Thanks to the food a person can change his fate.

To study the effect of food on human health, the most frequently used experiments with rats.

This is due to the fact that these animals are food preferences are almost identical to dietary habits of people. Maybe that's why the rat so get along well in the places of human habitation.

I want to give the results of some experiments, which are described in the book MI Volosyanka and IA Potapova "Alchemy of the rejuvenation of the body. Unconventional approach. »

One of the experiments was as follows:

At first, the newborn in rats fed with natural milk, why they lived happily ever after, frolicked and quickly grew.

But then, replaced by artificial milk mixture, which, by its composition, was completely identical to the milk up to the enzymes.

The only difference is this mixture of milk lay in the fact that its ingredients were obtained from not living matter, and artificially.

But, as a result of substitution, rat languished and began to die one after another.


After all, they still gave the whole range of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all other components of natural milk only in the form of an artificial mixture.

But the life span of rats on an artificial mixture was even shorter than plain water.

The next stage of the experiment was the fact that an artificial mixture started to add a bit of natural milk, a few drops.

As a result, the rats once again began to feel great, become nimble and agile as ever.

As this was in the natural milk, which is lacking in an artificial mixture?

After all, the mixture is almost completely, reproduce the molecular structure of milk. However, it was not enough to sustain life in rats.

The conclusion here may be: Scientists have created an artificial mixture is not included in its composition is only one element inherent in all living things invisible field structure, known under such names as "biofield", "aura", "soul"
It is known that all living beings have biofield, as soon as it disappears, living organism turns into a lifeless, that is, in the body.

The above experiment lets us know that the biofield have not only living things, but also food.

Biofield is energy. The second law of thermodynamics states that "energy is not taken out of nowhere and does not disappear, it merely transformed from one form to another»
The human body also has this energy, called biofield. He gets this energy from food.

This energy is so strong that even a meager share it enough to maintain the life of the organism.

Biofield heterogeneous and has many "shades". About these shades psychics often tell when a person is diagnosed aura and define its color scheme.

Aura food also varies. Some products have a strong positive energy, while others have a weak aura, others do not have it at all.

How to identify biofield food?

First of all, we note that the biofield gives food Nature.

Wood breathes soul into its fruit. Once the fetus ripped off, filling it with bio-energy stops, and it starts to dry out gradually. Different fruits have different rate of decrease of the biofield.

So, tomatoes energy dries much faster than the energy of the apple, because apple remains fresh during the whole year, and for tomato yield is only a month.

Cooked foods significantly lose their aura, although partly it is stored.

Any boiled product is suitable for use for, just, days, although, in its raw form it can be stored in the tens and hundreds of times longer.

Therefore, boiled food recommend to eat immediately after cooking until it has cooled down.

Biofield soup most strongly, as soon as he was removed from the plate, but after that, it starts to dry out very quickly. The cold prevents this process, but only very slightly.

Any processing of products promises the loss of vital energy.

The more times the food is processed, the less field energy is stored in it, though, belkovokaloriynye parameters can remain unchanged.

Another experiment was conducted on rats:

A thousand test was divided into three groups, according to three groups of people.

The first group was called the "Whitechapel" (the title of one of the areas of London), the other "Indians" and the third "Hunza" (mountainous nation, leading a simple life, eat mainly raw food and famous for its impeccable health).

All rats were kept in the same conditions, the differences were only in their diet.

"Whitechapel" The group ate in the same way as the citizens of London bread and flour products, jams, meats, preserves, eggs, sweets, tea, boiled vegetables, etc.

Rats of the "Indians" of the group ate exactly what eats the population of India.

Ration "Hunza" was made up of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and other products that were part of the food of the mountain tribe.

The rats were monitored for the duration of his life. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of food on the health of rats, and that's what results were obtained:

Rats from "Whitechapel" had been ill all the diseases specific to residents of the UK capital, ranging from children's diseases to chronic and age-related diseases.

Health and Disease "Hindus" rats were exactly appropriate to the health and disease of the Indian population.

The state of the health of the "Hunza" rats was excellent, which corresponds to the state of health of the eponymous mountain peoples.

This experiment confirmed that nutrition plays a crucial role in human health.

"Civilized" British food has awarded them a variety of diseases of civilization.

"The semi-civilized" Indians eating part has kept their health.

But perfect health was only in Hunza, which feed on the "wild", that is, raw food.

However, this experiment has revealed one, yet even more important part than health. While that may be more important than health, but it turns out there is something.

Rats from "Whitechapel" group acted nervous and belligerent, they bite each other and bite to death, even to death.

In contrast rat "Hunza" throughout his life was peaceful, cheerful, spent their time in games and relaxing holiday.

Note that prior to the beginning of the experiment, the rats did not differ from each other on the behavior. Just a different power was the result of such a different behavior.

So, the food has an impact not only on the state of our physical health, but also on mental health, too.

In other words, aggression, belligerence, irritability is nothing but a variation in mental health caused, again, by our addiction to unnatural food.

That's what modern scientists have come as a result of much experimentation, it has been long known oriental sages.

Vedic tradition Power:

In the Vedic tradition, all the food can be divided into three types:. Sattvic, rajasic and tamasic

This division corresponds to three "modes of material nature": Satwa, Rajas and Tamas
These gunas, according to the Hindus, manage life energy of all living beings in this material world.

Satwa represents harmony, wisdom and holiness. Food having sattvic energy ennobles man, gives him a sober mind and body health.

This food is for those people who wish to follow the path of perfection of the spirit and attain enlightenment. This food monks, sages and righteous people.

By sattwic products belong to fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey, cereals.

In the Indian tradition, there is no strict separation of food and crude processed, but raw organic food (with rare exceptions) are sattvic.

Two main criteria by which determined by the food belonging to the Satwa, it is of vegetable origin and freshness. Vegetables and fruits should certainly be fresh.

Rice, breads, cereals and other dishes are also sattvic, but must be fresh, just removed from the heat and do not contain in its composition of meat, fish and spices.

The second criterion sattvic food it should be simple (lean) and does not induce strong taste sensations.

Taste, according to the Hindus, affecting the sensory organs in the human body cause the fire of passion.

Passion is feeling strong and the main enemy of man, aspiring to peace, holiness and spiritual growth.

Therefore, foods with a strong taste (bitter, sweet, spicy) no longer belongs to the sattvic.

In this regard, the onion and garlic, though are natural raw food, but, due to its pungent taste, do not apply to sattwic.

Sometimes sattwic categories include food and milk even.

Rajas represents the energy, the passion, bellicosity. Rajasic food fills the human body a variety of desires and passions.

This meal Raja, a ruler, a warrior. This food is for people who want to bodily pleasures: gluttons, drunks, lovers
Criterion rajasic food strong taste. Spicy, salty, sweet, fried, smoked and skillfully cooked food belongs to rajasic.

All food animal meat, fish, poultry, too, are Rajasic. This includes all spirits, drugs and medicines.

Rajasic food changes the state of the human mind, fills it with energy, but, along with it, and passion.

It is recommended to use the warriors before battle, before the lovers love joys.

But desire, penetrated into the human body with food, destroy the body and cloud the mind.

To satisfy your appetite, a person kills an animal, but eating it, it fills your body desires and folly, and then, in a fit of passion, he unleashes a war and killing people.

So, all the killings, whether animal or human, are caused by rajasic food.

Desire and passion will never leave a person eating rajasic food.

In an effort to meet the desires, the man sits down at the elegantly set table, but the dishes eaten them only inflame passion.

So a person is in the cycle of desire, in a vicious circle, where the desire to satisfy the bodily passion only leads to its strengthening.

Surging passion deplete the human body, which leads to diseases of the body, and early death.

But after his death, the desire not to leave the man, and the inability to meet them leads to a "hellish suffering" in the afterlife.

Tamas symbolizes the decline, decay, death. Tamasic food, according to the Hindus, is the food, which is generally not suitable for consumption.

This includes the rotten and stale food that smells bad and unpleasant taste. Sattvic and rajasic foods, over time, when it begins to deteriorate, turns into a tamasic.

Rotten fruit and vegetables, moldy bread, sour milk, fermented soup, all examples of tamasic food.

Sometimes tamasic food include even cooled after cooking.

Food cooked and set in refrigerator or other cool place, definitely belongs to the tamasic.

Re-heating will not change its status. Tamasic food fills the human body the most low-lying energies, destroys the body and mind.

Apathy, depression, weakness, ignorance, stupidity of it all the characteristics of a person consuming a tamasic food.

This is the food of the lower strata of society slaves, and presently homeless.

Power tamasic food leads to a lot of ulcers, both outside and inside the man.

The body starts to hurt, degrade, teeth fall out, fetid smell comes as a breath, and on the whole body.

Mental activity comes to a standstill, the consciousness of man plunges into hopeless darkness.

Soul tamasic person in the next life is embodied in the image of the animal, and it is not punishment, but the salvation of man, so that, having run in the form of a ram, he chewed fresh herbs and thus picked up the life-giving energy, which he squandered in human form, eating garbage civilization.

Thus, in ancient times, people realized that the quality of food is determined not only human health, but also his mental state, mental activity, aspiration, and even his fate after death.

Sattvic (holy) man ascends to God, rajasic (passionate) persons suffering in the fire of his passions, tamasic (spiritually dead) person is immersed in complete oblivion.

Through food, people have an easy way to change your destiny.

Just changing your diet, you can become a vagabond of the saint of the killer in the sage of the slave of passions in his master's fate.

How many quarrels, wars and armed conflicts could be avoided if people ate properly.

The food can turn a herd of sheep in a regiment of soldiers, and the soldiers in the company of the wise men of the regiment.

Sattwic food clean by nature and has a cleaning capacity. Her sacred energy purifies the human body, clears the mind, cleanses the chakras.

In humans, eating sattvic food disappear baser desires, becomes sober mind, washed spiritual channels, chakras disclosed.

"Space Eyes" are able to perceive the truth of light emitted by the Absolute. On the enlightenment of man descends, it becomes holy.

Rajasic food to light the holy person's energy mixes multicolored paint passion.

The light of truth, through the prism of colored desires, distorted, and the man, instead of striving for God, begins to strive for riches and pleasures.

His "cosmic eye" closed, the person loses the path leading to the Absolute, because then begins to make a fuss of various philosophies, each of which is only a dim reflection of the truth.

Tamasic food and immerses the person completely in darkness. Arriving at the temple, such a person instead of asking about the light and the truth begins to beg.

Instead, the rise to the level of a saint, a person descends to the animal level.

Chakra no longer be such a person, life wisdom eludes him, and he begins to feel that life is chaotic and full of coincidences.

The sea life is such a person as a drowned man, descended to the bottom.

If vzglyanёm the modern world, we see that the majority of the population professes rajasic way of eating.

Cooking soared on most Olympus. Well decorated table is considered to be the best way to celebrate the holiday.

But, in the mists of time, when the first holiday, they were dedicated to God and Nature (which are one and the same), and celebrated by men in prayer and abstinence from food, but not in gluttony and drunken stupor.

Restaurants, bars, snack bars here places that tend to get people, and in which they rest from affairs and find happiness.

Needless to say that before, for mental and physical relaxation, people came to the temple and there found peace and happiness.

And even earlier, in place of the temple, people went to nature and in harmony with it acquire a fortune.

Rajasic energy to rule the world. Rajas means passion, desire.

In satisfaction of the constantly growing desires directed a steady growth of the economy.

When you stop the growth? Economists answer this question: never! And they are right a hundred percent.

Economic growth can not be stopped without stopping, before people desire growth. This desire to control people, forcing tremble at the sight of a variety of products in stores.

That desire to force people to work hard day and night to spend all their energies on making money.

That desire to stand at the origins of "The Cult of Pleasure", a cult that makes enjoying mainly the meaning of life, and all other values ​​(faith in God, take care of nature, spiritual growth) reduces to the rank of minor.

Due to the insatiable desires are unleashed bloody wars, dictators and enslave whole nations.

Economy, flying forward, the war industry, all of this is a cause of environmental pollution caused muddy rivers and seas, stinking air, the dominance of debris of destroyed ecosystems, the extinction of entire species of flora and fauna.

At the core of all things, are people's desires, and desires are heated food.


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