Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2014

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It is known that the position of the moon in the signs of the zodiac affects the consequences of the haircut. Of the favorable and unfavorable days when you need to get a haircut, putting on makeup or doing beauty treatments, read the prediction of our astrologer.

May 1

The moon in Gemini. 2nd day of the moon

On this day, a well to do fashionable youth hairstyle, short or asymmetrical. In short, one that is capable of your imagination. But to dye their hair a bad day. You can easily do waxing, manicure and pedicure without coverage.

May 2
The moon in Gemini. 3rd lunar generiosity day for imagination and creativity. You can experiment with new hairstyles, hairstyles, haircuts. Welcome something unusual, not what you have always done. So, if you wanted to dramatically change the image, but did not dare, you can do today – for this great day.

3 may
The moon in Cancer. 4th lunar delegada unwanted no haircuts, no hair coloring, the result might disappoint you, the form is not visible. Moreover, the skin and hair today are very sensitive to chemical influences. You can just stick to the diet arrange fasting day, to engage in recreational gymnastics.

4 may
The moon in Cancer. The 4th and 5th lunar denoting a good day to color hair – the color can be saturated and yet natural. Today it is better not to do a haircut, hair removal, serious cosmetic procedure aimed at cleansing the skin. But the manicure and pedicure coated will be pleased with the result, and nourishing masks for hair and face will be very effective and useful.

5 may
The moon in Leo. 5th and 6th lunar dangerose day for haircuts and perms. Is safe to do waxing, deep cleansing facial. But staining is better to refrain today, you might not like the resulting tone, and keep the color long do not be.

6 may
The moon in Leo. The 6th and 7th lunar generiosity, a great day for haircuts and hair coloring. You will be able to get the exact silhouette of the dreamed and desired shade of color. Today will be able to realize any of your dream fantasy about the image in reality.

7 may
The moon in Leo. The 7th and 8th lunar desimone tint hair coloring shampoos or bleaching powder paint. But serious interventions in the structure of hair is better not to do. But welcome a range of creative styling in the style of Lady Gaga.

May 8
The moon in Virgo. The 8th and 9th lunar generically day for classic haircuts and hair coloring. You will get the image of a business, but feminine, attractive. It will be something universal, suitable for office or for a romantic date, you just need to change the hair.

May 9
The moon in Virgo. 9th lunar day generiosity for complex and multi-step hair coloring – you can get the perfect shade. Haircut better to do simple, without asymmetry. A good result will give nourishing and moisturizing face mask.

May 10
The moon in Libra. 10th lunar dennerley a day for cutting even the most difficult. You can create today is a very memorable image. Coloring is however undesirable. You can do hardware procedures for facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery.

May 11
The moon in Libra. The 11th lunar delegada better not to dye your hair – the result is exactly you are not happy. You can get a haircut, but simple, without asymmetry. Very cautiously it is necessary to carry out procedures for the face and body, sensitive skin, possible allergies.

May 12
The moon in Libra. 12th lunar denotify day for fitness and weight loss, anti-cellulite massage. You can do a fasting day, to try new diet. But the haircut and the coloring is better to wait. There is a risk of damaging the hair or get the wrong result.

May 13
The moon in Scorpio. The 13th lunar day dennerley for colouring hair. Can be very romantic image of a passionate woman. Haircut today undesirable, if necessary, simply trim the tips of the hair. You can visit a make up artist to experiment with new types of makeup.

May 14
The moon in Scorpio. 14-th and 15-th lunar day. Polnolunie a good day for painting and mowing. If you have been wanting to become more feminine, romantic, passionate or closer to the image of woman-vamp, but today it can happen. You can also do cosmetic massages and nourishing Facials.

May 15
The moon in Sagittarius. 15th and 16th lunar dangerose day for fitness and sports, anti-cellulite massages, slimming programs and diets. Haircut and color today will give the average result, at best everything will turn out the same as before.

May 16
The moon in Sagittarius. 16-th and 17-th lunar generiosity day for haircuts and coloring, if you want to get something trendy. It is better to visit a famous master, expensive salon, then the result will please you very much. But this is assuming that you will clearly understand what you want to get a result. Better bring a photo of the image that would like to realize.

May 17
The moon in Capricorn. 17-th and 18-th dennerley lunar day for a haircut – a classic, strong. Painting today is better not to do. But the manicure, pedicure, waxing and deep cleansing treatment will give excellent results will delight you. You can try massages and body wraps.

May 18
The moon in Capricorn. 18-th and 19-th lunar delegada better to avoid tampering with the structure of the hair – the haircut and hair coloring are undesirable. Better not to do the mask, complex procedures for the face, take care of your skin. However, the overall massage will have a positive impact on health.

19 may
The moon in Aquarius. 19-th and 20-th day of the lunar dennerley for a simple but creative haircuts. Color better not to do, the result can be unfortunate. You can do fitness exercises aimed at problem areas, thighs, stomach. A good result will give classes at the gym.

May 20
The moon in Aquarius. 21st lunar dangerose day for short and sporty cut. You can do creative, interesting styling, manicures and pedicures, and waxing and cleaning the face better to refuse may cause irritation on the skin.

21 may
The moon in Pisces. 22nd lunar denotify day in order to make beautiful hair color, it is better to choose natural colors and natural dyes. It is good to try new items from the industry cosmetics – masks, creams, to do treatments for facial rejuvenation.

22 may
The moon in Pisces. The 23rd lunar day generiosity for coloring and styling, but the haircut is better not to do. And, as yesterday, it is better to use natural dyes. Today will be able to get the desired and very appropriate shade of hair.

23 may
The moon in Aries. 24th lunar denotify day for haircuts and coloring. Haircut better to do on long hair that was feminine and romantic. To paint better in natural shades, highlights and coloring are not welcome.

24 may
The moon in Aries. 25-th and 26-th lunar dienstreise and hair color today is better not to do, you can just straighten your hair. If you really want to change something in yourself, do the styling, the most difficult and creative, unusual.

25 may
The moon in Aries. The 26th and 27th lunar generically day for painting, and in bright and vibrant colors. You can do the coloring, to give the hair different shades. The hair ends is simply to trim, not cut.

26 may
The moon in Taurus. 27th and 28th lunar generically day for painting, it is better in natural color, haircut can make a classic or not cut at all, only trim the ends of the hair. You can try new types of massage, Ayurvedic, for example.

27 may
The moon in Taurus. 28th and 29th lunar destrega today, unwanted – can miss with the length, make them longer than necessary, or too short. But the paint will very high quality, beautiful and resistant. Well in this day to make nourishing masks for hair and face.

28 may
The moon in Gemini. 29-th and 0-th lunar day. Nonvolunteers today undesirable haircut can be done only in the case if you intend to change it after a short time, as form can quickly be lost. It is better to arrange fasting day.

29 may
The moon in Gemini. The 0-th and 1-th denotify lunar day for a haircut – get prevoshodnyj the result, a stylish silhouette. In addition, the haircut is clearly molodeti you will look better and fresher. The color today is undesirable. You can get a manicure and pedicure.

30 may
The moon in Cancer. 1st lunar dennerley day for hair coloring and a haircut. It is better to use natural dyes. Also good today to make nourishing hair mask after coloring. This day is perfect for various "beauty treatments" for face.

31 may
The moon in Cancer. 2nd lunar destrega today undesirable. Color you can try very gently using coloring shampoos or shampoo dyes. Good to do different beauty massages, beauty baths.

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