As television takes away you energy


Consider the action of the man-made magic in the combination of television and computer technology. In the 70-ies in Kiev University at the Department of semiconductors decided to make a model of a diode from the plate of monocrystalline silicon. Then someone had the idea to connect this model to the electricity network, and the unexpected happened: "diode" began rectifying the AC voltage. However, he simultaneously began to work as a generator in the microwave range. That is, besides the material, the effect of load shape, the effect of surround resonance!

The tube is a space-resonant funnel. When viewing TV shows is inevitable energy exchange. Offering viewers information, and instead take energy. The impact is as a complex emotional background, 25-th frame, the combination of the traditional image with computer processing of the information. Such "works" psychotronic "art" previously perfected for the military units in the preparation of the "cannon fodder" for the "hot spots". Then it is duplicated and dumped "to a wide audience".

Of course, there are a number of techniques that allow to achieve maximum effect. For example, a few years ago was a conference of psychologists and psychiatrists around the world to discuss the issue of the "phenomenon" of Brazilian soap operas on Russian TV. Conclusion of leading experts was nearly unanimous — suggestive influence. In this case the dumber the show, the stronger was the effect.

The main characters of these energy - "gum" is usually divorced from real life — a complete opposite of people in our country. The transfers of these films definitely compiled by methods of neuro-linguistic programming consciousness. And definitely the most interesting place — is. The loudness of advertising is 1.5 times higher volume of sound in film, which this is wedged. The smarter the content of the film or transfer, the sillier should be advertising. And in music show or concert must apply a drastic change of personnel, the flashing colored spotlights. If you carefully review such transfers, you will always find included images of pentagrams.

Psychotronic obscurantism intensified particularly during election campaigns.

Cleverly concocted campaign videos combined with the influence of the mage clans in the right hemisphere of the brain of the viewer complete the operation of the System for the preparation of the "democratic elections". Then "the chosen one" begins to rule, and we wonder how we could choose where the eyes are looking?! And they looked on TV.

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