Lively: clever gadget that tells you when an older person needs help

Smart devices are now more and more, it is noticeable even in the number of publications on such devaysakh Habré. Of course, the most popular are different kinds of fitness trackers, smart watches and all other similar devices, so any way connected with the work, the organization of its time and sports.

But there is another category of devices, perhaps less well-known but highly desired. This device, facilitating, for example, care for the elderly. Easier - in the sense that it does not need to pull out of his grandmother's information, well if she feels, not whether she is spinning head, she took medicine today, whether good eating and everything else. Well, if you live next to an elderly relative / relatives, and always know how they are doing, you can come to help in case of problems.

But what if your old men live far away from you? In another city, or even country? Then you should try Lively - sensor activity for older people, a device that immediately lets you know if the elderly person needs help.

Thus Lively is not something like baby monitors, no, it's a bunch of device + service that is not "spying" for the man, no cameras no private life remains private.

How does it work? h4>
 There are sensors that are attached to different places (first aid kit, refrigerator, various kitchen appliances, keys) and react to movement / tremors. Thus it is possible to understand whether your ward opened the medicine cabinet or refrigerator, whether out of the house, and if so, how many times.

In addition, if the house is no activity, and the keys - house (figure it will be thanks to the sensor on the keys), then you can already take some action. When the device in such cases immediately sends a notification through the service / on phone relatives. However, so far it works only in the US.

visual form h5>

The sensors send data to the hub, which in turn sends the gathered information to a service Lively, where everything is analyzed, and in a structured form is sent to the smartphone relative / relatives.

The device allows you to receive notification via computer, tablet or smartphone (iPhone supported today, Android support is expected in the near future).

Package Includes: h4>
 • Six sensors activity
• A data concentrator Lively hub and adapter
• Integrated cellular network (Internet or the telephone line is not required)
• The free app for iPhone (soon to be available Android support)
• Secure login
• Notification via email and SMS (service). Planned and voice calls.

Supplements h4>
 Software company provides also access to the service LivelyGram. This service collects and posts pictures of relatives of elderly people, and sends information about each of the family members (grandchildren, children). That is, the older man is always aware of what interesting happened at his grandson, he walks in a kindergarten, what his friends and all that jazz.

Biweekly LivelyGram sends a mailbox parents something like a printed booklet with new photos of relatives (relatives, by itself, to be signed on LivelyGram).

Price and order h4>
 Price of the device / service is 39.95 with the purchase, and $ 24 per month - for a subscription to the service Lively.

Make an order online, you can either producer , or the company Medgadgets.

As mentioned above, the device and the service currently only works in the US and in other regions can not use the service. You may be able to negotiate with the manufacturer to expand the service and to the territory of the Russian Federation. Anyway, now the company is Medgadgets such negotiations.

And yes, it would be interesting to know your opinion about Lively. Maybe it's a useless toy, and negotiate with the manufacturer is not necessary? Do you think Lively useful / necessary?

Yes, of course
No, it's an unnecessary thing
I do not know, like and should be, but somehow it's complicated
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