Market Overview wearable devices with a brief historical note

Devices that were once beyond fiction and which were only in the arsenal of special agents from the steep militants have now become commonplace. In the first half of manufacturers have shipped 6 million gadgets that monitor heart rate, complementary reality and trained their owners.

In this post we will focus on a variety of portable devices, including a fitness bracelets, "smart" watches and sunglasses, as well as special gadgets for kids.

Smart Glasses h4> First of all, it should be said that there are "smart" glasses, and has a "virtual reality glasses". Both of these options are wearable electronics.

Google Glass was, of course, not the first points, the ability to show the user any information. Similar projects exist for athletes for many years.

Take, for example, presented in 2007, points HUD . They have an LED display 160x120 pixels, which should display statistics such as heart rate, speed, and so on. Transmit the information to be "smart" watches set. Prior to commercialization of the project never came, unfortunately. Apparently, manufacturers are slightly ahead of time and were not included in the trend.

And that on the subject of virtual reality glasses - so they do a lot of it was. For example, Nintendo in 1994 introduced Virtual Boy, a source of sore eyes and neck in children and adults.

Johnny Mnemonic all remember? The film shows quite a viable form factor of virtual reality glasses and bundled gloves providing traffic management .

And what is on sale? Or to be released? Enumerate all does not make sense, so that will have to mention only a few projects.

Epson Moverio BT-200 h5> This model is equipped with two semi-transparent displays, which give a total of 960h540 pixels. And the image you see will be the same as sorokadyuymovy TV from a distance of two and a half meters. Unit Weight - 88 grams, which points to a bit much, but considering that the glasses are not quite normal, may be acceptable.

Another unusual format - a specialized motorcycle helmet . Just a couple of weeks, it will collect funds for Indiegogo, though now gathered nearly 1, 5 million dollars instead of the planned 250 thousand. While everyone talks about what people really want and for a long time waiting for a "smart" gadget.

But for Google Glass is already trying to use for medical purposes, and even the police. The company has enough money to support the project as much as a long time until the big sales.

For example, glasses are used for help people with Parkinson's disease . Points are reminiscent of the reception medicines, or even that it is necessary to "swallow saliva" or get out of the stupor peculiar suffering from this disease.

'Smart' sunglasses may not be the original, but is the result of adding to it some kind of a special device, as it happened in the case of OrCam. It's a little different type: it is a system for people with vision problems. You can say "virtual vision" - points pomogat recognize objects and faces, give different hints and help read printed text reporting on the headset. In addition, the system remembers the familiar places.

Speaking of virtual reality glasses, not to mention Oculus Rift, also appeared with the support of Kickstarter. These 3D-glasses have a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and a good viewing angle. Besides gaming application, you can find other ways useful points, for example, view the apartments online scheduler.

Smart watches h4> To begin, let's define what hours - "smart"? Consider the definition of "computer-based watches with extended functionality, in addition to the standard time tracking." In this case, the category of "smart" watches also come with calculators, iPods and so on, which was a lot of history. Casual mention them, because you can read in detail already Habré here .

Let's start with 1972, when the first electronic watches Pulsar.

And in 1977, five years later, HP showed the world watches HP-01 calculator. Price - from 650 to 850 dollars. Now it is about 2600-3400 dollars. True, and the hull was made of steel or gold - in five variants.

In 1984 already there was a device, which is close to gadgets that are synchronized with your smartphone - RC-1000 Wrist Terminal allows you to set access to computers Apple, Commodore and IBM.

And one of the first attempts to make a clock with the ability to call was made in 1999 by Samsung. Now this device is no surprise. Another question is why do it if there is a smartphone in your pocket?

While Apple has not yet released its own smart watch, the main operating system for such gadgets is Android. Who else appeared Android Wear - Google realized that enough to mock developers and force to alter the OS, and it is better to release a standardized option for a particular segment.

As I said at the beginning, in the first six months of this year, manufacturers have shipped 6 million units. But it is not known how many were actually really bought.

Let's first talk about the leaders of the segment - Samsung, Pebble and Sony.

Samsung h5> The company many times attempted to make something wearable gadgets on the market, but for the most part ahead of time so that sales could not be proud. Now the company is the leader according to Canalys, but only for shipping.

Also this year, were presented to the clock Gear Live, which uses Android Wear. Settings can be seen on this picture. I am glad that there is a heart rate monitor.

While preparing this post, Samsung showed another clock - Gear S. unusual here is that there is a slot for 3G SIM cards. So it will be possible to respond to sms directly from the clock.

PEBBLE SMARTWATCH h5> In second place - Pebble. The collected money on Kickstarter manufacturer could spend pravlino, and in 2013, buyers were able to get the first copies. They use a proprietary operating system Pebble OS.

This year there was a new modification - Pebble Steel, which look much more stylish. Just because the material used in the housing.

The clock will show incoming calls, messages to eMail, calendar events, notifications from social networking and sms-messages. After pairing with your smartphone Pebble also allow control your music, show driving speed and other data.

Sony h5> The Sony arsenal has two lines - SmartBand and SmartWatch.

Sony SmartWatch 2 came out in 2013. They are equipped with NFC, Bluetooth 3.0 and the touch screen 1, 6 inches with a resolution of 220x176 pixels. Of the benefits - protection against moisture and dust. The device is a "partner" of your smartphone allows you to receive notifications and control your music.

In September, the company will present SmartWatch 3, which, as promised, will get a completely new interface Android. 3G will not have to settle for Wi-Fi. The price and appearance were not disclosed.

Fitness Trackers h4> When it comes to fitness trackers to start somewhere, I think, is a brief history of the heart rate monitor. Why is that? Because it is, in my opinion, again, one of the main functions of the modern fitness tracker, though not in all of them is present.

The fact that the effective exercise of the heart occurs during exercise in the case where your heart rate is in a certain interval. If I am not mistaken, is 110-140 beats per minute.

Create an optical pulse sensor, the principle of which is used in most of today's portable gadgets with heart rate monitor, we owe the company Polar, opened in 1977 with the aim of creating such gadgets for the Finnish ski team.

Four years later came the first in the world of sport "smart" watches Polar Sport Tester PE 2000. They were heart monitor and alarm clock. What else could be needed in 1981 during a workout?

Over the years, the company has added other features - for example, the same compass and pedometer, and step length. The latest models of Polar there's even a function of load forecasting to achieve certain objectives, based on the collected information about the user.

And as it is now forcing people to buy and use the bracelets? Help comes gamification. You will be able to compare various achievements with other users of such devices.

A huge amount of this type of device does not allow physically write all in one article, so the review will affect several different types of gadgets. We will talk about the simple heart rate monitor - a gadget that only the pulse is measured and have another couple of functions, as well as the devices more difficult, with tracking of sleep and "smart" alarms, and an equipped displays gadgets, related both to the category of "smart" watches.

Simple Heart Rate Monitors h5> Heart Rate Monitors come in two types - with a chest strap and without it. In the second case, you just wear a bracelet or watch on his hand, which is much more convenient. If we talk about the possible errors, the comparison Mio Alpha and heart rate monitor with chest strap It showed that they are insignificant.

MIO Link h5> Cardiomonitor Link will not even be able to show you what your heart rate. Because he has no display. But without a chest strap it will keep track of the rhythm and sends data to your smartphone where you can view them using the application. It uses electro-optic technology.

Trackers display h5> Some devices only transmit data to a smartphone, while others will show all the available directly on the display design.

WITHINGS PULSE O2 h5> Tracker activity has 128h32 pixel OLED display, which allows to increase the operating time on one battery charge up to two weeks. The device measures the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation, according to calories burned, and monitors the quality of sleep.

IHEALTH AM3 h5> This unpretentious yet pleasing to watch, and its price - less than three thousand, and almost waterproof shell - rain protection.

That's only for the Russian winter, they are rather weak, as the operating temperature range is 0 to +40 degrees. Watch reminded that it is time to get up and run. Or at least walk. They also follow the dream.

POLAR FT7 h5> C Polar more complicated. This watch will tell what the effect will be on training, will issue recommendations to accurately estimate the number of calories burned. It is possible to manually set the target heart rate zone - as I wrote above, for the training of the heart. The set is a chest strap.

Also, the gadget will remember 99 training and helps them analyze.

Adidas h5> Keep up with high-tech companies and manufacturers of sportswear and accessories. Adidas has in its arsenal miCoach Smart Run, capable of measuring pulse, the pace of the run, and equipped with GPS to record and save the route. Inside there is also a three gigabytes of memory for music.

Bracelets h5> analytical agency Canalys in counting wearable devices shipped divided them into two categories - "smart" and "basic". In the case of "basic" devices it was a bracelet for fitness. The leader here became Fitbit and Jawbone, so to start to tell about their products, and after - a few examples.

FITBIT h5> Fitbit The company was established in 2007 with the purpose of development and production of portable devices. Now under this brand it released plenty of devices in different form factors - from the pegs and bracelets to smart sports watch.

In May last year, was released bracelet Fitbit Flex. He watches the clock for its owner, even during sleep. The display consists of five LEDs that show the number of steps passed, and using the vibration alert on progress to.

Jawbone UP24 h5> Jawbone We have two products from the segment of fitness Trackers is the UP and UP24. In the first case, the data need to connect the bracelet to your phone via the headphone jack, the second band is synchronized with your smartphone over Bluetooth, which is convenient.

I walked for a while with the bracelet Jawbone UP24. Stuck interesting gamification done well, but it's still annoying lack of heart rate. Still, this bracelet can be bought only for the alarm: have experienced - wakes up at the right time, without disturbing the family. With a small child it's just a necessary thing.

MIO Fuse h5> Another version of MIO - is Fuse. He also does not need a chest strap. The LED display will show your heart rate when you press the button. In addition, it calculates the distance traveled and calories burned.

Other form factors h5>
Misfit Shine h5> Fitness Tracker in the form of a tablet can be worn on the arm or around the neck or as a brooch on clothing, using special accessories. Dimensions Shine up 27, 7 mm in diameter and 3, 3 mm in thickness.

All management is done from a smartphone. You set the goal - how much do you want for the day to swim or run, and then reach it.

In addition, the gadget will track and your sleep.

Fitbit One h5> This gadget is in the form factor of the classical clothespins. But it can also be worn on the hand, using a special bandage from the kit. It also calculates the steps and follow up on the targets, thus helping to stay in shape.

Withings Pulse h5> Another Pedometer - Withings Pulse. And this gadget again, you can catch and pants, and a hand using a special bracelet to pull. It monitors sleep, measures the pulse and calories burned said. One of the pluses - the manufacturer promises a battery life of up to two weeks.

Clothing h4>

Ralph Lauren h5> Distinguished manufacturer Ralph Lauren clothes more than once was taken for the development of "intelligent" clothing. Already we have jackets for skiers with MP3-player, for example. This summer, the manufacturer revealed a T-shirt that could be considered steps to monitor the heartbeat, blood oxygen saturation, and so on. All information will be available on the smartphone screen. The next step will be to issue a shirt with the same features.

Nuubo h5> You will be wearing a shirt with a blyamboy? It does not look as cool as Iron Man's suit, of course, but it is quite functional. The platform of the Spanish company Nuubo includes a T-shirt with textile electrodes, ECG readers, wireless receiver, and information analysis and visualization software, the results of which you are able to see on your phone.

Kids Gadgets h4> Of course, the fashion for portable gadgets spread to children. Besides, for a long time in stores have toys that mimic any superhero or watch or spy glasses. So why these devices do not become real? Read more about children's gadgets you can read in this article, , and now - briefly about them.

Fitness trackers for kids h5> These bracelets as KidFit Leapband and designed for a different age. If the second option like the smallest, from 4 to 7 years, it first looks just like an adult gadget. Gamification configured properly - Leapband allows you to spend "oncoming" Credit for the purchase of small animals.

In the case of KidFit parents themselves put the task to the child.

Security h5> iSwimband device sends signals to the smart parents, if the sensor is a certain time under water. It's maybe not the best and most comfortable, but still a way to protect children during the rest of the sea or the swimming pool.

A little more widely specialized device LG KizON help determine where your baby.

Health h5> Sproutling - Tracker is a full health for the little ones, in terms of very babies. This thing on the leg with the "base" determines 17 parameters, including heart rate and temperature of the air in the room. In my opinion - the development is excellent, except for one "but": a long time I have a baby bracelet on the leg did not leave. But this is a particular, nothing prevents to put on for half an hour several times a day or on special occasions, such as after vaccination, when necessarily have to monitor the temperature of the baby.

Result h4> Large companies are lucky: Google and Samsung have the opportunity to experiment, supporting projects afloat even in case of failures. A smaller producers as Pebble, has to "shoot" only once and hope to hit the target. Pebble lucky, but many of those gadgets that have received once funding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, not destined to see the light. Wearable electronics can not yet compete in the sales of smartphones. If in the first six months of 2014 has been sold 300 million mobile phones, the smart watches and bracelets have shipped a total of 6 million. But this figure, according to analysts, will grow steadily.



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