Attention! What to do if missing person

Usually articles on this topic begin with statistics on missing persons. We will not do — no matter how many people were missing, each missing for his family — the only one. The action plan is written based on their own bitter experience in the search for the mother, one day did not return home...

What to do?

0. Make a detailed sketch of a missing person

Be required of its appearance, distinguishing marks, clothes in which he was last seen, and a list of all the things that were, or could have had with him. Find the freshest picture of the man in full length and face close-up. If there's a photo in the clothes in which man is lost, or things that were had with him, — they also add.

Try to be more accurate to define all "point of last contact" — where he was last seen where he was headed where he was going or could go, with whom you last spoke on the phone or communicate in social networks.


1. Report the incident to the police.

! Now! There are no deadlines that you should wait before going to the police.

According to the code of criminal procedure article 144-145 and orders of SK at office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation from 7.09.2007 G. N 14 "On the procedure of reception, registration and check of messages on crimes in the system of the investigative Committee under the procuracy of the Russian Federation" (in edition of the Order of Investigatory Committee at office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation dated 07.10.2008 No. 85) and the Order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation dated 4.05.2010 No. 333 "On approval of the instruction about the procedure for admission, registration and resolution in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of statements, messages and other information about the incident", as well as the joint order of the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation dated 27.02.2010 № 70/122 "On approval of the Instruction about the order of consideration of statements and messages on crimes and other information on incidents related to unknown disappearance of citizens" are not allowed in case of refusal of the application on the grounds not of territoriality or of delay in filing the application.

! The application may be lodged by the person concerned on the territory of Russia and at any police station or the Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation. Thus there are no delays, and time constraints of the application. You can apply at any branch, but it is better to get to the nearest to the place where the missing could be most likely or to the office, which includes the last known location of the missing.

! Make sure that your application is accepted — you should receive the number under which the application was entered in the "Ledger of crimes", just "room kusp". It is better to memorize — all the services in the first place will ask for it.


2. Report a missing person in the MOE.

Phone MOE — 01. We will report all information known and the most cherished room kusp.


3. Determine who will be the "dispatcher".

This is a man who will be near the computer connected to the Internet almost round the clock, to bring together all streams of information, analyze it, monitor the groups in social networks, to distribute forces search parties and to provide information support. Define the phone number to be published anywhere and which will take all incoming calls.

It would be ideal if the Manager will be the second phone that he will call, so as not to miss one call "emergency number". Better if it is not someone from the next of kin, but a good friend, which can preserve value and keep your emotions in check.


4. Make a missing persons report with all the information which you have collected and place it in the social networks, asking about the census.

Should not simultaneously place such an announcement to all the relatives and acquaintances — let them start the ad will be one (ideally on the page you have already created a hunt group, see paragraph 6 below), and all the rest — his census. It will be easier to track comments and indexing the ads will be higher. Will definitely post a notice on all known missing pages in social networks and forums, where he was able to communicate regularly. If you know his username/nick — be sure to specify it.

5. Contact volunteer search and rescue squads to notify them of a missing person.

They will need all the same information from point "0" and the number kusp paragraph 1.1. In St. Petersburg on a permanent basis are:

  • Volunteer search and rescue unit "Lisa Alert"
  • Volunteer rescue squad the Extremum
  • "Peter – Search", Saint-Petersburg regional public organization for the search of missing persons, the protection and rescue of people in emergency situations
  • Group on search of missing people "Crane"
  • The Commonwealth of volunteers "Search for missing children"

The following action items (6-12) should ideally occur simultaneously — distribute duties among relatives and friends.

 6. Create a shared dialogue/chat. This can be done in one of the social networks or any instant messenger where you will put important information in coming online — add to this group only the participants of the search team responsible for a specific area of work. Create a group in the social network, which will be to gather information from anyone willing to help. Important information from the group and dialogue Manager has to pass to the interior Ministry, the emergencies Ministry and the coordinator on the part of those volunteer troops who joined the search. 7. Create a hunt group. The group should be laid out all the information about the missing, established a branch of the discussion, the branch offers of assistance, branch "Placing information online", "Leaflets pasted" and branch "Version perfected." 8. Spread the word about the group in social networks and forums. Responsible for accommodation:

  • invites volunteers willing to help remotely by posting information on websites, forums and social networks;
  • along with volunteers, places ads on various resources, noting each in the appropriate thread group, to avoid repetition;
  • first and foremost, information must be placed in the different communities of the region, regardless of their subjects; the most numerous communities in the region on motorists, motorcyclists and other mobile groups; in already established communities in the search for missing people; in the communities, which if necessary can draw up a volunteer group to search for "on the ground" (fishermen, hunters, tourists, and other lovers of extreme tourism); community organizations where the missing worked/studied/talked/ where I could go/to go where exactly was seen or suspected; in the other communities.

This task may initially seem simple, it actually takes a lot of time: the larger the community, the more chance there is included pre-moderation, which will require contacting the administrator of the resource, often such communities are closed, making it necessary to first apply for admission, track when it will be, and then to place the information.


9. Look for all the point of last contact of the missing.

Better if it will make those who lived with missing or talked to the most:
  • read the room/apartment, in which the lives of the disappeared, including the trash can;
  • find a way to open the missing correspondence in social networks, electronic mail, forums in which he spoke;
  • make a list of all contacts for missing relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, friends, Hobbies, etc. Highlight a person or two who will call all of these numbers, stating, when was the last time people saw gone;
  • talk to everyone who was there, where the missing was last seen where the missing was going, and went as looked;
  • don't forget all the important information to put in online dialogue, and most important — to inform the security services.
  10. Locate the phone and call list.

If you're reading this proactively — plan a trip to the operator and will revise phone numbers of his family so that the phone number of her husband was executed with his wife, the phones of the children to one parent, and so on. If the SIM card was missing, was on the person who is a member of the search and not missing — all the information the operator will give to him personally at no additional queries. If the number were missing, everything becomes more complicated, because in this case the operator will give information only on special request, which takes a very long time. Contact social media asking for help to employees of the cellular operator. The theory of "six degrees of separation" works — tested!
  11. Select the person who will ring up the Bureau of accidents. Telephone Bureau in St. Petersburg +7 (812) 573 66 66. It is also necessary to call morgues and hospitals in the region, starting with the closest to the last location and the direction to the place where the missing went. If not, then call all the institutions around the place where they last saw the missing, steadily expanding the area call around this place.

  • As a rule, volunteer search groups have lists/tables of all agencies and if you ask they will share it with you.
  • Call the institution does not save you from having to go there. As soon as human resources will allow — is to visit the surrounding hospitals and morgues in person, referral services do not always give accurate information over the phone.

12. Putting up flyers.

Responsible for the item member of the search team should:

  • to make the announcement of the loss (see paragraph 0);
  • to organize the layout of the leaflets (preferably format A4 or A5) with the ad text and photo;
  • to create a "map pasting" and with the help of volunteers involved in social networks, to organize the posting on the same principle — first in the area where the man was gone, then towards the place where he was supposedly moving, if it is unknown — expanding circle around the location of last contact;
  • traveling to a place for display ads must have a supply of leaflets and glue to an offer to take part in putting up those whom we meet in place — for example, mothers walking their children in strollers, people with dogs, etc.

13. Contact with the media.

People have lost very much, to tell you about all neither television nor print media are not able, but the attempt — not torture, especially if you have friends staff of any media.
 14. Organize a search operation "on the ground". In most cases, the search team will face the need to "comb the area". It can be achieved only with the involvement of a massive number of volunteers at a time. How to implement it:
  • assign the date and time of the operation, coordinate with intelligence agencies and the volunteer squad, participating in care;
  • assign a responsible person among those who have experience of such operations, determine the time and place of collection, to outline the area of proposed searches;
  • distribute information about the search operation with the involvement of volunteers: the Internet — the list of paragraph 8; on the ground — feed-through closest to the alleged searches of companies, front of nearby homes, the Board of information in Universities, agree on the placement of your ad in the nearest large supermarkets, etc.; be sure to duplicate information in all volunteer groups, even if you already working one. As a rule, they have SMS notification or ad hoc group/dialogue, where they can post information, have the opportunity to join the search;
  • ensure primarily the safety of the volunteers — use program that records the tracking, make sure that facing search people properly clothed, have sufficient battery life, go not on one, but in small groups, squares for each of the groups will determine the leader of the operation — it will remain at the headquarters;
  • stock up on water and biscuits/crackers/cupcakes, so volunteers have the opportunity to regain their strength;
  • ask for help to the nearest military unit. The easiest way to do this through a social networking officers part. If not turned — in part can be reached. Most likely, you will not refuse, but the parts manual will ask an official request from the interior Ministry/EMERCOM — check personally making such request and sending it to the head part, it is best to take the request personally.

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15. Don't forget to call the police and emergency services.

They need to report important new information, and ask how to move the search actions on their part. If you are unhappy with their work, you can always contact above:

  • helpline for St. Petersburg: MVD +7 (812) 573 21 81, MOE + 7 (812) 99 299 99;
  • higher structures: North-West regional emergency center of the Main administration of the MIA of Russia for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region;
  • you can also contact the Prosecutor's office, investigative Committee, the municipal administration, the presidential administration (Yes, they, too, respond);
  • the complaint must be specific: what happened, what is not done that please do. Don't forget the appeal to specify the number of kusp and Department where registered a statement.

Take care of yourself! published


Author: Natalia Romanova-Afrikantov




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