Geopolitical flood.

Geopolitical flood.
Moderator European Union.
Estonia / Russian goats prevent fashistvovat!
Lithuania / +1
Latvia / +1
Russia / Fuck you ...
Estonia / Hey, moderator, Russian mother! Take action!
Russia / Fuck you ...
EU / Follow the rules of propriety!

Estonia / Let us remove the monument, "Soldier", will build the Reichstag!
Russia / Just try it! Krantik tightened!
Estonia / Moderator! Russia threatens! "Ban 'em!
Lithuania / +1
Latvia / +1
EU / Be vzaimovezhlivy!
Russia / we had because of all of you! Moderator, shut pugs!
US / Russia a lot affords, we will not give offense!
Russia / Merikantsy you there a missile into his mouth shove, and then we will block you krantik!
US / Russian pig, we'll show you democracy! Give us our oil good until the power is not taken away!
Georgia / Russian goats!
Lithuania / +1
Latvia / +1
Russia / Fuck you ...
Georgia / Moderator! Russian again, mother!
Ukraine / Russian, will swear, we join NATO.
EU / Already got a Dog! ..
Russia / All, tighten the screws! Do not say you were not warned!
EU / We got to do with?
US / Russian oborzeli. EU where the rocket put?
Poland / us!
Czech Republic / us!
EU / WMS is not necessary? Without gas, we would be tight!
UK / Russian polonium poison everybody!
USA / uzhastno It! Polonium is dangerous!
Japan / Yeah, it was useful only for Hiroshima, thanks to the US! Russian, give the Kuril Islands, we have nowhere to breed!
Russia / You are there all obkurilis what? Moderator looks much?
USA / Such rhetoric is unacceptable!
Georgia / Russian bombing us !!! HELP !!!
Russia / Georgians, you are there with all the booze or something?
US / Russian, watch market!
Russia / Fuck you ...

And then hosted Chinese iron cover with ...

EU / let's see
USA / understand that - Russia is to blame!
Russia / agree with the moderators - let's understand why Georgia is guilty
USA / Let Rosiiya calm down!
Georgia / Russian bombed us - and we have a picture!
Russia / Georgia - Shove currently know where this picture?
EU / US image Georgians like
US / Georgia Draw even
Russia / And we do not have pictures, and fuck you all ...

Poland \ And Russia Offline we sent
Latvia \ +1
Lithuania \ +1
Estonia \ +1
EU \ 2 Poland - For what?
Poland \ Food not like
Russia \ 2 Poland - you guzzle your moldy stuff
EU \ 2 Russia - easier to unfounded accusations
Russia \ 2 EC \ brazilskaya \ tuhlia ..._ granitse.html
EC \ Fu! That's disgusting. 2 Russia and Poland - sort it out themselves. It's not
Poland \ I'll be complaining
EU \ Write honor.
Poland \ and write about all write!
England \ +1
Russia \ yes you there though Describe all!
England \ 2 A Russian Nuka quickly my mail ( all your usernames and passwords!
Russia \ 2 England. And fuck you ...
England \ Moderators! Russia is violating all that is possible! Where do you see!
US \ +1
Russia \ England hackers pokryvaet.http: // \ berezovskiy \ zakaev_terrorist.php
EC \ All personal claims in the mail.

Russia / first tries! Accept congratulations - 1 million. Km. Now our Arctic. If someone does not believe it can dive for 4 km. and there see our tricolor. Chillingarov taxis!
US / Our President is interested in: the Arctic is where?
Russia / Where dofiga oil and gas, but not in Iraq
USA / Lies! Norway says it only Norwegian salmon is produced.
Russia / Correction: Russian salmon. And oil and gas. Russian. And diamonds. And many other vkusnyakov. So where congratulations?
Canada / -1
Norway / -1
Iceland / -1
Sweden / -1
Finland / -1
Denmark / -1
USA / This is not legitimate!
Russia / You dive at 4 km. first, and then speak.
USA / Moderator, take action, we ducked and saw that the entire bottom of the oceans dotted with Russian flags!
EU / Russia, you all enough!?! Well, what the hell you this Akiya?
Russia / "And I'll become the mistress of Marine, and the US will be on my errands!" Pushkin said, so you know.
USA / Do not bury! It is better to admit that sex bombed Georgia.
Russia: Our President is interested in: Georgia is where?
USA / ... it's ... well ... somewhere in the state of Georgia?
EU / In general, there are many controversial issues where Georgia, where the Arctic, etc. We need independent experts, etc. In order for the rules of our forum.
Russia / Approx. Let the experts. We do not care check worth. With the message of experts, by the way ...
US / We oppose in any case!
Russia / Merikantsy, shut up! For the Lomonosov Ridge, according to our estimates until the Venezuelan stretches. Ie this whole area is a continuation of the Siberian continental platform. Draw your own conclusions!
Venezuela / +1

Georgia / Moderator and why the UN is silent
UN / let's not hurry up and study all
Georgia / and what to study - we have a rocket and picture
Russia / picture in the back and a rocket show
Georgia / we will by the rocket in the ass shove
Rosiiya / ROCKET where
Georgia / which such a missile, we lost it, why do we need a missile - we have a picture! You show us the pictures ???
Russia / And we do not have pictures, and fuck you all ...
UN / can anyone still have a picture
USA / Now draw and bring ...
EU / UN banned on the forum is forbidden to think!

Papua New Guinea (novice) / disagree with Georgia show pictures
Rwanda / +1
Somalia / +1
Estonia / Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Somalia and the guys are you from? Well, we - a large European country! but that is where you climb? ..
Latvia / +1
Lithuania / +1
USA / Somalia and uvas oil is? ... I was just ... just asked to maintain a conversation ...
Russia / US, all the way to Somalia ancient birthplace of the Chukchi and there already is our flag ...
Somalia / okay?
US / Russian, yes you ...
zakalibali Russia / United States can offer Madagascar flag removed from there ... The more that you have, and they have a cartoon about!
USA / well come to B-mail ... there agree ...
Madagascar / +1

China: Hello, asses!
Russian: But, but, I'm here too.
China: Hello to you, little brother!
US: We are not going to the Olympics and force all of you boycott!
China modulo you. We have 1, 5 trillion shares your monsters. Skins, nafik.
Russia: +1
Belarus: +1
USA: Come on, joke humor.
EU: be polite.
China And maodzedunu you.
Russia: The ideals betrayed?
China Retrukturiziroval. And you and to this day the pope.

the mother land of cheese: just ... Camping, Wait a stir as the Asia
heavenly office: In-in and our of apple, ie on bonce
mother damp earth: and they gave me cho flags poke?
Aliens: gee, bugagashechki
Estonia \ 2 inopplanetyane we ffelikkaya earthly nation oppognavshaya all of its develo ... please Nader Russia ...
Latvia \ +1
Lithuania \ +1
aliens \ at the request of the European seksmenshenstv fluorine Tunguska Charge !!!
Labrador Koni \ System reversal of land for the application of the second Tunguska for the United States launched
mother damp earth \ YES YOU quiet №; №;%;%?%? for the sake of the Lomonosov Ridge
US \ where our missile defense system !!!
UES \ in F ... orzhii your ABM
Aliens - Dude, where's our 1953 in a hangar suffers dissect pretending to unfold !!!
Lithuania \ Watt oppppyat Russian meteor rain for making wishes went
US \ Phew !!!
All except Lithuania \ +1
Somalia \ so what we
EU \ the role of sexual minorities in geepolitike
Russian / 2 Estonia - you're there that just ohreneli aliens
Estonia / Russia
moderator utihomirte Estonia / Russia 2 -'ll offend not allow to build a gas pipeline across our land (or at our water)
Germany / 2 Estonia - you're there that just ohreneli with its water

Georgia \ We are, so be it, we will not engage in a large-scale armed conflict with Russia. Wah!
Russia \ Phew! ... Had passed! Thank you, Kind Eh! And if you are not partisans here this morning in the Novgorod region?
Georgia \ is you their train derailed start up!
US \
Russia \ How do you know about the train? We did not say anything ...
EU \ Guys, let's live together!
Russia \ Moderator caught plagiarizing!
EU \ Sorry, & quot; *** & quot; © Leopold the Cat, p.s.s, t.136, s.589
Russia \ Our President said: "Punish the innocent, uninvolved reward!". Including pray and tremble!

US \ Hey, Russian, our expedition went to strip Arctic flags from garbage!
Russia \ Well, well ...
US \ Are not you scared?
Russia \ afraid to let someone who will remove polonium flagpoles
US \ F * ck! ..
Denmark \ F * ck! ..
Finland \ F * ck! ..
Norway \ F * ck! ..
Sweden \ F * ck! ..
Estonia \ F * ck! .. F * ck! ..
Lithuania \ F * cki! .. F * cki! .. F * cki! .. F * cki! ..
Latvia \ F * ck! .. F * ck! F * ck! F * ckF * ck! .F * Ck! FFFFFFFFFFF! ya stronger ffseh potterzhala world soopschestvo
The Russian Embassy in Washington, accuses the newspaper "Washington Post" in a biased attitude towards Russia
Commenting on the article "The Washington Post" entitled "Russian aggression? Another attack on Georgia, "notes that the statements contained in the publication," based on non-objective facts »

Georgia / the whole world knows that we were attacked. Even in America, the newspapers wrote about it!
USA / yes yes written on the front page
Russia / Georgia 2 in Russia on the walls and a write
Russia / US 2 specify the translation we attacked Georgia or George. and then we have these cases different agencies are involved. who asked not know whose punishment is not clear intuziazizm ...

Georgia / listen to all - International experts have confirmed that the plane flew from the Russian side - and three times ... and on the third time, let the rocket RUSSIA aggressor
EU / Russia 2 realizes you ???
Russia / not is not our - our shoot either immediately or seven times meryat
Georgia / is not your - we have a radio interception. The team from the ground - "On three hu ... s»
EU / Russia shame on you ...
Russia / WE all figured out. We did not shoot ON GEORGIA AND FRIENDLY IN OSSETIA (captured Georgians)
Ossetia / but we do not mind
USA / Ossetia is where
Russian / Ossetia is in Russia, and not George, so it's all good

EU \ Attention all forum members! According to the Special Commission on the territory of Georgia with the Russian fighter was dropped not a rocket, and polonium flagpole with the Russian flag! That is the reason for the early destruction of Georgia missiles ... ugh !, flagpole!
Georgia \ I propose to consider it a nuclear attack!
Japan \ +1
US \ Russian oborzeli! Even flags with airplanes dropping! We just do not understand what they labeled?
Russia \ Georgians flag is true! And the best place to place!
England \ According to our intelligence MI-6, labeled with Russian venue for the 2014 Olympic Games!
EU \ Nonsense! Sochi Olympics will take place, not in Georgia and especially not in the Arctic! ... No! .. Do not be! .. Really!?! You want to say that ... Oh the horror !!!
US \ F * ck!
Georgia \ O, my God!
Russia \ Fuck, we wound up "mole" ...


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