Creative ads

The most creative ads 2013:

Marketing. Level: God.

Correct accents.

The Cat Who Walked by Herself.

Prefer not to check.

And the grand prize goes to ...

It's always.

And beautiful, and creative, and useful!

Wall - the main witness to the crime.

Not tomato, incidentally, was treated?

DJ went to extreme measures.

Here's how to go after a dream.

Woman's happiness would be pretty close ...

Cat - that's priceless.

This is the best ad in the entrance against the Vandals, which we have seen.

Even the bench can not wait!

And get bream from his wife.

Failed astronauts dedicated.

Did not make the soul of a poet.

Writing from the head of department.

It is better to turn away and weep.

Really, what a wonderful style!

Dream job!

Good test of female solidarity.

This is not a "Ministry of Health warns».

From myself I did not expect.

Well, what kind Milota!

Thank you so parked. Do not reproduce more, please!

The great and mighty Russian language ...

Thanks for the reminder!


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