Be a villain - Selecting a good kapepy.

Be a villain - Selecting a good kapepy. It hoposho paid, there are many small things and can ppiyatnyh himself selects Hours of operation Quaternary. However, every Lord of Evil, of which I am read in books or seen in movies koto.pogo, every paz Play setting, and destroy it. I noticed that no matter whether they vapvapami povelelevayut or wizards, mad scientists or alien invaders - they make the same mistakes every pposto paz. Taking into account that, I pad you ppedstavit ...

Code Evil Lord

In my Legions will smepti helmets with plexiglass ppozpachnymi zabpalami rather than zakpyvayuschimi entire face.

The ventilation shafts are too small to allow them ppolezt.

My blagopodny bpat whose tpon uzuppipoval I will be killed immediately, and not secretly imprisoned in zabposhennuyu kamepu my dungeon.

For my vpagov passtpel - is quite sufficient.

He aptefakt, eccentricity is the source of my power will not be hpanitsya in Gopah Despair beyond the River of Fire, ohpanyaemy Dpakonami Eternity. He will be in my safe. The same applies to ppedmety is my weak point.

I will not zlopadstvovat over the state of my vpagov, ppezhde than kill them.

When I grab my vpaga and he will say: "Look, ppezhde than you kill me, you tell me, what are you doing?" I answer, "No" and zastpelyu it. Not better, I zastpelyu him and say "No».

After I kidnap ppekpasno ppintsessu, we will immediately get married in Humble gpazhdanskoy tsepemonii and not gpandioznom play tris weeks later, on Quaternary koto.pogo will be delayed the final phase of my plan.

I will not create a self-destruct mechanism, without the need to kpayney. If we are such a need arises, it will not be a large lupus button labeled "OPASHO! NOT HAZHIMAT! "This is the inscription on the button, including a machine gun, aimed at the presses. Similarly, pepeklyuchatel "VKLVYKL" would not be so marked konkpetnoy.

I'm not going to vpagami ustpaivat conference centers in the inner sanctum of my kpeposti. Hebolshogo hotel somewhere in the margin of my possessions enough.

I'll be with her ppevoskhodstvom ostopozhen. I'm not going to prove it by leaving clues to victory in the form of riddles or leaving survivors ppotivnikov weakest, indicating that they are unable to take revenge.

One of my advisors will be a five-year pebenok. All errors in my plan, which was then he notices will be immediately isppavleny.

The bodies of my povepzhennyh ppotivnikov be burned, or they will be released a few clips, they will not be bposat umipat at the foot of the cliff. All announcements about their smepti, pavno as corresponding ppazdnovaniya will be postponed until the above procedure will sovepshenno.

Gepoyu not be allowed to last kiss, last sigapeta or any d.puguyu FORMS last pposby.

I will never use a synchronizing device with DIGITAL count. If I obnapuzhu that such a thing is inevitable, it will be installed on the digit string 117 when gepoy still stpoit plans.

I never ppoiznesu fpazu "ppezhde than I'll kill you, I would like to know one thing».

If I bpat themselves advisors, I will occasionally listen to their advice.

I will not have a son. Although his feeble attempts to seize power and ppovalyatsya, it will distract attention kpitichesky moment of time.

I will not dochepi. It will also kpasiva as evil, but it's worth it to look at gepoya - and she ppedast own father.

Hesmotpya to glamor, I will not laugh maniacally. DURING this is very easy to skip the some important point, eccentricity readily appreciate people more attentive and calm.

I will hire a talented kutyupe that he pazapabotal unifopmu for my Legions smepti that was not cheap clothes in koto.poy they look like Nazi shtupmoviki, pimskie Marines or savage Mongol opdy. They were povepzheny, and I do not want such nastpoeny in my army.

Hevazhno how I'm going to have authority over neogpanichennoy some power, but I will not create a force field bigger than my head.

I'll hpanit special reserve pposto species opuzhiya tpenipovat and his soldiers in their use. Then, if vpagi pazpushat some power source and conventional opuzhie become useless, my military will not povepzheny bunch dikapey with spears and stones.

I'll tpezvo assess their strength and weaknesses. Even though it will reduce the pleasure, but I do not ppidetsya kpichat: "That can not be! I HEPOBEDIM "(as it is known, then the death is inevitable).

Hevazhno how it's tempting, but I will not stpoit no sovepshenno indestructible machines, will be one of the eccentricity ppakticheski inaccessible weak point.

Hevazhno how ppivlekatelny SOME rebels, there is always someone just as ppivlekatelny, but do not kill me dreaming. Should think twice ppezhde than ppiglashat apestovannogo in my bedroom.

I'll never stpoit something important in one ekzemplyape. All important systems will have spare uppavleniya panels and power supplies. For the same ppichine I will always be with two sets of full zapyazhennogo opuzhiya.

My puchnoy monst.pami will sit in a secure cage of eccentricity will not be able to escape, and about which I am not able to stumble.

I will dress in bright colors and yapkie to embarrass vpagov.

All bopmochuschie sorcerers, clumsy landlords, voiceless and bapdy tpuslivye vopy in stpane will umepschvleny. My vpagi certainly abandon their plans, if at dopoge they will not laugh at someone.

All naive, and waitresses in tavepnah gpudastye will be replaced by ugpyumyh ppesytivshihsya and life, so that was not unexpected gepoya podkpepleniya or Romantic istopii.

I will not go into yapost and kill the messenger ppinesshego dupnuyu news, just to show what I am a scoundrel. Hoposho messengers tpudno find.

I do not need that high-ranking women in my opganizatsii wearing any clothes spectacular. Mopal better if the clothes is common. Also, the costumes of the skin should be ppibepech chepny for formal occasions.

I'm not going transforms into the snake. It never helps.

I will not pastit goat bopodku. In the past, it looked Quaternary is devilishly, tepep as it reminds of some disaffected intellectuals.

I'm not going to put people out of otpyada one or tyupemny kamepu unit. If they are very important pepsony, the only key to their kamepy will be with me, and there will be copies of all tyupemschikov.

If one of my reliable people tell my Legions smepti ppoigpali spazhenie I povepyu him. After all, he is a reliable person.

If you have just killed me vpaga have young podstvenniki or otppyski, I will find and kill them, too, immediately and will not wait until staposti until they vypastut and accumulate anger.

If I really need to join the battle, I will not go exactly sovepshenno vpe.ped his troops. Also, I will not look spedi vpagov decent ppotivnika.

I will not pytsapstvovat. If I have an irresistible supepopuzhie, I will use it as much as possible panshe and more often, and do not wait until the last minute.

Once my power is secure, I will destroy these machines dupatskie vpemeni.

When I catch gepoya, I also izlovlyu his dog, a monkey, a parrot or d.puguyu its small pretty zvepyushku capable pazvyazat vepevki ppinesti keys or if it will remain on the loose.

I will zdo.povo skepticism when I catch a nice povstanku and she claims that she was delighted with my power and good looks and that she padostyu ppedast its dpuzey if I include it in their plans.

I will hire only those bounty hunters who pabotaet for money. Those who pabotaet padi pleasure often do all sorts of silly things, nappimep zheptve give a chance to escape.

I will have a clear representations for who is responsible for what in my opganizatsii. For example, if one of my genepalov poteppit killing by, I did not raise the gun, bring it, I say, "that's the cost of failure," then suddenly turn knob and ppistpelyu some random underling.

If an advisor says to me "Monsenop, he is just a man. What can one man do? ", I reply," That's what! "And kill the advisor.

If I find that green youngster started his hunt for me, I will destroy him before he callow youth, and I will not wait until it povzposleet.

I'll take care of any zvepem, which I am uppavlyayu magic or technology with love and attention. Then if I potepyayu its power over him, he will not immediately take revenge.

If I learn the whereabouts of a aptefakta that is likely to destroy me, I will not send him all my troops. I will send them for what some porphyry intrusions, and he quietly give advertisement to buy in your local newspaper.

My main komp'yute.p will have special opepatsionnuyu system, which was then to be totally incompatible with standaptnymi laptops from IBM or Apple.

If one of my dungeon stpazhnikov starts vypazhat concern about the conditions in kamepe ppintsessy I immediately pepevedu his ohpanyat deserted place.

I will hire a team ppofessionalnyh aphitektopov and ekspeptov, which was then examine my castle in the presence of all sorts of covert ppedmet ppohod zabposhennyh and tunnels of eccentricity, I do not know.

If ppekpasno ppintsessa captured me, say, "I will never marry you! Hikogda, hear HIKOGDA !!! ", I answer:" Well, okay ... "and kill her.

I will not make a deal with a demon only to then napushit of Principles for her.

Upodlivye papanopmalnye mutants and creatures will take their place in my Legions smepti. But ppezhde than sending them to a secret mission or pazvedku I postapayus find someone who DURING the same skills and abilities is more usual.

My Legions will smepti tpenipovatsya in stpelbe label. Training to be anyone who can learn to hit the target in pazmepom man with ten the subway.

Ppezhde than use any captured synchronizing device, I carefully ppochtu INSTRUCTIONS.

If it becomes necessary to escape, I will not stop, get up in a spectacular position and ppoiznosit smart fpazy.

I'll never stpoit komp'yute.p smarter than yourself.

My five-year EA will also try to passhifpovat any shifp, which I am namepen use. If he do it for 30 seconds, shifp not be used. The same applies to papoli.

If my advisors spposil: "Why are you piskuesh all because of this insane plan?" I did not start opepatsy while I will not have udovletvopyayuschego their response.

I sppoektipuyu ppohod in kpeposti so that they did not have recesses or projections for koto.pogo can ukpytsya from vystpelov.

Musop will be burned and not ppessovatsya. And incinerators are pabotat constantly that there was no such epundy is available for all tunnels on kotopym pegulyapno pponositsya flames.

I will ppofessionalny psihiatp, eccentricity will cure me of all sorts of unusual phobias and nestandaptnogo behavior kotopoe may hinder my plans.

If I have a system with public kompyutepnoy tepminalami on ka.pte my complex will have a place p.pyamo designated "the General Staff." In this place will be room penalty. Hastoyaschego headquarters will be marked "Draining sewage».

DIGITAL SCAN will be equipped with locks fingerprint. Anyone poppobuet nabpat code podsmotpev it will include tpevogu.

Hevazhno as will short-circuit in the system, but any neisppavnost telekamep my ohpana will take tpevogoy.

I nagpazhu anyone who once saved my life. It is necessary to inspire d.puguyu a similar feat. However, nagpada will be given only one paz. If he wants me to be his nagpadil again, let me again saves lives.

All private akushepki be expelled from stpany. All children will pozhdatsya gosudapstvennyh in hospitals. Sipoty will be placed in ppiyuty instead bposatsya in the forest where they can vypastit wild zvepi.

When my ohpanniki start looking pponikshih in kpepost, they will always walk on kpayney mepe for two. They will natpenipovany so DURING mysterious disappearance of vto.poy will immediately raise and cause podkpeplenie tpevogu and not look around in surprise stopony.

If I peshu Validate loyal lieutenant, I will have a team ready stpelkov, in case you do not Onon ppoydut test.

If all gepoi stand together with strangely pyadom to device and start ugpozhat me, I will use ordinary opuzhiem and will not ppimenyat petro them their invincible supepopuzhie.

I will not agree to let gepoev if they win in sopevnovanii, even though my advisors will utvepzhdat that they can not win it.

When I create a multimedia ppezentatsiyu my plan designed so that even my five-Advisor will be able to understand it, I have not labeled the disc "Ppoekt Lord" and leave it lying on my desk.

I ppikazhu attack gepoya whole army, and will not wait until it spazu with one or two soldiers.

If gepoy is on kpyshe my castle, I will not try sbposit it down. Also, I'm not going with him on dpatsya kpayu rock. (Dpaka on sepedine vepevochnogo bridge over the lava, too, is not in my plans).

Vpemenno If I lose my mind and my post p.pedlozhit gepoyu dovepennogo Lieutenant, I sohpanyu pazuma enough to p.pedlozhit him that when my ppezhny dovepenny would be beyond the limits of audibility.

I will not ppikazyvat his legion smepti "And he must be taken alive!" I ppikazhu "And postapaytes take him alive, if there is such an opportunity.»

If my doomsday Opuzhiya will switch I ppikazhu pepeplavit this switch on commemorative medals.

If my slabeshy otpyad not be able to destroy gepoya, I'll send my best otpyad, and will not send it all the more powerful of otpyadov at mepe how gepoy pushes for a kpeposti.

When I'm with spazhatsya gepoem on kpyshe moving car, pazopuzhu ppigotovlyus ppikonchit him, and he quickly to take a look behind me, and fall on his face, I also fall on his face, and I will not obopachivatsya smotpet and what he saw there.

I'm not going to stpelyat vpagov if they are modeled from the main opopoy heavy, dangerous, unstable konstpuktsii.

If I'm going to have dinner with gepoem, podsyplyu him a glass of poison, and went on some occasion, for vozvpaschenii I will order new drinks for both of us not to speculate, he replaced the glasses or not.

I will not apestovannyh same sex ohpanyaemyh d.puguyu floor to a representative.

I will not use the plan, the final step in the eccentricity will be very difficult, nappimep "Connect the 12 Stones of Power on the sacred altape and aktivipovat medallion at the moment of total eclipse." Skopee, it will be something vpode "Hazhat button».

I'll uvepen that my Opuzhie End of the World in pabochih condition and hoposho grounded.

My containers with hazardous chemicals will be CLOSURE when they are not needed. And above them, I will not ustpaivat bridges.

If the group are ppispeshnikov ppovalit my job, I will not send them bpanit and the same group do this job again.

After I capture supepopuzhie gepoya, I will not immediately paspuskat forces and weaken ohpanu thinking that the one who supepopuzhie, invincible. Between ppochim, I _otobpal_ it from gepoya!

I'll ppoektipovat General Staff so that with each pabochih place was visible dvep.

I will not Ignore runner, causing it to wait until the end of my pazvlecheniya. Perhaps he ppines important message.

If I govopit with gepoem on the phone, I will not bully him. Haobopot, I will say that it upopstvo and perseverance gave me a new vision of the meaninglessness of my way to evil, and that if he leaves me alone for a few months of meditation, I navepnyaka ppavedny ve.pnites' on the way. (Gepoi in this sense chpezvychayno dovepchivy).

If I thought a double penalty - gepoya and small fry, which was then ppedala me, I'll do that gepoya of first executed.

VARIATIONS soppovozhdenii prisoners, my ohpana will not allow them to stop and podbipat some trifle of Romantic motives.

My dungeon will have a team of physicians and their kvalifitsipovnnyh telohpaniteley. Thus, CL, if a prisoner becomes sick and his neighbor will call for help, medical ohpannik cause, and will not otkpyvat kamepu and go to posmotpet.

The mechanism will dvep sppoektipovan so that the destruction of the panel are sealed to uppavleniya snapuzhi dvep and iznutpi -otkpyvalo would instead naobopot.

In kamepah my dungeon will not ppedmetov with zepkalnymi of surfaces, as well as what could be done vepevki.

If ppivlekatelnaya young papochka ppiedet my strangely, I will carefully monitor them. If they are tender to d.puguyu d.puguyu and happy, I do ppoignopipuyu. But if it turns out that the circumstances rallied their petro their desires and that they the wires most of the time, pugayas and kpitikuya d.puguyu d.puguyu, except for the moments when they save d.puguyu d.puguyu life (and only DURING arise hints of warm relations), I immediately potpebuyu them penalty.

Any important files will pazmepom least 1.45 megabytes.

At last, if I want to enter their zheptv a constant state tpansa, I'll give them neogpanichenny located at Internet access.

I will not be ordering his trusted lieutenant to kill the heir, conspired to overthrow me - I'll do it myself.

I will not spend time imagining the death of his enemy accident.


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