6-speed expansion of consciousness


Do you think the expansion of consciousness decides our current life challenges or they appear in a different light?

Maybe the expansion of consciousness, as apart of the boundaries of the vision will add us to the existing problems of the new due to the fact that they fall into our field of vision?

All these issues cannot be considered in the linear aspect of time and try to understand them only by logic. For the expansion of consciousness is, first of all, the ability to accommodate greater through the elimination of the barriers of perception for acceptance of a greater truth. This implies the ability of the mind to stretch, it becomes pliable and accommodating, assimilating and synthesizing the acquired knowledge on the one hand, and including in the processing of information heart how accurate the repeater senses (along with intuition), on the other hand.

In other words, without a Union of head and heart — the mind and the senses, which eventually lead to knowledge — in the process of personal and spiritual development is not enough.


I'm sure everyone has seen the movie trilogy "the Matrix", the essence of which is the illusion of existence in the world of third and fourth density on the one hand and collective and programmed mind. Moreover, despite the fantastic storyline and the many surreal special effects and action heroes, the essence of the film is true.

In other words, the person — programmable and automatic (unconscious) being on the one hand, largely due to the General emotional condition, and creative (using the linearity of the future and the past).

Only expanding the boundaries of his consciousness, or rather, coming out of imposed by society matrix dreamlike existence to the daylight of awareness of new possibilities, begins real life, not programmed existence.


So what is consciousness and how does it differ from the mind, the intellect or the mind?

This question has no definite answer. For many thinkers and philosophers have investigated this mental realm of man and not come to a common denominator.

Thoughts, perception, imagination, consciousness and self-awareness — is not a complete list of values that are correlated with consciousness.

Consciousness is a consistent knowledge (of soul and personality, mind and feelings) about the most correct and creative, constructive functioning of different parts of human nature. Moreover, the greater the ability of the mind to accommodate, that is, broaden the vision, to get rid of stereotypes and clichés, the wider the possibilities of man in the practical application of consciousness.

In other words, few have the intelligence and ability to mental operations, for the intellect is only analytic-synthetic apparatus of perception of the world. But there are sensual and feel(bodily) world, and they are not separated.

In this context, consciousness is a mental-sensuous superstructure of mental and emotional life of man, synthesizing their knowledge and experience into understanding.


"Let the expansion of consciousness gives the degree of awareness of each step of life." — The leaves of the morya's garden.

Our current physical world of third density — the perfect catalyst for the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of mind. Because thanks to the consciousness as "the highest level of mental reflection and self-regulation", we develop the ability to understand.

And the ability from the dual connection of "I" and "not-I", "the Knower and the Knowable, and the thinker what he thinks or acceptance of a duality that is objectively, and what lies behind objectivity." – Light and Consciousness. A treatise on the Soul. A. A. Bailey.

In other words, human consciousness is raised and there is a number of successive expansion cycles of the mind through which the individual consciousness moves from the self to the divine consciousness.


There are many schools, systems, methods of spiritual development, most of which have one main goal — the awakening of man to self-awareness. What does it mean? And the fact that a reasonable person begins to justify its name, aware of the potential changes. And this:

— first-the awareness of himself as a combination of spirit/soul/body or a Universal Consciousness/individual 6-speed expansion soznaniya.lechenie/mind and accepting the fact that everything you once had, or ever will, is you now. You have always existed from the beginning of creation, as part of the Universal Consciousness; speaking in terms of spiritual evolution necessary for each of us to find our own mountain / knowledge — hidden knowledge, and to establish reliable contact with the soul, to rise to the top of the spirit, to allow them to descend at not transformed the nature of the individual;

— secondly, the recognition that the mind is the hindrance/distortion with direct perception of reality as it is directly or indirectly influenced by the five senses;

— thirdly, the recognition of the intuition the right to be a messenger of spirit and accept it has to be much more serious, listening to her tips and guidance;

— fourthly, the recognition of the duality/polarity of everything, including spirit (+ positive charge) and matter ("-" negative charge). In this analogy, male (+) female (-) create attraction, which gives new life (the"+" and "-") — at physical level — child for spiritual — creativity/creation;

— fifth accept all life experiences as useful/valuable, because they are our catalysts or mirrors with positive or negative context/lessons, balancing the polarity of good-evil.

— Sixthly — any desire is the result of the activity of our personality, which "listens" or not notice/ignores the instructions of the soul; when the desire exceeds the limits, then it leads to the opposite result.


You can expand this list for a long time, but the essence remains unchanged. Namely, any restrictions, the essence of our mental patterns, prejudices and stereotypes, creating the effect of the matrix in which everything functions according to its structure and models that are automated.

The matrix is an unconscious construct of the individual, a primary incubator for the developing human until he can feel that the collective unconscious has not provided his needs for self-actualization and individualization.

This means that the expansion of consciousness — going beyond the boundaries of the matrix/incubator float freely, in which there are no rigid guidelines and programs relating to the route and speed, but which is not without reasonable direction or meaning.

In summary, the expansion of consciousness appears as a greater ability of containment through the elimination of the barriers of perception, acceptance of greater truth, which in turn leads to an integral vision and understanding.

But, nevertheless, consciousness is still a limitation, if not integrated with the heart. In other words, the expansion of consciousness is the mind's ability to stretch, becomes pliable and accommodating, assimilating and synthesizing the acquired knowledge on the one hand, and inclusion in the processes of information processing of the heart, as an exact repeater of the senses (along with intuition), on the other hand.


The expansion of consciousness, as a concept, is not linear and does not contain all of the semantic content which it is embedded. Expansion of consciousness is, first of all, the development as the evolution that includes the following levels:

the twilight consciousness is not perceiving other things, creatures only reacting to inner experiences or images of their own, awakened soul;

— perceiving consciousness, more and more registered mental promise and experience;

creative consciousness — the ability for co-creation and comotorstr.

The main synthesis of the erection or expansion of consciousness is to move from a rudimentary consciousness — sentient consciousness – and then to the mental-conscious and, subsequently, to divine understanding, in contact with the world of spiritual realities and opportunities spanning the fifth, or spiritual Kingdom of souls.

Expansion of consciousness is the overarching problem, because the ability of containment/inclusion, even if all rational-rational nature is angry, is an integrated personality, tending to receiving new impressions with intuitive plans as well as conscious and unconscious/subconscious levels.

If we imagine the expansion of consciousness as a spherical expansion in the continuum of space-time, it graphically can be represented as the six mental spheres of consciousness.

"In accordance with the Space Science, there are six mental spheres of consciousness that extends the vision beyond the three-dimensional horizon. Positivism adopts a three-dimensional horizon as the limits of the Universe. But what is behind it? If the universe itself defines the space and is finite then what is beyond the Universe? Space? Or no space? How can we tell what it is? Is the mind? Is there a mind beyond space?

Six mental spheres, installed Space Science are as follows: preconscious (something known in psychology, the subconscious or memory -ed.) unconscious, conscious, continuing conscious, superconscious, and subliminal". — Jose Arguelles. Cosmic History Chronicles vol. 2.


And if we consider consciousness and its extension as a graded process of climbing from the limited desires of the individual to conscious desires, dictated by the personality with the soul, that seems to me appropriate to the following classification:

— 1st step – I want the instinctive impulses and desires with a thirst for desire. Conform to mass culture and the undeveloped consciousness/ignorance. Mass culture is the cult of misery as the remote deity (of light), his shelter, through the cultivation of false/distorted values.

— Level 2 – I know what I want – intellectual impulses, driven by an aspiring and ambitious aspirations. The awakening of individual consciousness.

— 3-I stage – I see, imagine, feel what you want – aspirations, based on intuition, revealing the consciousness of the soul, which still awakens.

— 4-I tier – I clearly understand and realize what we want, thanks to the illuminated soul consciousness and intuitive knowledge (5 senses + the mind that generates consciousness).

— 5-I stage – I'm inspired by knowledge, build, create, help and developing. Personal desire gives way to group consciousness of unity with all things.

— Stage 6 – I am free from any restrictions and feel the unity in diversity, perceiving with the least distortion of the Divine/Universal Consciousness.


Expansion of consciousness is not a one-time process. This state of perpetual change, which involves certain effects that accompany this change.

In other words, the expansion of consciousness is the mastery of a certain degree of their own power, in which lies the ability to:

— Collect and use information about themselves and their environment to effectively address any problems in life.

— To include careful consideration of and subsequent management are increasingly living habits and mental States (emotions, feelings, reactions, thoughts, motives, patterns of response and behavior).

— Strengthen and develop willpower and self-discipline.

— Understanding of the role of service to self and service to people with increasing dedication and help of others.

— The ubiquity of the law of Love, as carry the Benefits, non-maleficence and respect for Free Will/Free Choice of other people.

— The constant, conscious response to the evolutionary revelation, all the more learning the Laws of Intelligent Infinity.

As evidenced by the occult truth: "stages of expansion of consciousness is the result of the transmitted training; they lead him step by step until it reaches contact with his higher self, his Teacher, his egoic group (ed. a group of "kindred" souls, corresponding to one Beam on the subtle plane), the First Initiator, the Supreme Initiator, until it comes in contact with the deity of your Beam and will not enter into the bosom of its "Father in Heaven". – A. A. Bailey. Letters on occult meditation.

Let your individual consciousness, opening like a flower under the sunrays of the rising sun, will go through all the natural phases of prosperity, with every new day more and more the feeling of harmony, unity and integrity in its unique diversity.

As for strings, Mirra Richard: "the Result of creation is a detailed expansion of consciousness. When the vision whole vision and all the details will come together in active consciousness, the creation will reach its progressive perfection." — Satprem. Agenda Of The Mother.


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