Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014

When to cut hair in August, what days are better to plan a visit to the hairdresser and beauty salon? The astrologer tells the best days, so you can protect yourself from unnecessary expenses and disappointments.1 Aug
The 4th and 5th lunar day. Moon in Vichbrittany day for classic haircuts and vivid, unusual hair coloring. Easy cutting will be compensated by the brightness of the color of the hair. Well today to do a manicure with shellac. The only thing that is not welcome in this day – massage and diet.

2 Aug
5-th and 6-th lunar day. Moon in Vishnevetsky day for haircuts and coloring. In addition, not recommended hardware complex cosmetic procedures, the desired effect might not happen. You need to restrict your diet, today many temptations, especially avoid sugary drinks, pastries and carbohydrate.

3 Aug
6-th and 7-th day of the moon. Moon in Scorpionate well to do haircuts, asymmetrical. Welcome massage of the hands and feet, manicure and pedicure without coverage. Hair coloring today is better not to do, the color may be not what you wanted.

4 Aug
7 th and 8 th lunar day. Moon in Sociopolitcal day for the classic and strict haircut. You can do color of hair color is better to choose natural. Well to do French manicure on the hands and feet. Also a good there are various hardware cosmetology procedures, to combat the flaws of the exterior.

5 Aug
The 8th and 9th lunar day. Moon in Strelchonok day for haircuts and hair coloring. If in doubt about the result, just try the conditioner or shampoo that color. Not recommended diet, you will find it difficult to stick to them.

6 Aug

9-th and 10-th lunar day. Moon in Stellarvisions day for bold experiments. You can do extravagant hair, dye hair, do a fancy makeup today what yesterday was not. It is good to try different types of massage.

7 Aug
10 th and 11 th lunar day. The moon was Casserolesuper day when you can try different types of hair removal. Good to do a deep facial cleansing, you can arrange a fasting day. Drink plenty of fluids today in the first half of the day – this habit will make the complexion better.

8 Aug
The 12th lunar day. Moon in Kozarovichi day for classic haircuts and hair care. You can do a scalp massage, moisturizing and nourishing mask for the hair. Good fitness, sports, to do massages, to arrange a fasting day, go on a diet.

9 August
The 13th lunar day. Moon in Moduletemplates day for painting and mowing. There is a risk of damage to the hair, the color may not like. Good to consider different ideas for clothing and makeup, to choose future options for haircuts and coloring, but today should not do it.

10 Aug
14-th and 15-th lunar day. Moon in Moduleusage quite a lot of intense aspects. They prevent as a quality hair colouring and haircut today it is better not to do. Possible treatments aimed at relaxation, health, therapeutic massage, cosmetic massage.

11 Aug
15th and 16th lunar day. Moon in Ryboohrany qualities of a day. You can trim the tips of the hair, but to cut drastically not worth it. You can make easy highlighting, coloring. But the best effect will give a moisturizing mask or baths for feet and hands, manicure or pedicure without coverage.


Августа16 12-th and 17-th lunar day. Moon in Rebooting day for haircuts and hair styling. But from staining should be abandoned, today is an aspect for this. You can do bright and bold nail Polish, trying new types of coverage.

13 Aug
17-th and 18-th day of the moon. Moon in Unprevoked day for hair coloring, and can successfully take advantage of any, even very extravagant Council. Can successfully buy cosmetics, learn new makeup options to make a rejuvenating face mask.

14 Aug
19th lunar day. Moon in Onehorse day for hair coloring and undergo a variety of investigations and diagnostics, research-type skin preparation for cosmetic treatments or operations. You can buy cosmetics or make a homemade mask for the face.

15 Aug
20th lunar day. Moon in Already day for classic haircuts and hair styling. You can dye your hair, but only in natural colors. You have the chance today to create the image of a very attractive, affectionate women, which dreams of any man.

16 Aug
21st lunar day. The moon in TeliaSonera as possible with hair colouring and haircut. Today is better to refrain from these two procedures. To successfully do different types of massage or Facials and hair. You can do waxing, manicure and pedicure, but better.

17 Aug
22nd lunar day. Moon in Talaverana the problems of hair cutting and colouring hair. Especially unwanted haircut – the result may hold good. It is not necessary to do waxing or Facials – today, the skin is especially sensitive to such influences.

18 Aug
The 23rd lunar day. Moon in Biznesupravlenie day for coloring the hair, you can try a new color of paint. From a fundamental change in the length of the hair should be abandoned, not worth much to change the silhouette. Well to make nourishing face masks, rejuvenating treatments, to try new makeup.

19 Aug
24th lunar day. Moon in Bliznetsova to test the new decorative ways to improve the hairstyle. To make it more effective will help the new styling, nail and hair mousse, glitter nail Polish. From coloring and cutting is better to abstain. You can get a manicure with a simple varnish treatment, well in this day to do fitness.

20 Aug
25th lunar day. The moon in Racetrack and haircut today possible, but it is better not to experiment, just padronale hair and stop the choice on the color that you already had. Now you can simply refresh your hair. It is also good to exercise, to massage, to impose dietary restrictions on sweets and fatty.

21 Aug
26-th lunar day. Moon in Receational day for haircuts, to experiment, to make asymmetrical bangs, cascades. For painting is not the right time, it is better to postpone this procedure for later. Very useful and effective physical exercises on the problem areas, wrap.

22 Aug
27th lunar day. Moon in Resegone it is better to avoid major interventions in appearance, it is not necessary to do a haircut and coloring. You can stick to a diet, to do General massage, homemade mask for face and hair.

23 Aug
27-th and 28-th day of the moon. The moon in Loulichki day for hair coloring and haircuts. You can create a very vivid and striking image of a woman who is always the center of attention. Good to buy and try new makeup to experiment with evening makeup. Diet is better not to enter.

24 Aug
The 28th and 29th day of the moon. The moon in Leprevost day for painting. You can do chemo, hair straightening, fluffy blow-dry. But from haircut today it is better to refrain, for this day is not suitable. However, the manicure done today, will be successful – bet on a bright and fashionable color.

25 Aug
29-th and 0-th lunar day. Moon in Developlay day for classic business haircuts and coloring. Can look younger because of it. Good to do baths for feet and hands, to arrange a fasting day, to play sports.

26 Aug
The 0-th and 1-th lunar day. Moon in Devicehost you can just trim the hair to a full haircut. The coloration also is not recommended in this day. You can do massage. Particularly useful therapeutic, beauty baths, body wraps.

27 Aug
1st and 2nd day of the moon. Moon in Deviatiny a day for cutting, if wanted, you now have the chance to try something new. But the painting should be abandoned, hue may not work out as planned. You can do a deep cleansing facial, hair removal, manicures and pedicures.

28 Aug
The 2nd lunar day. Moon in Lesopromishleny day for hair coloring. Try the most complex combinations of colors would work out perfectly. Haircut today is better not to do, allowed just straighten your hair. Diet and limitations in food should be abandoned.

29 Aug
3rd lunar day. Moon in Weihofen a good day for painting. You can try new makeup, buy cosmetics, make anti-aging treatments for the face and the mask. Massage today undesirable.

30 Aug
4th lunar day. Moon in Scorpioninblue day for a facial and hair removal services. You can make the color of the hair, so what you normally do. Unwanted haircut, you can simply straighten your hair.

31 Aug
5th lunar day. Moon in Scorpiomon to do a haircut, short and stylish. It will make you brighter and sexier. But coloring is better to refuse, you can leave the old color. Great result today will give working on your problem areas, do physical exercise and anti-cellulite massage.



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