Jump completed. Why we have not been put in Unity?

Three years after the date of 12/22/12 sacred of all the years we have continued to monitor the growing level of vibration of human consciousness (GCS). (Further, we refer to the article "The transition to the next octave of humanity»

Now we can say that during this time there was a leap in the collective consciousness of people. And we were able to pass ... and where to go - let's deal
Why we have not hit the Unity?

Go back to the table of Drunvalo Melchizedek, in which we focus these years. I recall that the frequencies in the first seven rows of the table correspond to the hydrocarbon humanity (in thousands of units on the scale of David Hawkins).

Chakra Note Frequency (Hz)
muladhara to 32.7 65.4 130.8 261.6 523.2
SWADHISTAN D 36.7 73.4 146.8 293.0 587.2
Manipur MI 41.2 82.4 164.8 329.6 659.2
Anahata Fa 43.65 87.3 174.6 349.2 698.4
vishudha Salt 49.0 98.0 196.0 392.0 784.0
Ajna La 55.0 110.0 220.0 440.0 880.0
Sahasrara C 61.74 123.48 246.95 493.9 987.8
OCTAVE January 2 3 4 5
The fundamental frequency of Schumann

Table 1. The frequency distribution of the octaves (by D. Melchizedek)

Bob Frissel familiar with D.Melhisedekom, in his book "we are spiritual beings, is going through the experience of human life," said the five levels of consciousness.

"When the sinking of Atlantis, the spatial level of our planet and its inhabitants down to the level of high overtones of the fourth dimension, where the human race has been endowed with consciousness of unity, to the third dimension ... (1 octave in Table 1).

Attention! "Spatial level measurement" and "level of consciousness" - a different concept
! There are many levels of spatial dimensions at each level of consciousness.

However, despite the fall in the space level, this event was a necessary step forward evolution of planetary consciousness. Here's why.

There are five levels of consciousness (5 octaves of Table 1), which are associated with life. These levels have nothing to do with 144 dimensions and overtones octave, for example, can remain on the higher overtones of the fourth dimension, and at the same time to be on the first level of consciousness. That is exactly what was the case with the inhabitants of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The first, third and fifth levels imply different degrees of awareness of Being and Unity, in general, are in harmony with it, while the second and fourth "disharmonious". The second and fourth levels, there is no awareness of Oneness, whereby the existence of them rife with various conflicts and other disharmonious, mismatched phenomena. However, the second and fourth levels - the inevitable stages of the transition from the first level to the third and from third to fifth
In other words, in terms of the evolution of the first level corresponds to more primitive than ours, mode of consciousness - despite the fact that at this level of the world of Atlantis belongs to the fourth dimension »
Bob Frissel writes that "On the third level we will find Unity Consciousness in a higher, more advanced form».

Let's stop and we shall understand - but where is this long-awaited unity? Why did not we see it?

Unfortunately, the long-awaited goal moved again, and blame for this leap of consciousness.

Astrus all the time says, "Jump, jump, jump" ... (Astrus - a spiritual essence, which was released on contact with scientists and writers VY and TS Tikhoplav through St. Petersburg psychic Kretova SE link.)

After analyzing hydrocarbon humanity at the moment, and comparing it to the table 1, we can clearly see that we very quickly got through the second and third octave!

What does it mean?

The vibrations of consciousness of mankind, after the sinking of Atlantis (long 13 thousand years) were at an octave frequency level 1. (Remember that this boundary with the world of the dead (61 thousand) was overcome in December 2012).

Now, (January 2016), the level of the collective consciousness of the people of vibration corresponds to the beginning of the fourth octave - 2 million 700 thousand on the scale of David Hawkins. (See Table 1).

The second and third octave humanity overcome in just 3 years (2012-2015 inclusive). Otherwise, as the jump it will not name!

That's why we did not come to a long-awaited Unity!

We once again hit the disharmonious levels! And to Oneness, we still have to raise the level of consciousness at least 2 times. And already on the platform of the fifth level of consciousness, in the unity of consciousness, we begin to climb the spatial overtones and begin the Golden Age.

... The Earth's surface is several times larger than we think. She has the same number of bodies, as in humans. This ecological niches ... Now you go into one of these niches. Mankind will be given the opportunity to get only three. Once in the eighth niche, you would have moved to another system with its sun ... (written in 2011)

That is why today a great number of local conflicts on the planet - we are at the beginning of the octave, which will reveal all the "sores" and altered consciousness of humanity will be able to understand and accept the heart and with all your senses is the most UNITY. Unity of being.

To do this, we are now, and "mixed". When your neighbor becomes a real person of a different nationality, and you'll see his smile and a willingness to live without interfering with each other, and helping, then that's when you "to the bone" feel the UNITY.

But the wave of migration has risen not only because of the military conflict. The magnetic field "pulls" for many years, the magnetic poles have shifted and they have to move people. It is necessary to treat it as a necessary inevitability. Just understand that this is going to happen and will happen. And, by and large, it will, as a result, in harmony for everyone - and for the planet and for the people. That's all.

If we talk about the level of each individual vibrations, the range is now extremely wide! Moreover, after a certain numbers it makes no sense to measure it, t. To. There infinity ...

"What might happen to the physical body - it does not move, and LEAP. Behind the jump will be 200 years of the transition period. The jump is quick but the deployment will last for 200 years. And this time, people will live to 176 years. And in 5 years will begin to rise this life (it was said in 2011) ... »

We believe that the world will all three crystal lattice of consciousness - the Australian Aborigines, our present and Christ Consciousness Grid. Choose what suits you!

At present, the personal level of consciousness specific vibration of each person depends not only on the efforts of man himself, as it was in the second octave. It was required to make a choice. And now, when you made a choice, as is still in the physical body, you are included in the overall mechanism of change. no one knows the great changes! Therefore, we can only observe, monitor, and does not interfere with the whole place is going to happen.

We are now in Bali. We live in a small guest-house (guest house) is very smiling hostess Nёman with all of her large family. Here most of the Russian, there are French, Australians, Czechs, Ukrainians. I noticed, that live side by side, very comfortable, despite the shared kitchen and a shared fridge! All your life rhythm - there are larks and owls, have to work and rest. Nobody does not hinder anybody, all friendly and quietly scurrying about their business and do not even meet in this small space! We have visited many countries, and have noticed lately that the telepathic abilities of people greatly increased. Language barrier practically disappeared.

To make it what to think, to see to its own transformation, we complete the story once again turned to Bob Frisselu.

"Creatures of the three (five) different levels of growth, the number of chromosomes that make up the genetic material of cells, and memory shape, that is a way of perception of the past.

Shape memory available on the first level is called "the time of the memory of the dream." Today, Australian Aborigines, and not have passed from the first level to the second (perhaps because they had no written language), known to the state, which they call "alchera", which means "dream time." From their point of view, it is the basis of reality. In general, due to the "memory of the dream time," a person is able to recreate everything that happened in the past, holographically. For example, if yesterday was a tribal assembly, the native took part in it could holographically recreate the scene, including everything that was said and done - it's exactly like a "holodeck" in the TV series "Star Trek". And if someone else will enter this stage, he will be able to relive every moment.

At the third level of consciousness (and we got through it!) We will have a so-called "real-time memory." Thanks to all you think is real, he immediately becomes a reality: the reality is instantaneous or results of thoughts and feelings. One has only to think of something, and - voila! - It appears in front of you as a very real thing. Think of the yesterday's meeting - and just get transferred there, but it will not be a holographic copy. Past, present and future is available - all available instantly, because all this is happening in a certain sense, at the same time. Time - not a straight line, appears on the second level; it is more like a sphere. Thus, this form of access to the past is part of the level of consciousness, higher compared to the "time of dreams».

At the second level of consciousness we have to rely on their relatively weak personal memories and various technical means invented, to strengthen memory. Essentially, it is the invention of writing was a decisive step in the transition from the first level to the second, from the "memory of the dream time" to the bad memory of the current level of consciousness. Obviously, the traces of the "dream time" preserved in our time. In the first centuries of the Egyptian civilization, some 5000 years ago. Ascended Master, which in Egypt was known as the god Thoth, the writing was introduced with the goal to once and for all to bring the human race from the "dream time."


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