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Sometimes it seems to me that the Park a few people who lead a healthy lifestyle, but there is such a wonderful contraption, as New Year's resolutions. Decided to quit and plump? Great theme!
You can finally buy go to the gym or sit on a diet right from the first of January (or still the second)? In any case, help in this difficult matter would be superfluous. We have prepared for you a list of useful electronic gizmos that will facilitate the path to a healthy spirit through a healthy body. If you do not plan to get back on the treadmill, or at least balance, this guide fitness gadgets can be used as a review of a great gift for people close to you.

Read and Motel into their heads - like how cool girls. Such as this:

1. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-30

In the crusade against laziness, low vitality or overweight you have a reliable ally. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-30 - is more than the silent figures under your feet. These scales do not get blamed for the fact that they are lying or wrong on the floor. As long as you are not home, Withings WS-30 to calibrate themselves, and when you are going to weigh indicate where and how best to get back on their platform to the measurements were the most accurate. These i-scales are controlled and configured via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with iOS-devices, which also clears all data. Support for more than 40 applications from "fitness and health" will strictly comply with any program and track their progress. Oh, and if your family is not more than 8 people, Withings WS-30 learn to recognize all members of your family and will keep separate statistics for each.
Price: 4990 rubles.
 - 2. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Contemporary authors stories about robot uprising is time to rethink their traditional approaches to the development of events. Today, the threat of seizing power machines may well come from your bedroom. Wi-Fi scales Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer believe that simply measure the weight of a person - it's yesterday. Mighty device measures the percentage of more fat and muscle tissue in the body, heart rate, and indoor air quality. Combining these data, Withings WS-50 gives you a very comprehensive picture of the state of health (for the device that you just need to get up). Like his younger brother (Withings WS-30), these scales are configured with a few clicks on your mobile device with an iOS. But in view of the increased functional number of sports and fitness applications that operate these scales increased to 100+.
It is waiting for the next version, which will be talking to us the voice of Kevin Spacey (from the "Moon 2112»).
Price: 8690 rubles.
 - 3. Fitbit Force

How many steps do you do daily? Doctors believe that during the day you need to make at least 10 000 steps. Calculate their number will help Tracker physical activity. Introducing the most advanced model of the line trackers on the brand Fitbit - Fitbit Force. This elegant bracelet made of light, almost weightless plastic will fill your life with physical activity, starting with the fact that wake you up gently but firmly on the wrist vibration (and not rouse while all other members of the household). During the day he is to count the number of steps, climbing steps, kilometers traveled, calories burned (oh yes!), And at night - how many hours you slept and how often tossed (quality of sleep). Statistics, analysis of the dynamics and the whole palette of functional social networking included: all results delivered and achieved goals can be shared with friends.
Price: 8490 rubles.
 - 4. Fitbit Zip

Do you do fitness or just decided to keep a record of how many active movements you make throughout the day, will help you easy and convenient fitness tracker Fitbit Zip, junior model of the family Fitbit. Do not be fooled by its modest size (itself gadget barely exceeds five-ruble coin area). With the task to track made its way (in kilometers and meters) and the number is spent on energy (in calories, of course) he copes with a bang. Fitbit Zip easily be placed on your belt, pocket or lapel jackets, and reliable clip will not let him fall off and get lost. In all endeavors important motivation, so the developers have created a system Fitbit achievements, earning that you will always move only forward, improving results over and over again. Fitbit Zip comes in five different colors (black, white, blue, lime and magenta), so you can pick up a tracker in the color of his tracksuit.
Price: 2890 rubles.
 - 5. Nike Fuelband SE

This gadget sports became a legend during his lifetime and, it seems, is not going to stop there. If your list of New Year's resolutions is a line "exercise at the end of it all!", The Nike Fuelband SE will be a great help in this difficult endeavor. The new model devaysa become more elegant (for those who love stylish devices) and even more ruthless (for those who like to be lazy). On the bracelet now has multi-colored inserts and electronic brain became much more precisely understand what you're running on a treadmill or just waving. If suddenly you (accidentally) stopped during a workout, Nike Fuelband SE, as a real coach, will remind you that there is still tens of thousands of unearned points Nike Fuel (universal meter physical activity, developed by Nike).
Price: 7490 rubles.
 - 6. Jawbone Up24

Perhaps the most stylish physical activity tracker on the market. This strip of durable hypoallergenic rubber (with exceptionally accurate and intelligent electronic stuffing) immediately tell others - the people watching what is happening to his body throughout the day. Jawbone Up24 collects data not only about how much useful movements you make on a daily basis, but also helps to analyze and improve the quality of your sleep (and give you competent to take a nap during the day, so if you are very tired knocked down). Besides all this, if you choose to deal with what you eat, the application of the Jawbone with integrated barcode scanner and a wide database of nutrition products will lead you of calorie intake.
Price: 7990 rubles.
 - 7. MIO Alpha

Called MIO Alpha simple heart monitor does not turn language. This device sports has become a real revolution for those who regularly performs cardio and interested to monitor the rhythm of the heart muscle has three main characteristics: it was a constant, accurate and comfortable. The thing is that before the MIO Alpha continuous monitoring of heart rate was achieved only at the expense of a two-component system: the monitor on your wrist and chest strap, which gives a lot of discomfort. The creators of the MIO Alpha successfully implemented in the first cardiomonitors medical technology, which allows to determine the heart rate the intensity of the pulsation of the blood vessels in the hand. It's hard to believe such a difficult operation technology, but numerous tests have shown that the MIO Alpha works with an accuracy of ECG. The device is compatible with the most popular fitness applications for smartphones, so the data about your workout supplement information about recent cardio.
Price: 6490 rubles.
 - 8. Withings Pulse

Movement - that's life. More traffic - more than life itself. Tracker physical activity Withings Pulse detail keep track of all that you have done for the day and will help in achieving new results and goals. By measuring the distance traveled per day, the total height to which you climbed and calories burned,, Withings Pulse will analyze the data and tell you how to do the next day more productive. Even at night the tracker continues to work: it monitors the duration of the different phases of sleep owner and helps to organize the recreation of the body with the greatest efficiency. And that's not all! This baby can even fractions of a second to calculate your heart rate - enough to touch the special plate on the back side of the gadget. Withings Pulse wearing is very convenient: a choice of clip or bracelet on his wrist. If we combine this with smart tracker weights Withings WS-30 or WS-50, you get a whole home fitness diagnostic system.
Price: 5990 rubles.
 - 9. iHealth BP5

Some five years ago, it was easy to imagine that the i-progress gets to such conservative devices such as blood pressure monitors. Nevertheless, meet Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor iHealth BP5. Down with wires and tubes! iHealth BP5 is worn on the forearm, like armband, and has no other additional modules. It becomes a monitor connected to it iOS-device that using a free application from iHealth not only displays the data for the current measurement of pressure, but also show its advanced statistics. If your doctor has quite progressive, it can reset data on its pressure directly through the cloud service iHealth Cloud. Your grandmother has mastered given her last New Year iPhone? Hence, the master wireless tonometer iHealth BP5 it will not be difficult!
Price: 4490 rubles.
 - 10. Lumoback

"Here was a man, crooked legs," If you are reading this text, it means you're either sitting at a computer screen or hunched over your smart phone or tablet. In any case, you slouch with 99% probability. Already straightened? Okay, but how many times during the day, you still remind yourself about it? Izrisuete crosses his arm, and then will frantically to remember what they mean? In life, people hunched sun rose, and his name - Lumoback. Wearing this monitor posture on the lower back, get ready for the fact that at the end of the day, he ruthlessly give you the truth about how much time you spend at work in cramped condition. Lumoback able not only to observe and report. Its main purpose - to periodically remind you that the correct posture - is not easy, but requires constant monitoring. Sat on the spot? Timely vibrator will make you walk around the office. And at the end of the day you will be surprised how many actually the time you spend sitting in one place. Do not worry - the monitor posture Lumoback in your life change is coming back!
Price: 7490 rubles.
 - 11. Tinke

I bet you will not find a more miniaturized device capable of one touch of a finger to determine not only the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle, and respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels and heart rate uniformity? Sensor health Tinke can all of this, and he does not have its battery, no display, and put it into any pocket. This gadget connects to mobile devices based on iOS or Android, and turns it into a medical lab in the palm. For smartphones and tablets Apple's device is connected through their ports. For Android-devices has its own version Tinke - where communication is done through Bluetooth. Tinke works by recording the dynamics of blood supply and vascular response of man. Combining the resulting data, the device will tell about your state of health and the body's ability to cope with stress.
Price: 3990 rubles.
 - 12. Remee

During his life he sees about two full years of dreams, which is about 2 hours per day. These unusual conditions in which plunges our consciousness, we can learn to manage. The most important thing - it is able to realize during sleep, you sleep, and it all happens in your head. Mask controlled dreams Remee help you in this difficult matter, and at the right time will give a signal strong enough to sleep in his consciousness registered, but not enough to wake you up. Signals Remee takes six LEDs located in front of eyes. The mask itself is made of two-layer foamed resin inner portion is reliably conceals electronics and eliminates discomfort when an external contact mask and your face. Remee allows you to open a new dimension of his life - the depth of their own dreams.
Price: 3690 rubles.


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