Two months from the LG G Watch R

Hello, Geektimes! B> wearable electronics gradually wins his audience: It all began, of course, with geeks and gadzhetomanov, but today it is a no-no, and you see somebody on the subway or on the street fashion "umnochasy ".

My acquaintance with the platform Android Wear started almost since the release of the very first models, and continues to this day. Of all passed through my hands copies of most pleased (and remained in total) round the clock from LG. Experiences with their two-month operation in the "every day" today and we'll talk.

Experience of owning a "smart" watch, as I said, I have: been and LG G Watch, Sony SmartWatch and 3, and even Moto 360; except that with the Gear Live from Samsung did not have time to talk. Of course, round the clock and produce a totally different impression, and in a life different from the square. In Moto 360 "dented" design with a lower segment was just log in the eye, and, despite their lightness and simplicity, they have me quite accustomed. But with LG went a completely different story.

Look and feel
The share of LG Watch R does not fall difficult fate pioneer. But first came the proportion of hours that are not made for reporting to the board of directors or technology demonstration, and for the user.

Beauty with a bright strap from slashgear. I>

What distinguishes Watch R models from those that are already present in the market?

The first round is really a design that is available to any interested person in the Russian Federation (if operedelёnnoy amount in your wallet, of course, as Moto360 officially in Russia are not supplied).
Excellent appearance, suitable to the suit, shirt and tie, and to normal everyday clothes, not related to the business style. The watch case is made of stainless steel and the strap - calfskin.
OLED-display, which allows you to keep a watch in a state of active whole day without extinguishing the screen. After the operating experience of the previous models I had a lasting impression that I enjoyed some demo platform Android Wear, rather than ready-to-use product. At the same no hint of "incompleteness" in terms of hours of daily operation: the morning wore on hand all day are using in the evening - removed: everything as normal hours. With one exception. Watch something really clever!

The insides of all smart watches in the market about the same 1 sup>: Snapdragon 400, 512 RAM, 4GB of internal memory, the battery 400 with a small mAh, WiFi and BT 4.0 LE. The differences are mainly in two parameters: the size and shape of the display (and of course, his resolution) and the presence of the sensor heartbeat.

1 sup> - In Gear Live - very modest battery (300 mAh), and Moto 360 uses as Ti OMAP CPU old and also does not shine volumes battery.
Blockquote> Display from LG Watch R - round, resolution - 320x320 pixels cropped square, diagonal (or rather diameter) - 1.3 & quot ;. Made by technology P-OLED, ie does not have a separate backlight - each pixel is mikroskopichskim LED and emits light independently. Moreover, the display is made by the same technology as that of the notorious LG G Flex: it is flexible, since Use a plastic substrate. Although this feature is in hours not enabled, it adds them to a pair of glasses on a scale of survivability.

About the heart rate monitor is enough to say that it is present. Use фотоплетизмограф - Sensor with bright LED that "shines" skin and "see" the pulsation of blood in the vessels. The data obtained in the software clock registers your pulse.


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