Beware, the name change changes lives!


Date of birth, name, patronymic and surname from the point of view of metaphysics, is the first factor, laying down the basic character traits. Numerology birth date values (day, month, and year) is fatal (fatal) character because the numerical vibration of your date of birth determine the possibilities and the destiny of man.

The vibration of your birth date, name, patronymic and surname is calculated by successive summation of numbers day, month and year of birth and bring them to a single figure, as well as analysis of letters in the name. The obtained value corresponds to such important elements of personality, like advantages, disadvantages, purpose, life purpose, karma, life-changing and important events of a person.
When we parents give the birth name, is an important procedure. As proper name, gives the advantage that if the name consonant with the name and date of birth of the child, his fate will be more successful than those whose parents failed to call, which is not linked with the fate of the child. And such a child will have a lot of obstacles, because the name does not help the child, and Vice versa.

When a woman changes her surname when entering marriage. Each kind has a name. The name consists of letters, each letter has a particular vibration of the planet and numbers.
As each name is a genus, which has its egregor, and accordingly karma both good and bad. The name is harmony with the vibrations of a person's birth date. So sometimes it happens that the vibrations of the names have a lot of influences, starting with the numerological and astral code, to karma and kind.
When a woman marries, accordingly she shares with the man the karma of its kind, mixing the karma with the karma of the family of the husband, and accepts the vibration of the names, which took unfortunately, it's not always impact positively on the life of the woman. As the name is not aligned with the date of birth, vibrations, or that there's decent karmic burden kind husband. There may be a generic developments of a negative character, ancestral curse or suicide.
But it happens, and has improved his fate, changed his name.
When the man himself decided to change his name or surname, it may thus contribute to a strong correction in fate, but if the choice is unsuccessful and does not fit harmoniously with the date of birth, fate can bring some unpleasant surprises and affect the destiny of man.
So, before you make a decision to change your name, do not be lazy and calculate what Number you belong to from birth, and what Number will you get if you take her husband's name.
Put the year and month of birth, number, name, patronymic and surname, and bring the result to Prime numbers up to 9 and see the result.
The same operation do with his name, patronymic and surname that you are going to take after the wedding.

Rule first through numerology vision choice

1 Independence, desire for leadership, the ability to make their own decisions, male traits
2 commitment to the partnership, the ability and desire to work in a team and to consider the interests of the other person. The eternal search for a compromise
3 Skill with words to achieve any purpose, sociability, creativity. Optimism, enthusiasm
4 Forced submission to circumstances, diligence, positive attitude to overcome difficulties and at the same time – the reluctance to live by the rules
5 the Desire for change of place of residence, occupation and partners. A craving for extreme sports and outbursts of adrenaline. Abdication of responsibility
6 Search effective interaction (me, I), the failure of communication, if this benefit is not. The search for balance and harmony. Responsibility for those around
7 Isolation, desire to analyze everything, meticulousness, attention to detail
8 hoarding and power, the desire to measure everything with money, ability to handle finances, the desire to manage the family budget
9 Service to others, subordination of others – forced or voluntary submission. The inability or unwillingness to make decisions. Dreaminess, romanticism
Ideal with a numerological point of view is considered when the Number of the Name before the name change coincides with the Number named after her shift. This suggests that you choose to really your man, and you have all the chances to live with him a long and happy life.
However, if you want to save, and not a man to offend, you can consider the option to hyphenate. And if numerological figures of this option will suit you more than just by changing the names.



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