Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2014

To have beautiful and healthy hair, you need to take care of them. But not only! It is also important to remember that the movement of the moon affects hair growth and quality haircuts. Following the lunar calendar, you will protect yourself from unnecessary costs.

July 1,
The 3rd and 4th lunar day. The moon in Leo is an Excellent day for fashion and elegant haircuts. You can do hair coloring, straightening and chemistry, as well as the lush long hair. Today it is possible to do permanent makeup eyelids and eyebrows, dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows. In addition, good sports, and the gym on this day the body particularly vulnerable to stress, easily lose excess calories.

2 Jul
The 4th and 5th lunar day. The moon in Leo hair Color, manicures, pedicures today. Avoid bright make – up- it will fail, maybe even add age. You can do a simple haircut, or to repeat the model, which has already been done many times. A great day for sports, especially dance aerobics, dancing, swimming, team sports.

3 Jul
5th lunar day. Moon in Virgo is an Excellent day for the conservative and timeless haircuts. Guided by the classics – for haircuts, which were famous Actresses of the past, for example. Painting is possible, but only in natural, natural colour. Well do hair removal, using various options and also a manicure and pedicure without coverage, for the recovery of the nails.

4 Jul
6th lunar day. Moon in Libra a great day for hair coloring, you can make lush styling, but the haircut is better to abstain or just trim the hair. Great day Spa treatments – add to bath salts, various additives, oils, decoctions of herbs. Well today to make nourishing and moisturizing face mask. By the way, this is the best day to exercise will power and to limit the consumption of sweets.

5 Jul
The 7th lunar day. The moon in Libra Today the day for the sphere of beauty. However, hair color can be done. But use is only natural dyes. Don't forget a hair mask after coloring. Haircut today undesirable, it is likely that you will hurt your hair. But you can do cosmetic facial treatments – natural face masks, massages with aromatic oils.

6 Jul
8th lunar day. The moon in Scorpio Haircut, made today, can be very successful. Will look great short haircut with an asymmetrical edge. Good to do sports or anti-cellulite massage, wrapping, loading problem areas it can go much faster. It is useful to limit yourself to food, diet, exercise.

7 Jul
9th lunar day. Moon in Scorpio a good day for a massage and hair coloring. You can get the same shade of hair, which had long dreamed of. Be sure to use masks and hair rinses. Massage is better to make Thai or Ayurvedic, points, combining it with a cosmetic massage for the face.

8 Jul
10th lunar day. Moon in Scorpio a good day for procedures to clean the face. Possible as the hardware cleaning and cleaning with the help of masks. Well to do haircuts medium length, a great day for painting. You can use the new nail varnishes for manicures and pedicures, trying new types of waxing.

9 Jul
The 11th lunar day. Moon in Sagittarius is an Excellent day for hair coloring. Can find the fashionable and modern edge, to achieve full similarity with the desired ideal. But the haircut is better not to hurry, today, there is a risk to do something wrong. Krme better stick to a strict enough diet because each eaten a piece today will be delayed at the waist or on the hips.

10 Jul
12-th and 13-th day of the moon. The moon in Sagittarius From staining today is to abstain. But from trendy short haircuts do not give up, you can also touch up your hair, to give it a more modern and trendy look. Perfect day for a manicure and pedicure, masks for cleaning the face.

11 Jul
13-th and 14-th lunar day. The moon in Capricorn Today is the time for a great manicure and pedicure, is effective baths for feet and hands. Good to do highlights or coloring of hair, only color is better to choose natural. Today will be a perfect makeup. Can choose the best tone, choose the right style and aksessuary.

12 Jul
14-th and 15-th lunar day. The moon in Capricorn. The full moon In the first half of the day can afford to eat more than usual. Calories today will burn quickly, especially if you drink orange or grapefruit juice. But in the second half of the day, it is better to stick to a diet. To escape from thinking about food will help good music or a movie. As for cutting and colouring, but today the extremely adverse for this day.

13 Jul
15th and 16th lunar day. The moon in Aquarius In the morning, listen to the advice of the most practical and sensible colleagues. This is especially true of information about sales and the stock market. In the second half of the day will be able to buy exactly what wanted. Get a haircut and dye her hair today undesirable.

14 Jul
17-th lunar day. The moon in Aquarius in the morning be sure to make a facial massage using a frozen ice cube. In the second half of the day will keep you alert unusual contrast water procedures, for example, swimming in the pool under the open sky. However, to get a haircut and painted still not worth it, because the moon is decreasing.

15 Jul
18th lunar day. The moon in Pisces In the first half of day is best to take aromatica with fir oil and juniper. This will help you focus. The day is also good for cooking intricate dishes – soufflés, casseroles, especially good food cooked in the oven. For cutting and colouring day neutral.

16 Jul
19-th and 20-th day of the moon. The moon in Pisces Today is the time to think about changing the image. New hairstyles, new paint colors for hair and cosmetics – try, experiment. In the second half of the day will focus on the face – her mask is required and good care. day for Spa treatments.

17 Jul
20th and 21st lunar day. Moon in Aries In the first half of the day very useful to do acupunctural massage, pay special attention to the fingers. Well-worn silver. In the afternoon, a great effect will give a foot bath, add a little soda and lemon juice. We can and should do manicure and pedicure. A good day for color, but the haircut is excluded.

18 Jul
21st and 22nd lunar day. Moon in Aries In first half of day is good to do a set of exercises for weight loss. Special attention to the muscles of the back and chest. In the afternoon, meet friends for walks, visiting the theatre or cinema will decorate this day. Haircut and hair color today is better not to do – you definitely disappoint.

19 Jul
22nd and 23rd lunar day. The moon in Taurus In the first half of day is good to do waxing, manicures and pedicures. After the procedures, pay attention to the treated area – be sure to apply emollients and sedatives. In the second half can choose colors for coloring the hair. Today is a good day for haircuts and coloring. Feel free to go to the salon.

20 Jul
The 23rd and 24th lunar day. The moon in Taurus In the first half of the day is to drink tea with fruit flavors: orange, grapefruit, Apple. In the afternoon you can visit a beautician to get a facial. Use a mask based on kaolin or therapeutic mud. Clipping and colour day quite favorable.

21 Jul
24-th and 25-th day of the moon. Moon in Gemini the First half of the day will bring many positive actions and concerns. We can and should do hairstyle and hair color, and these changes will allow you to look younger than their years. Hair after the haircut will grow faster and will be less split. Can also take a bottle of essential oil ylang-ylang or eucalyptus, they will help to relieve fatigue. In the afternoon well take a bath with sea salt and massage the face.

22 Jul
24-th and 25-th day of the moon. The moon in Gemini In the first half of the day, it is important to adhere to a strict diet because any emotion you want to "jam". Eat better fish, vegetables and salads with cheese and nuts. In the second half of the day to buy appliances and household items. But for manipulations with hair day. Mowing could negatively affect the growth of hair.

23 Jul
The 26th and 27th lunar day. Moon in Gemini the Day is very beneficial for exercise. And in the first half of the day is good for Jogging and dance exercises such as step. And in the afternoon is perfectly reasonable power load and stretching. Today is the best time for haircuts, as it will help to strengthen the roots. Good to be trendy short haircut without the hair coloring. Probably even it will bring joy.

24 Jul
27-th and 28-th day of the moon. Moon in Cancer the First half of the day is the best suited to deal with them. Pay attention to the beauty of your body first, massage your skin using the scrub, then apply a mud body mask. If you have time, carry out the procedure wraps. Good to do masks for face and body with essential oils – bergamot, lavender and orange. A good day for trimming the ends of hair and short haircuts.

25 Jul
28th lunar day. Moon in Cancer is Good to arrange fasting day today will be a great temptation to eat more than usual and all the calories consumed may affect the volumes. Treat yourself to a tasty soup, for example, the onion, without any of the second and third. Today, no major changes in appearance. You can simply straighten hair, without coloring.

26 Jul
The 29th lunar day. Moon in Leo In the first half of the day, the body needs a simple and nutritious food – the toasted flour with cheese and vegetables, braised meat with buckwheat, green salad, mushrooms. In the afternoon – teas with mint, hawthorn and strawberry sheet for the prevention of headaches. A very good day for hair coloring and use of funds, giving density to hair.

27 Jul
0-th lunar day. The moon in Leo. The new moon is Very good to do any kind of physical activity besides running. One should not give heavy load on the shoulder girdle. Pay special attention and give a good load on the lower body – hips, buttocks and press. Colouring of hair is discouraged, as the haircut.

28 Jul
The 1st lunar day. Moon in Leo Good to visit a beautician or a salon at home. Good to do different masks – for example, the first cleansing warming clay-based, then a very useful masks based oils of orange or other, but content of vitamin C. They are great to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, give radiance and inner glow. But the trip to the hairdresser it is better to move. Today is a very unfavorable day for cutting.

29 Jul
The 2nd lunar day. Moon in Virgo In the first half of the day, you can make a stylish haircut and hair color. In the second half of a well-Solarium, beautician or stylist. Allow yourself nourishing and rejuvenating facial masks – lemon, grapefruit or orange. The result will please you.

30 Jul
3rd lunar day. Moon in Virgo is an Excellent day for haircuts, stylish color and flawless makeup. All that you will do today with your appearance, it'll be fine. Will look younger with new facial masks and cosmetic instruments. If you wish, you can try new methods of rejuvenation – mesotherapy, nanopreparation.

31 Jul
4th lunar day. Moon in Libra In the first half of the day vulnerable nervous system and stomach. For Breakfast it is good to cook porridge and chamomile tea, fruit drinks. In the second half of the day before going to bed be sure to ventilate the area. Put under the pillow, the herb of lavender. Today bad day for beauty treatments and haircuts.



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