11 wearable devices presented at # MWC2014

February 27 completed the largest exhibition dedicated to mobile technologies - MWC in Barcelona.
It was presented to the mass of mobile innovations and interesting technologies.
What we were interested in everything that is connected with the "wearable electronics" and "Internet of Things».

Samsung Gear 2 h4>

Availability and price: April 11, 2014. At the same time will be announced and the price.
Compatibility: Dozens of family devices Samsung Galaxy.
What is it? B> Samsung Gear 2 - smartchasy be able to display a notification from your smart phone. They can also be used as a fitness tracker, thanks to the integrated pedometer and heart rate monitor. Unlike the first generation Samsung Gear, a new watch is created on Tizen, but not Android.
Advantages: Gear 2 have built a heart rate monitor. Have built-in IR transmitter (for controlling appliances). Waterproof. Lighter and thinner than the Galaxy Gear and wrist look much better. The strap of the clock can be easily replaced by any other diameter of 22 mm. Hours hours increased to 2-3 days.
Weaknesses: compatible with devices series Galaxy. Still large enough.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo h4>

Availability and price: April 11, 2014. At the same time will be announced and the price. We only know that it will be cheaper Gear 2.
Compatibility: Dozens of family devices Samsung Galaxy.
What is it? B> Samsung Gear 2 Neo - analogue Gear 2, but without a camera. The housing is made of polycarbonate (in contrast to metal Gear 2), which makes it even easier to Gear 2.
Advantages: The same as that of the Gear 2, plus less weight (55 grams from 68 grams Neo VS Gear 2).
Weaknesses: compatible with devices series Galaxy. Still large enough.

Samsung Gear Fit h4>

Availability and price: April 11, 2014. At the same time will be announced and the price.
Compatibility: Devices family of Samsung Galaxy.
What is it? B> Samsung Gear Fit - fitness bracelet capable of displaying a notification from your smart phone. Measures pulse, analyzes sleep cycles and physical activity. Powered by Real-time OS (not Tizen and Android). Unlike smartchasov Gear 2 does not have a microphone and a camera.
Advantages: Gear Fit s an built-heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep tracker. Incredibly lightweight (only 27 grams). Bright AMOLED display diagonal of 1.84 inches. Hours: 3-5 days.
Weaknesses: Undeveloped ecosystem applications. Only compatible with devices series Galaxy.
I note that the Gear Fit received the award «Best Mobile Device».

More about Gear Fit .

Sony Smartband SWR10 h4>

Availability and price: in March 2014. Price in Europe EUR 99 (March 3 in the morning it was about 5000 rubles).
Compatibility: devices on Android 4.4.
What is it? B> Sony Smartband - fitness tracker capable of displaying a notification from your smart phone.
Unique bracelet idea to use mobile application Lifelog together with the tracker. Clicking on the bracelet, you can create a "bookmark" and the app will remember where you were and who, sort photos made in this place and gather a brief summary of the time and place of the event. All data stored in the application are displayed as a visual journal of your life.
Advantages: Minimalistic design. Bracelet sits comfortably on the wrist. Water resistant. Availability of NFC chip to interface with other devices.
Weaknesses: The absence of the display. To view any information you need to get smart.

List of Functions Sony Smartband:

Application Lifelog recognizes when you walk, run, ride a bike or train / vehicle, and monitors the cycles of your dreams Ask goal and receive notification of how much you're steps / run and drive to fulfill the purpose The app keeps track of weather changes and warns the user Keep in mind the important moments of life with the function «Lifelog Bookmarks» Press Life Bookmark button on SmartBand and everything that happens around you will be saved forever Water resistant Sensor Core can be removed and used independently LED lights < vibrate when you receive calls, SMS and other notifications Playback pauses and rewind music tracks using SmartBand Battery life up to 5 days. < /

Sony Smartwatch 2 and Annex Garmin h4>

Smartchasy Smartwatch 2 - not new, but has been demonstrated at MWC version of hours, complete with application Garmin, which allows you to convert Sony Smartwatch 2 in the Navigator.
I note that in the clock itself has been no change.
Appendix Garmin Xperia Edition installed on your Android smartphone Sony and transmits the data via bluetooth navigation watch.
The application itself is free, there are paid features, such as warnings about high-speed mode, specify in which lane to move traffic information and integration with social media. These features will be available for $ 2.95 per month after 30 days of test access.
All that can be done with hours - bring or remove part of the map.

Bionim Nymi h4>

Bracelet Nymi been announced yet autumn 2013 , but the MWC in Barcelona, ​​the company timed start collecting pre-orders for the device. Make a request for bracelet are available for $ 79 . At the time of writing almost 7,000 people pre-ordered the device.
Availability and price: The second quarter of 2014. Price from $ 99 (about 4000 rubles).
Compatibility: is declared compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC.
What is it? B> Bionim Nymi - bracelet, which uses data from your body and heart to create a unique digital signature that can be used to unlock a variety of personal electronic equipment and systems (for example, open the car or door lock, get rid of input PIN credit cards and more).
Team Bionim SDK provides documentation and actively collects developers to create applications for Nymi.

Huawei TalkBand B1 h4>

Availability and price: The second quarter of 2014. 99 euros (March 3 in the morning it was about 5000 rubles).
Compatibility: devices on Android (2.3 and higher) and iOS (5.0 and above).
What is it? B> TalkBand B1 - Harvester of fitness tracker and bluetooth headset. As a fitness tracker, it has a non-touch OLED display diagonal of 1.4 inches. Tracks the movement, energy consumption and the number of hours of sleep.
A distinctive feature is the fact that you can pull myself tracker and use it as a headset (make and receive calls).
Advantages: A unique hybrid functionality reduces the number of devices that you need to wear. The strap has a built-in USB connector for charging.
Weaknesses: Design bluetooth headset is made at the secondary level. The strap is difficult to put on, and the work of the fastener causes concern.

Mio ALPHA Indigo h4>

Mio at MWC company introduced the "female" version of its heart rate ALPHA Mio. The new version has a purple frame around the screen and more short strap, designed for narrow women's wrist.
Availability and price: April 2014. 7990 rubles.
Compatibility: iOS 5.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above.
What is it? B> Mio ALPHA - heart rate monitor does not require a chest strap. Unlike Gear Fit, functional ALPHA is limited only by the active cross-country training.
Advantages: Measurement of heart rate speeds up to 25 km / h. Battery life up to a month of standby time and up to 10 workouts.
Weaknesses: The relatively high price. Imprisonment for iOS platform.

Smart Glasses Vuzix M100 h4>

These glasses wrote back in 2012 , appeared on the open market in January 2014 at a price of $ 1,000 .
Availability and price: For Sale. $ 1,000 (about 40 000) in the official store.
Compatibility: devices on Android (2.3 and higher) and iOS (5.0 and above).
What is it? B> Vuzix M100 - smart glasses on Android, giving access to an array of data.
With the pre-installed applications, you can record and play back photos and videos to be notified about meetings and events, manage your calendar and work with the data from the phone. According to the developers M100 is compatible with thousands of applications on Android.

WeOn Glasses h4>

Company Ion Eyewear unveiled a prototype smart glasses that let you receive the color notifications of new messages, letters and any other changes in the digital environment and manage smartphone or PC.
Availability and price: in May 2014. Price will be announced at the start of sales.
Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac and PC.
What is it? B> WeOn Glasses - Glasses that can be connected to a smartphone or PC and configure receipt of new messages, notifications of WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other services. Points used Bluetooth 4.0 LE for data transmission.
When connected to a PC or Mac, with the help of glasses can be controlled slide presentation. Or use WeOn as a remote shutter to capture the photo. The developers promise to provide the SDK in the near future, so that the potential for the use of glasses is limited only by the imagination of developers.
In the glasses has a mode "radar", which is a voice signal, customizable on the glasses and used for their search.

Over glasses work by the same team that makes sunglasses Cartier (horse forward price tag because of this). They will be available at the start of a sales style. Battery life is not yet announced, but the manufacturer promises that the use of the protocol Bluetooth 4.0 LE, it will be a week.
Price of the device is comparable with a pair of stylish glasses (we assume that we are talking about $ 500-1000 per one pair of glasses). Points will be sold in the UK and the US in May 2014.

Alcatel BOOMBand h4>

Alcatel released his fitness bracelet. It will be sold complete with a flagship smartphone Alcatel - IdolX.
In the bracelet is nothing remarkable to note we can not. Another "smart pedometer" with the name of a funny story. Originally called bracelet Smartband, but Sony is ahead Alcatel, announced its bracelet with the same name at CES in Las Vegas.
Bracelet urgently had to rename.

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Bonus: h4>
As part of the MWC small startup in Boston introduced technology Spritz, which allows you to read at over 500 words per minute. Habré left news . Detailed обзор technology iguides.ru .

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