Mr T

He's one of those men who force women to be stacked at his feet. In this case, Justin Timberlake does not have the appearance of Apollo or body bodybuilding champion. Husky voice, a look surprised baby, light unshaven, dressed in the habit of careless manner - Timberlake image components that do not leave any chance for women to remain indifferent to this romance.

Mr. T had a relationship with the most famous representative of show business, and I want to note, none of them after breaking up is not to say that Justin it was bad.

About the novel Timberlake Britney Spears at the time did not write unless Zanzibar newspaper society postal workers. Their relationship began when both were children. This is the novel, which they say: "love grew out of friendship." The peak of their relationship came to take off at the beginning of the career of Britney 00's. Timberlake at the time was a soloist boys band NSYNC. There were even rumors of the engagement pair, Britney told everyone that her parents are delighted with her beloved.

Spears could not destroy the image of the right girl American singer-virgin, who at the time was its hallmark. Whatever it was, in 2002, Britney and Justin broke up

Britney's mom Lynne Spears is still confident that Justin was the most suitable candidate for the role of her daughter's boyfriend.

After parting with Britney Justin happened not too long with a star L'Amour "Charmed" Alyssa Milano. Milano was the first in the list of star girlfriends Timberlake, who were older than the actor. Their relationship lasted more than a year.

After parting with Alyssa Milano, Justin Pomaia without a little girl with her head plunged into the work. And in 2004, Mr. T "picked up" Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz. Kam, as they called celebrity friends, was older Timberlake for eight years. Evil tongues say that this novel - a win-win for both public relations, and to be honest, I'm in some way agree with them. Well, I do not believe that they had deep feelings! Especially, many images taken not on camera, Justin and Cameron look like something detached from each other. Even in the photo, where they kiss, it is noticeable that both make it somehow reluctantly.

However, the Timberlake and Diaz after breaking up in 2007 to maintain friendly relations. In 2011, the stars met on the set of the comedy "Bad TeacherĀ».

Immediately after the break with Diaz Timberlake began dating another actress Jessica Biel. In my opinion, it was the most suitable "half" for Mr. T, although this year's Artist and threw Jessica. Bill always looked at her lover with affection, and suffered greatly when the relationship ended. (At least, so write Western tabloids).

Despite the gap, Jessica did not vilify the former in the press, as do many abandoned celebrities. Maybe she hopes that windy lover still return?

A woman who once again stole the heart of Mr. T, is a Hollywood actress Mila Kunis Ukrainian origin. So far, Mila and Justin not officially announced their relationship, but, apparently, it's not far off. Kunis is increasingly accompanied by Timberlake at social events.

Beautiful couple! Still, Jessica Biel as a friend Timberlake I like more.

But the star, which Timberlake at different times attributed to a romantic relationship, but he denied these rumors. But smoke without fire ...

Stacy Flood, ex-member of Pussycat Dolls.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Munn, actress and model.

Blake Lively.

And - alle-op! - Janet Jackson. According to rumors, during a joint tour in 2004, Mr. T attributed to short-term affair with a sister of the late King of Pop. Start the rumors put piquant stage at a concert, when Timberlake accidentally bared breasts Jackson. Personally, I'm in this novel does not believe - PR clean water.


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