The lunar calendar haircuts for October 2014

What days of October, it is best to plan a visit to the hairdresser or beauty salon? When diet and beauty treatments give the effect, and when you spend the money and time in vain?

1 Oct
6-th and 7-th day of the moon. The moon in Kotirovalnogo and color today is undesirable. The result may not hold – will be too dull or too official haircut. On this day, the image change can make you gain extra years.

2 Oct
8th lunar day. Moon in Kotirovalnogo to cut my hair short, making official a haircut, no coloring. And it's best just to trim hair. Good to do treatments designed for strengthening hair and nails – baths, masks, you can do a manicure without coating, to use medical lucky.

3 Oct
9th lunar day. Moon in Vodolechenie day for painting in some bright and unusual color. You can change beyond recognition, if you are not afraid of radical change. Good to do a bright manicure, pedicure, bolder use of makeup.

4 Oct
10th lunar day. Moon in Booleanarray a day for cutting in the fashionable, youthful outfits. You can do short or long, asymmetrical bangs. But staining should be avoided. Massage and manicure with also better not to do. It is possible to successfully work out the problem areas.

5 Oct
11-th and 12-th day of the moon. Moon in Rybachenko day for a slim, stylish painting in natural colours, better to just use natural dyes. Good today to schedule a variety of massages and excellent result will give beauty baths.

6 Oct
12-th and 13-th day of the moon. The moon in Rabotnicki and color today is undesirable – there is a risk of damaging the hair. You can do a manicure and pedicure without coverage, fitness, diet, arrange a discharge day.

7 Oct
13-th and 14-th lunar day. Moon in Onehorse day for neat haircuts and bright colors. If you wanted to refresh your hair color or make it brighter, you can do it today. Welcome active sports, visiting make-up artist.

8 Oct
14-th and 15-th lunar day. The moon in Aries. The moon was full. Lunar salmonellose to avoid serious interference in the color and shape of hair, there is a risk that things will go wrong. You can win and be transformed, like a Phoenix, and could ruin everything. So, if you 100% trust the master, then it is worth the risk.

9 Oct
15th and 16th lunar day. Moon in Calciseptine welcome treatments for scalp, hair and face. You can do a variety of masks, peels and wraps, all of this will benefit your appearance.

10 Oct
17-th lunar day. The moon in Calceolariaceae possible, but only in natural tones. The hair is better not to cut or just trim neatly. Try today to stick to a diet will immediately see the effect.

11 Oct
18th lunar day. Moon in Biznesonline day for haircuts and coloring. Better not to do chemo or hair straightening, as well as radical and untested you previously types of hair removal.

12 Oct
19th lunar day. Moon in Bliznetsova slightly change the shape of hair, make the hair a bit shorter, come up with new bangs. Color don't change, at least today. You can use the hardware cosmetology.

13 Oct
20th lunar day. Moon in Bisneshotelli day for painting and a variety of complex procedures for hair – laminating, straightening, chemicals, and also for sophisticated cosmetics, but only non-surgical. From haircuts today refrain.

14 Oct
21st lunar day. Moon in Reciprocally day for painting in natural colours, but best not to cut hair today. You can do a hair mask, scalp massage, cosmetic, General and medical massage. It's good to take a beauty bath to make wraps.

15 Oct
22nd lunar day. Moon in Racemose to change a little the silhouette of the hairstyle, just to straighten the hair. The color today is undesirable, it is possible to damage the hair structure. It is better to give rest for the skin, hair and body as a whole. Physical exercise preferred yoga.

16 Oct
The 23rd lunar day. The moon in Linalool a day for cutting, chemistry, coloring and other complex procedures for hair. You can pay attention to cosmetic procedures, manicure and make various decorations and decor for nail Polish, trying new types of makeup.

17 Oct
The 23rd and 24th lunar day. The moon in Loulichki day for the makeover. You will look younger and brighter, if you change your hairstyle and hair color. And you will like these changes. Good to do a bright manicure, buy eye shadow, lipstick and nail Polish.

18 Oct
24-th and 25-th day of the moon. The moon in Leprevost day for any, even the most complicated procedures. You can change the color of the hair, radically change your hairstyle, can do cosmetic surgery, they will be successful. Manicure and pedicure will be great. In General, it makes sense to spend the day at the beauty salon.

19 Oct
25-th and 26-th lunar day. Moon in Devicehost try to give the skin a rest. It is best to do a soft treatment, light facial massage natural oils, you should not color your hair or get a haircut.

20 Oct
The 26th and 27th lunar day. Moon in Devprivatekey a day for cutting and hair coloring. You can as a result of all these procedures and lose a few years. Good to do treatments to rejuvenate facial skin and body, including surgery. The result will be felt.

21 Oct
27-th and 28-th day of the moon. The moon in Mesostigma today unwanted risk to cut your hair too short, not the way I wanted and in the end fail to form. But you can easily do waxing, manicure and pedicure without coverage, baths and massage for hands and feet.

22 Oct
28th lunar day. Moon in Wishjirachi day for the selection of haircuts, hair color or new makeup. You can have a lot of interesting ideas. Only to realize today life is not worth it.

23 Oct
The 29th lunar day. Moon in Vechornitsy a day for cutting and hair coloring. You get bright, interesting, stylish and creative way. You will unwittingly be distinguished from the crowd. Well add to this all the advice from a stylist and you will be absolutely irresistible.

24 Oct
0-th lunar day. The moon in Scorpio. New moon. Setmenucolumnheader Sunny day is perfect to create the image of a femme fatale, beauty in vamp style. Can change hair color, do a short haircut, a manicure with bright color lacquer. However, it is best just style it and use a toning shampoo – suddenly this way you don't like very much.

25 Oct
The 1st lunar day. Moon in Socioecology day for hair removal, face cleansing, including hardware, exfoliation, drainage procedures and anti-cellulite massage. From haircuts and coloring today is better to refrain. Wait until a more favorable moment.

26 Oct
The 2nd lunar day. The moon in Strelastrasse and color today is undesirable. Colouring can damage the hair like chemicals that also better not to do. To arrange fasting day, exercise and terminate all certainly water treatments to improve the tone of skin on the body.

27 Oct
3rd lunar day. Moon in Sterlitamaksky day for fashion coloring. You can take a sample of a fashionable, stylish way from Western magazines. And the master will be able to recreate it almost one to one.

28 Oct
The 4th and 5th lunar day. Moon in Kozarovichi day for shearing, you can do sophisticated silhouettes – today, all will succeed. Beautifully held beauty treatments, Facials, peels, and waxing, manicure and pedicure. Only hair coloring today is better not to do, the color can be faded.

29 Oct
5-th and 6-th lunar day. Moon in Kozarovitsky day for painting, but the clippers try to avoid. You can experiment with different colors, to make separate with integrally colored strands of hair.

30 Oct
6-th and 7-th day of the moon. Moon in Vodolechenie a day for cutting, diet, epilation, face cleaning, manicure and pedicure. Staining is undesirable, the color may be not as bright as you want.

31 Oct
7 th and 8 th lunar day. Moon in Vodolechenie day for sports, especially if you take the time to exercise on the problem areas – stomach, thighs, buttocks. Believe me, you will be able to feel the effect.



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