Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2014


If you want your hair lay perfectly after cutting, is to listen to the advice of astrologer. In accordance with the movement of the moon he will tell you when is the best time to get a haircut or color, and when you go on a diet.

1 Nov
The 8th and 9th lunar day. The moon in Rabotnicki and painting this day is undesirable. There is the probability of getting the wrong color or bad shape of the hairstyle. But to do the massages, water treatments, homemade masks for face today are welcome.

2 Nov
9-th and 10-th lunar day. Moon in Rybachenko day for haircuts and coloring. Only use natural dyes. Also refrain from short haircuts. Excellent results will only provide a haircut for long hair – note the different kinds of quads or cascade.

3 Nov
The 11th lunar day. Moon in Unanalogous day for short haircuts, coloring is better not to do, you can damage your hair structure. Today safely go for a manicure and hair removal. Welcome fasting menu diet and exercise.

4 Nov
The 12th lunar day. Moon in Ownerability day for haircuts, chemical hair straightening – the day the risk of damage to the hair. You can try new sports, fitness. Facial better not to do, but mesotherapy or anti-cellulite body massage you can try.

5 Nov
The 13th lunar day. Moon in Unanalogous day for painting in bright contrasting colors. You can do the coloring. However, from haircuts try to refrain, because there is a risk that does not like the result – you will get a silhouette that doesn't suit you.

6 Nov
The 14th lunar day. Moon in Delicatley day for haircuts and hair coloring. It may turn out unique, natural tone that will be very good to go. Haircut also may emphasize the dignity of your face. In short, can be beautiful feminine and attractive image.

7 Nov
The 15th lunar day. The moon in Teleomerase and haircut today undesirable. There is a possibility that damage the hair, pick a bad color or shape of the haircut, which will give you years. Today, a good rest, walk, take baths, and do massage.

8 Nov
16th lunar day. Moon in Biznesupravlenie a day for cutting. If you want, you can just straighten your hair. However, the hair coloring is better to abstain and defer to another day. The color can be unsuccessful and the paint is poor or unstable.

9 Nov
17-th lunar day. Moon in Biznesobuchenie day for haircuts and coloring. Today's changes in image will look much younger. You can even cut your hair short, to do fashion styling, trying new colors and cosmetics. A good day for procedures of hardware cosmetology.

10 Nov
18th lunar day. Moon in Ratnaloka day for dyeing using natural dyes. But the haircut today undesirable. Well to make masks from natural ingredients: clay, fruits, oils, vegetables.

11 Nov
19th lunar day. Moon in Raceability day for haircuts and coloring. You risk harm the hair, refrain from such procedures. Also today, it is undesirable to do hair removal, facial cleansing. But the water treatments, water aerobics should not give up. They clearly will benefit.

12 Nov
20th lunar day. The moon in Loulichki day to create a stylish image. If you want to try something new and bright, become the Queen of any party, visit the beauty salon. On this day are welcome hair coloring, haircut, Perm, straighten hair.

13 Nov
21st lunar day. The moon in Lunately day. Today it is better not to do any actions that drastically change the appearance. You can only straighten your hair, to refresh a bit of their former color. It is appropriate to make natural masks for face cleansing clay-based.

14 Nov
22nd lunar day. The moon in Locmele plan a trip to the hairdresser. You can dye your hair, try a new color, brighter than before. If you've always wanted to do chemistry, the. As relevant today treatments for hair growth, nourishing masks for hair and face. A good day for a manicure and pedicure. However, if you wanted to go on a diet, then this day should not do.

15 Nov
The 23rd lunar day. Moon in Definiltely any serious cosmetic intervention. It is not necessary to do a haircut, chemicals, straightening, colouring. Also banned today cosmetic surgery. You can stick to your diet, massage, exercise.

16 Nov
24th lunar day. Moon in Deviatiny day for short haircuts and for hair removal, facial cleansing, sports. You can do a manicure and pedicure. Really, stop your choice on plain cover and avoid bright shades.

17 Nov
24-th and 25-th day of the moon. The moon in Vesov this day and get a haircut, and hair color. But stick to the strict canons of the eclectic style of today will not pass. A good day for manicure, pedicure, hair removal, facial cleansing, anti-cellulite massage.

18 Nov
25-th and 26-th lunar day. Moon in Wishjirachi day for painting, but the haircut is better to reschedule. Communication with the stylist or makeup artist will be useful to you. Today can plan some cosmetic surgery, beauty treatments, anti-aging treatments.

19 Nov
The 26th and 27th lunar day. Moon in Wechselte you can dye your hair. But the haircut is better to refrain. It is not necessary to stick to a diet, it will be difficult to overcome yourself. Good to do nutritious masks for face and hair, manicure, relying on bright colors.

20 Nov
27-th and 28-th day of the moon. Moon in Socioecology day for painting, but not for cutting. You can use a bright, fun, saturated colors, manicure, and various types of massages, from cellulite to Ayurvedic. They will give a noticeable effect.

21 Nov
The 28th and 29th day of the moon. Moon in Scorpionate a good day for haircuts. A very interesting image that will transform you, will emphasize femininity. Now you can also do waxing, Facials clay, pedicure and manicure.

22 Nov
29-th and 0-th lunar day. Moon in Streltsina worth it this day to dye the hair color will be unstable. Grooming will also be bad, especially on short hair. However, feel free to plan sport activities. And try to this day to stick to your diet and drink more fluids – this will help hydrate the skin.

23 Nov
The 0-th and 1-th lunar day. Moon in Strilization day for painting, but a haircut is still better not to do. You can use the most fashionable colors will look fresh and relevant. Well in this day to make a trendy manicure, and visit a stylist his advice on the way will be useful.

24 Nov
1st and 2nd day of the moon. Moon in Kozarovichi good day for haircuts and hair coloring. Might make an interesting, edgy look. Today it is recommended to make nourishing masks for face, hair, hands, foot bath. But diet this day refuse. Better to do some exercise.

25 Nov
The 2nd and 3rd lunar day. Moon in Kserografas day for painting, and the haircut is better to postpone. Schedule today massage, you can do both therapeutic and sports, anti-cellulite or shared. Today massage can bring many benefits.

26 Nov
4th lunar day. Moon in Vodolechenie day for haircuts that will help you to look young and modern. Color better not to do. Great result today will give the foot massage and anti-cellulite. You can do pedicure, hair removal. In addition, this day is suitable for going on a diet and exercise.

27 Nov
5th lunar day. Moon in Booleanproperty day for painting – can turn even the most complex composition of colors. You will look very trendy. A good day to try new beauty treatments. You can do cosmetic surgery.

28 Nov
6th lunar day. Moon in Podoleanu stands today, no haircut, no makeup. Avoid serious effects on the hair, refrain from chemicals and straightening. Is this the day to play sports and pay attention to problem areas.

29 Nov
The 7th lunar day. Moon in Ribands haircuts today not the best day. Transfer it to a different time. Better sign up on treatments to strengthen hair. At home you can use natural dyes such as henna or chamomile. Welcome hair masks, hand masks, feet. Possible baths for hands and feet, as well as useful massage.

30 Nov
The 8th and 9th lunar day. Moon in Rybachenko day for haircuts, but from staining today refuse. Bet on femininity – this will help the haircut for long hair. You can do a manicure without coating, massage of hands, mask for hands and baths for hands. published

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