QUANTUM LEAP. What keeps you from it?

The evolution of human consciousness

The evolution of human consciousness unfolding upward spiral:

From survival (and basic needs) to the highest point of development - to achieve the unity of consciousness.

You can indefinitely (even over many incarnations) to develop, but if a person does not make a quantum leap and do not pass to the next level of consciousness, he seems to be moving in a circle, over and over again stepping on the long-familiar grabli.Chtoby go to the next level development, ie evolve, he must make a "quantum leap".

Quantum Leap - term in quantum physics, which relates to the nature of the particles changes:

"Instead of a continuous change occurs discontinuous jump. At one point, an elementary particle is inside the nucleus. Next she went ottuda.Net no intermediate state, no time when the particle is in the process of vyhoda.V unlike the mouse, a quantum particle can never find when her head looks out, and the tail is inside. Quantum theorists call this discontinuous transition of a quantum leap. »

"Just before the jump, elementary particle occupies this area prostranstva.Cherez moment it is somewhere else, and in accordance with the quantum theory no physical process does not connect these two physical states of existence, no length of time does not share ih.Kak if an elementary particle suddenly disappeared without a trace, gone through without the uncertainty of time and space, and then reappeared somewhere else meste.V one point the particle is inside the nucleus, and in the next at high speed moves around. nothing happens in between. This is a mystery of the quantum leap. »

Quotes from the book by Stephen Wolinsky "Quantum consciousness»

Quantum Leap indicates a change, the source of which can not be otsledit.Naprimer, a man 10 years in a variety of practices ... At some point, there is a jump in its development, and it is impossible to determine exactly what was the cause of this skachka.Kstati, the return of the problems you already understood, at a deeper level - just the same consequence of quantum jumps.

This does not mean that you are bad, "worked", and will have to start from scratch.

No. It means that a new level, you open those faces that were not available prior to your perception.

In this case, it would be appropriate metaphor notes: before the quantum leap you saw 7 notes and accordingly worked with nimi.Posle quantum leap, you suddenly realize that music is not 7, but 49 ?! And even if you have worked qualitatively 7 of them, you still have to get to the causes of the other 42 events in your life.

The metaphor of the simple, but true.

Levels of consciousness

There are many gradations of levels of consciousness.
Each level represents a certain understanding and experience, through which you can pass to go to the next uroven.Eto can be compared with the keys from the door, when every new expert understanding of one aspect of human consciousness becomes easier to move on to the next aspect of consciousness or level of understanding. When a person passes through the aspect of consciousness, opening new doors, explores new experiences, and he can go on to the next aspect of consciousness.

7 quantum consciousness levels

For clarity, give 7 levels of consciousness proposed by Steven Wolinsky, the founder of the Institute of Quantum Psychology:

Alena Starovoitova - Quantum Leap. What keeps you from it?


In this classification 1st level presupposes an understanding that people more than his body, thoughts and feelings.

7 levels of consciousness
Richard Barrett
Another example of the levels of consciousness, but from the business world:

Barrettr Richard, an American consultant, based on the ideas of psychology and management guru Abraham Maslow, considering the needs in the light of the "Seven levels of consciousness."

Alena Starovoitova - Quantum Leap. What keeps you from it?

In this concept, the lowest level of organizational consciousness involves the survival and the need for financial stability.

Hierarchy R. Barrett completed higher levels of spiritual needs.
For a man - is the search for his destiny, active life position and positive development of their community, service to society and the planet.

David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness

The closest to us all classification will David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.

David Hawkins (psychiatrist, writer and spiritual teacher), using the application kinezialogiyu and muscle testing created a map of consciousness.

According to this scale any object in the universe, whether it is a plant, an emotion, an idea, a thought, and even the political system, have a certain amount of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency and occupies a certain position - the energy level.

Consciousness is a map scale from 0 to 1000, wherein each energy level corresponds to a certain number.

Alena Starovoitova - Quantum Leap. What keeps you from it?

Going from 0 to 1000, changing the perception of the reality of man, of the perception is based on fear, the perception is based on love.

At the bottom - the level of Shame 20 points. This state is close to death, a state of complete physical and mental decline.

The highest state is not blurred convictions and beliefs - the state of enlightenment, the level of 1 000.

I know, I know ... you have in your head is spinning right now 2 questions:

How to determine what level of consciousness am I?
What to do to make a quantum leap?
Dissuade me in the comments if it is not))

Smart people say that track the time and clearly indicate the cause of the quantum leap possible.

Offer to believe their word and focus on the famous variables that you can upravlyat.A it, on the understanding that a quantum leap is not happening.

Stuck on the old level of consciousness

Yes, you are correct prochitali.Davayte visually analyze examples of "hovering". Examples of when a person, in spite of all his efforts, continues to endlessly move the beaten track in a circle.

Here we are getting to the purpose of this writing)
Immediately warn: The following examples are taken from my group for customers' Golden Keys of Excellence "and are for illustrative purposes and not to hurt someone or make a diagnosis.

Let's start with the most simple. C affirmations.

#1. Affirmations for all occasions
Think of yourself at the beginning of your spiritual search ... when you subscribed to the leaf and tirelessly murmured positive affirmations:

I deserve to live in love and abundance! The universe loves me and cares about me!

These are the basics:
You read smart books that make up the paradigm of what should in your opinion be in your life, and time after time, repeat this statement as a mantra or auditory training. The more times you do it uttered, the easier it will align with the vibration of reality where it does exist.
And now imagine that you are all my life dull muttering something under his breath ...

Smiled? )

Yes, affirmations work. At a certain stage of life.

But as soon as you believe that you have all the phrases spoken are achievable, you no longer use them.
First, remember about them at the time of the failure, and then completely forget.

Maybe affirmations just do not work?

No. It is you outgrown them. For that you will honor and praise.

# 2. Immutable Laws of the Universe

When you come to the knowledge that you're in control of any events in your life, you begin to look for information about how to implement it ... And be sure to get to the literature, which describes the laws of the universe which nobody has been able to get around.

The most common - of the intention of the work area:

The universe does not hear the word NO.
So when you articulate what you do not want to, then get in the end it is reversed.
Any of you can subscribe to this statement. Passed on personal opyte.No this does not mean that it will be for the rest of your life ?!

Once you integrate and understand the law on the reflex level, it ceases to influence your life.

Surely, you've met spiritual masters, who through word used denial. Does this mean that they are bad teachers who are not familiar with the basic laws? Probably not. They just turn in his message to the people that have already outgrown this law. Not far to seek - I own this. When working with newcomers, I certainly do emphasize how important it is to teach yourself to think positively and to formulate desirable correctly. But with an advanced audience, which is already written on the inside, I do not even mention about that ... grown.

# 3. Endless activate chakras

Let us turn to energy practices.

What is the task of putting a man starting to energy practices?

Rather, he wants to activate your energy system. To make it work smoothly and distortion.

The ideal, in my opinion, for this option - Energy exercises.
You do it every day. Until then, until you start to feel like curled energy flow in your body.

Should I continue to do it every day after that?


If everything works as it should, let it work. Why interfere? You can always go back to the gym when you feel fatigue ...
The most important thing you've already done: regained sensitivity and efficiency.

#4. Tips and other "crutches»

Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. But the fact that people believe in it, that person is required vremya.Chtoby was easier to believe, it gives tips and guidance from above. Which works perfectly ... until the moment when he did not gather sufficient evidence and did not verify this on their own experience.

After that hints DISAPPEAR ... unaccustomed people feel abandoned and forgotten.
How many years ... and were helped, and then back ... SILENCE. And there comes a dark night of the soul.

If a person continues to look around once a crutch, he fails and is rolled back on a lot of steps back. It begins stagnation. After all, spiritual development can not be an end in itself.

Along with the spiritual plane achievements comes a higher level of responsibility. Responsibility for one's actions.
You either sit behind the wheel of the car, turn on the ignition and rulish ... or continue to sit and wait until the wheel will sit someone else and will take you to the right place.

You do not stop what to look for answers on the outside and wait for the signal from the side ... You just lost the questions and you always know / feel that you need to do at some point in time.

If this is your hang point, ask yourself:
How much more confirmation you need to move in your chosen direction?

#5. Spiritual Fiction and forecasts

This is my pet peeve))

First you swallow book after book in search of knowledge. Then "hooked" on channeling and a day can not live without another prediction. And I'm not talking about those who read and forget ... among my audience is almost no such people. I myself practice and attracts like a magnet those who are willing to practice and to act to change their lives.

So what's the problem you ask in bewilderment.
The problem is that each instrument once.

In the channeled messages of information as such is practically net.Zato is vibration, which turns something inside you and give impetus to further development. Well, and of course support you in your endeavors (see. The example above). A kind of spiritual vibration DOPING.

The longer you take the doping, the more difficult then the body to learn to live on their own.

Are you ill, you lose reference points, stuck - channeling to help you.
But if you can not live without them, and the day they become dependent, which blocks your innate ability to rise to any of the levels of being ... even the highest.

So, before you 5 examples from different areas of life, although it would be possible to bring a lot more.

All these examples have one thing:

Each of them can serve as an excellent tool for the expansion of consciousness and trigger a new quantum leap.

A can become a crutch that keeps you on the old level.

Now your turn, ladies and gentlemen.


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