19 wonderful things, which we learn from consciousness

Today – same as every day. And every day is an opportunity to learn something fantastic about who you really are.

Imagine your life is a giant gift basket. All that you are, in this basket: your progress, loss, struggle and pleasure. These gifts give you the strength to cope with all challenges of your life, and achieve personal and professional success. With a conscious mind, life can become a daily opportunity for growth and transformation.

Maybe it's just a human trait, but I believe that we spend too much time searching for outside help, to find happiness and satisfaction. We listen to presentations on how to rebuild itself, how to reinforce a feeling of happiness as you reduce stress and manage their emotions, and how to demonstrate their abilities. Someone, perhaps even consulted a psychic or guru to predict a happy future. But the truth is that all we need to know all the happiness we could ever have, inside of us.

Here are 19 wonderful things you can learn about yourself if you live a conscious and integrated life:

Your consciousness leads you to your life's purpose.

You are the Creator of your actions and thoughts. You define your life's purpose with clarity of your consciousness. Inside you already have everything to live for, purpose, satisfaction and joy. Learn from yourself and trust in your ability to live a wonderful life.

Your consciousness leads you to the correct intentions.

Most people find it difficult to make the right decision. Your conscious mind allows you to achieve a deeper understanding of what will work in your life. Greater awareness gives you more options to determine intent and work through old patterns and habits that prevent you to achieve what you really want.

Your consciousness helps you to develop a detailed plan for your life.

Your conscious mind helps you to handle complex social relationships in your environment. It measures your social awareness, develops social beliefs and views on your values, needs and desires. Only you can understand the meaning and significance of what gives value to your life.

Your conscious mind helps manage fear.

You are the only person who can understand your own fears and to release them from your subconscious. When this happens, your conscious mind will be able to cope with your fears. Fear brings negative energy into your life, so it is important to turn the negative into a positive that will reduce your fears of the unknown.

Your mind connects your heart and brain.

The distance between your heart and head about 45 centimeters. And it's actually a wonderful idea to know what you "think with your heart." The heart is a powerful energy center that carries a generosity of spirit, forgiveness, love and passion. When heart and mind are connected together, you live in harmony with their feelings.

Your consciousness is taking great decisions.

Your conscious awareness is the most important tool available to you when you make important decisions. Calm the mind and start with silence. At this moment you'll find the truth inside yourself.

Your consciousness helps to gain a sense of humor.

Sense of humor is the great equalizer in life. This feeling has the power to turn a moment of frustration in a fun, happy time. Conscious awareness of the irony of life, her often casual, meandering nature and its unpredictability helps us see the humor in our lives.

Your mind supports positive energy.

During the day, your energy levels fluctuate. When you are fully "present" in the moment, fluctuations in your mood inconvenienced. The key to maintaining a balance your mood and positive energy – awareness of the present moment.

First of all, your mind believes you can.

Every day you can find hundreds of reasons that push you to doubt yourself. If you are careful and aware of these moments, you never succumb to the fear of it. Mindfulness makes you be on the lookout and believe in the wonderful power of your nature.

Your mind lets you know when it's time for a change.

The situation is becoming too complex; the relationship is over; time to move on. As you can tell? Your conscious mind indicates the direction of change. If you are content with incomplete awareness, change will never come.

Your consciousness tells you to be yourself.

In order to find his true "I", you need a conscious mind. You know that every person is a unique individual, but sometimes your uniqueness is lost among the opinions and judgments of others. Your conscious mind strengthens your resolve not to be someone you are not.

Your consciousness knows that your external achievements do not overshadow your inner happiness.

Success, achievement, notoriety, or fame – symptoms of who you are. These external characteristics are fleeting and unpredictable. Your conscious mind knows what your inner being – what gives you joy and pleasure in life.

Your mind inspires you to create.

Everyone wants to be creative activity. The path to creativity is the recognition of your vulnerability. Your conscious mind transforms your emotions into inspiration, then, in imagination, giving clarity to new ideas and possibilities.

Your consciousness reminds you that you need to take care of your health and well-being.

When you feel bad, you find it difficult to stay in the present moment. If you feel unwell bring himself into full awareness, you, thereby, allow yourself to cope with physical discomfort with great success. However, the key to good health is a daily awareness of their health. Ligament a strong mind/body/spirit restrains not only recurrent somatic disease, but also depression, anxiety or other mental state.

Your consciousness leads you to the following opportunities.

My friend always says, "Opportunities are hidden behind every door." But the possibility exists due to the fact that your mind is aware of it. If you mindless, out-of-area coverage "radar" of awareness, you simply will not see the next opportunity. Catch it and grow on.

Your consciousness allows you to take risks.

Understanding that your conscious mind is the mind that exists in the present moment – brings you as many gifts gives you the opportunity to take advantage of uncertainty, dare to jump into the unknown and make wonderful mistakes. The conscious mind knows that such thing as failure simply does not exist.

Your consciousness can lead you to love.

Why it happens that we often miss the signs and signals that let us know that love is standing right in front of us? Some say that in this case, you really don't look for love. And yet, if you are looking for love, your conscious mind can you to her to lead. The conscious mind is clear and nezamutnen, he'll know when love's around.

Your mind tells you that life is imperfect.

One of the greatest joys of life to know that she's not perfect. Life is full of pleasure and joys but there are also disappointments, and the need to fight. Your conscious mind guides you through these UPS and downs, keeping in harmony your mind, body and spirit.

Your mind finds peace.

In order for your mind to be calm, he must be fully conscious of, he must be aware of the energy inside you, the energy around you, and the openness of your heart. Closed and unforgiving heart will never bring you peace of mind. The rest requires a quiet mind, which is inferior and takes the moment.

Remember that you are the Creator of their actions and thoughts. Inside you have everything to live a full life and be happy. Learn from yourself, and believe in your ability to create a wonderful life.



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