conquered completely different state, and the land on which stands St. Petersburg, should go to Sweden or Finland.

It is also "plausible" Putin heard allegations that the Crimean "self-defense" somewhere bought and shape, and full equipment of the Russian special forces, including the latest modifications of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, travels in APCs and distributing Russian passports.

It is, that is "self-defense", blocks the military units, captures the Houses of Parliament and the Cabinet, airfields, headquarters and border checkpoints, flying combat aircraft and helicopters all the time using the Russian army license plates and is not afraid of retaliation on the part of Ukrainian troops.

Obviously, all this would be funny if it were not so sad. A man aged, short, trembling with excitement hands and shifty eyes, wearing a decent suit, sitting in at least a decent chair and gravely broadcasts all.

No - this is not Chamberlain, and even Lloyd George. This is a man whose past is real life flew joyfully pipes and shining lacquer wings. This man should not be afraid. He is not ready to take responsibility for their mistakes. King has appeared naked. It is ridiculous.

Between the lines of his statements just read - is close Slavic people, which we kept at bay for hundreds of years. He is so brazen that wants itself to live and self determine their destiny.

Hence the hatred and the Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia, and in general to all. How is it they can not we? Who are we then, that without us, without our guiding hand of someone can live?

The topic: Historians will write that the Russian Empire had ceased to exist on the Maidan in Kiev, - Saakashvili

Unfortunately, in Russia the concept of self-esteem and self-empowerment is inextricably linked to another humiliation. Russia has never been self-sufficient, it was always needs an enemy, or a slave to assert itself. And that - not that other, as an inferiority complex.

But if we take the definition of "criminal types" which has developed an Italian psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso, it is almost perfect to Vladimir Putin.

According to Lombroso, the first feature of "criminal types" - the ability to enter "with the front running" in a natural way to play along with the dominant mood of any group.

And it also: deceit, jealousy, vindictiveness, rancor, the complete lack of generosity, ultraboundary selfishness, lust for power and low vanity, cruelty, pedantry (so everything was as he wants), deceit, domination of material-power interests in the most rude manner, envy , landslip mood swings from the lively "compassion" to complete dysphoria and spiteful vindictiveness, hypersexuality, which do not fade even in the transition to the senile age, roughness, increasing with age.

The second feature of "criminal types" of Lombroso - is the lack of empathy - the possibilities are mentally and emotionally to put yourself in the other, the capacity for empathy, indifference to other people's feelings.

The third feature of the "criminal type" - a psychological throwback (a manifestation of the worst features of primitive ancestors) and, in the case specifically with Putin atavism thinking narrowly KGB, oprichnina, totalitarian, Stalinist, shpionomanskogo and xenophobic.

In addition, significantly worsens the situation that Putin himself picked entourage of people like themselves. There is no doubt that all of the deputies was. Spend a selection of journalists, and "survive" only those who agreed to sing the deeds "Supreme Leader." He created TV - corrupted an entire generation of young people.

During Putin's presidency have been criminally remiss the enormous opportunities that Russia could realize and make a huge step forward in all areas.

All of his reign will be marked in history as the years of "disgrace Russia", as the years of failure of Russia in all areas.

All the years of his reign - a few years of shame people, shameful silence, shame intellectuals who reptiles (mostly) before this nonentity.

Against this difficult background of the more heroic deed will always be perceived by the Ukrainian people, who could lose his neck with Putin's protege.

The topic: Yanukovych gave Ukraine - expert

Ukraine - an example for Russia, if, of course, Russia is still able to learn something.

However, we can say that the profession of each person affects his mentality. This reflects the essence of the saying is bad, when the cobbler bake pies and boots sewing baker.

It's not that the cobbler can not bake pies, and that when a person does something, very often it is forever fixed in the subconscious from his youth.

And when a young man was either a military or a security officer, the subconscious mind he will act in the same direction. Therefore, the policy of these people should not go.

Of course, there are examples of successful presidency of former generals. Such as Charles de Gaulle and Eisenhower. But it is rather an exception.

As a rule, the security forces are prone to violent action, are not able to ignore the specific situation, calculate your steps for at least two moves ahead.

That is why, when in 1999, Putin led the team security forces came to power, pushing politicians from the former party and economic asset of the USSR, not everyone understood the danger it represents for the country coming KGB.

The topic: How the KGB gained control of Russia: Putin's plan Andropov-

After all, the professional security forces, counter-intelligence, the political officials in their investigation of psychology are the destroyers rather than creators.

Because they laid in the subconscious - to destroy the enemy's plans and not do anything useful for real life.

But politics - is somewhat different. This is the art of the possible. It must be able to maneuver, to say, to attack - retreat, to manage people not able to be led.

In all security services somewhat differently. It is not accepted that something close to take to heart. These structures are selected people who are willing to give up his "I" in favor of the objectives put forward by their leadership.

In these structures, they are paying much more than the others, but did require them to such subordination, which it is impossible to demand from ordinary people.

There is no policy of maneuvering, attack - retreat. Such plants produce the corresponding mentality, which is good to do the work of the security services, but totally unsuitable for politicians. Therefore, the secret services a professionally unfit to lead the country.

After all, politics - it is always the search for compromise and balance of interests and trends that contradict each other. Yes, and with an eye not only on short- and medium-term, but in the long term, the ability to effectively and systems thinking.

The secret services must be sober analyst and do not put yourself and others impossible tasks. A politician should look for the positive trade-offs between different interests of different people.

Special services, Putin is working "the enemy", all the while playing "zero-sum game" (if I won, then lost to the enemy).

Although policies should work "by itself" and creatively to create a new play "the game with zero-sum" (when all parties have something to gain if together to find a reasonable balance of interests).

Now politics - is the work of the entire population, and the intelligence services - is to work with a limited circle of persons, and, therefore, the security services can not work with the general population.

And if special services seize power, as happened in Russia in 1999 (and it was, in fact, undercover coup), the country rolled down an inclined.

However, all that does Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and in the international arena - is not a policy, it is an adventure, which for him could end up quite miserably. Too bad it's so not learned the experience of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

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Although it is not clear one. Assume that Putin himself, his inner circle, or those who make decisions on their behalf, they became fools, and completely lost the ability to perceive the realities of the world.

But in the Russian ruling elite, there are quite balanced and fairly responsible people. Do they not feel responsible for the salvation of Russia from the terrible impending disaster?

Is not it possible to change the situation by means of a coup in the apex of power, as it was once upon a time, when several warring clans in the CPSU Central Committee joined together to remove Beria?

The biggest fault of those who did not resist Putinism all 15 years of the reign of the regime, is that it allowed zombie brains of young people.

Now Russia has grown a generation quite sincere ideological Putinists. And, unfortunately, they are not only present but also the future of this country. As can be upgradeable?

After all, they, following Putin's call for expanding the boundaries of the "Russian world", it is ready to conquer the "rebel" in Ukraine, and even put the world under the threat of the beginning of World War III.

Who can stop Putin in Russia today? Speaking Without excessive pathos, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are groups of people who dream to lose Putin. For this they are willing to occasionally substituted by the security forces and the batons even hold 5-10 or 15 days in jail. But not willing to die for sure.

In part, they have the reputation of the city of crazy, partly of people who do a small business in politics.

They are generally small amount. Most of them have some property, position, family, hobbies, etc. And fold the head of inadequate citizens they do not want.

What now prevents Putin average Muscovite? Why is it for him a dictator? Maybe he prevents him to go to the country? In Turkey on vacation? In the Baltic countries during the May holidays? Maybe he disabled the Internet? Or the price of meat rose to impossible limits?

Therefore, before the crisis - a big crisis, a serious (not such as in 2008-2009 and 1990-1991), the opposition in Russia is able to do anything is not.

But when Putin will continue to seize the world community, and to think that the international sanctions are not afraid of him, the great economic crisis in Russia is able to stir up the people. And throw Putin's presidency, as has happened in Ukraine with Yanukovych.

Of course, now it too late to talk, but Spend Boris Yeltsin at the time lustration in Russia, sharpening all these years, the former KGB lieutenant colonel Putin in St. Petersburg at the JSC "Kirov Plant" details a simple lathe (the family also need to be fed).

Rutskoi without bringing the matter to the confrontation with Chechnya to the extreme, it would not be in Russia and its "Fuhrer of the Russian people" who rose to this bloody adventure.

But if the Russians are aware of the fact to a catastrophe, Putin leads them, they should act as soon as possible.

Because if anti-war rally in 2000 will citizens, they simply disperse. When will leave 20 thousand, the security forces will respectfully stand along the borders of the protesters. When will go 200 000, the dictator begins to shake.

But when will all the cities and villages of Russia at least 5% of the population - will request to North Korea - if they would take a person with extensive experience in the F├╝hrer.

Considering all these "features" of Vladimir Putin, conclusions can be drawn, he did not need a minimum program. But because of his mentality, he kagebistskogo not figured out all the consequences of the Crimean War. And what he eventually left:

1. Crimea and Ukraine did not cut off, and quarreled with the world so that it has to restore relations will never be possible.

2. Aggression against Ukraine frightened of all those who are still around it was. Now, no Eurasian Union will not be. And the existence of the CIS delivered a very big question. Kazakhstan, Belarus and the country is now a niche abandon him in fright as the plague.

3. Ukraine and Georgia can not take pulling into NATO.

4. Before Ukraine offers a real opportunity to join the European Union.

5. Russia will fall apart because neither of Yakutia, or Tatarstan, Bashkiria and any others will not want to venture into cohabitation with inadequate president.

6. Caucasus Putin can say goodbye now.

7. One of the trick with Ukraine, Putin destroyed a positive public opinion and confidence in Russia for decades to come.

Thus it is possible to make logical conclusion: Putin's entourage, in order not to repeat the mistakes of clerks Bankova easier to get rid of him. This is the only way for them to keep their visas in the developed countries, as well as capital and real estate abroad.



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