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Sometimes it seems to me that the Park a few people who lead a healthy lifestyle, but there is such a wonderful contraption, as New Year's resolutions. Decided to quit and plump? Great theme!
You can finally buy go to the gym or sit on a diet right from the first of January (or still the second)? In any case, help in this difficult matter would be superfluous. We have prepared for you a list of useful electronic gizmos that will facilitate the path to a healthy spirit through a healthy body. If you do not plan to get back on the treadmill, or at least balance, this guide fitness gadgets can be used as a review of a great gift for people close to you.

Read and Motel into their heads - like how cool girls. Such as this:

1. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-30

In the crusade against laziness, low vitality or overweight you have a reliable ally. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-30 - is more than the silent figures under your feet. These scales do not get blamed for the fact that they are lying or wrong on the floor. As long as you are not home, Withings WS-30 to calibrate themselves, and when you are going to weigh indicate where and how best to get back on their platform to the measurements were the most accurate. These i-scales are controlled and configured via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with iOS-devices, which also clears all data. Support for more than 40 applications from "fitness and health" will strictly comply with any program and track their progress. Oh, and if your family is not more than 8 people, Withings WS-30 learn to recognize all members of your family and will keep separate statistics for each.
Price: 4990 rubles.
 - 2. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Contemporary authors stories about robot uprising is time to rethink their traditional approaches to the development of events. Today, the threat of seizing power machines may well come from your bedroom. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer believe that simply measure the weight of a person - it's yesterday. Mighty device measures the percentage of more fat and muscle tissue in the body, heart rate, and indoor air quality. Combining these data, Withings WS-50 gives you a very comprehensive picture of the state of health (for the device that you just need to get up). Like his younger brother (Withings WS-30), these scales are configured with a few clicks on your mobile device with an iOS. But in view of the increased functional number of sports and fitness applications that operate these scales increased to 100+.
It is waiting for the next version, which will be talking to us the voice of Kevin Spacey (from the "Moon 2112»).
Price: 8690 rubles.
 - 3. Fitbit Force


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