The Karmic Laws Of The Universe


In the pursuit of happiness people always forget that we are in this world only guests, that the universe existed millions of years before us and will exist millions of years after, being sustainable and self-sufficient organism that is protected from destruction by the laws of the equilibrium of the Universe, which in another way are called karmic laws.

Everything that happens in the Universe of phenomena, the whole world around us are subject to the action of these laws.

1.The law implementation

2.The law of consonance

3.The law of merger

4.The law of change

5.The law of rhythm

6.The law of duality

7.The law of the pendulum

8.The law of causality

9.The law of balance

1.The law implementation. Everything is a thought. The idea is primary and precedes any materialization. In life we get what currently nemyslel.

The law of implementation, based on the mentality of the Universe, is the very Foundation of our lives. Everything that happens to us that initially appears in our mind as a mental image. Exactly my thoughts we embody reality.

The world we used to call reality, is actually real only in relation to a specific person, as arranged by himself – his beliefs, desires, aspirations, fears and concerns.

Thanks to the law of implementation, the images (both positive and negative) created by our thoughts, materialists and manifested in everything that surrounds us.

The intensity of the mental images filling our mental energy depends on the degree of their influence on our lives: some images will not play a decisive role in our destiny, while others will occupy a lasting place.

2.The law of consonance. As below, so above. Small is still great. What happens to us, happens with the Universe. And Vice versa.

Every person is unique, irreplaceable part of the Universe is constant feedback. That is why, when it comes to harmony with the Universe, primarily refers to the harmony of man with himself.

Everything that happens to us is a signal of how harmonious our life, and what you should pay attention to in ourselves. When we act in tune with the desires of his soul and will not tolerate violence against her, we live in tune with the desires of the Universe. We all can, we all get. This condition is called "being in flow".

If we are good, and we feel comfortable, so for a while we trimmed its internal state with its external reflection – emerging around us situations and events in the outside world, that is reached a certain harmony.

The law of similarity allows us to understand that external stimuli that cause us uncomfortable state of mind, such as resentment, bitterness, anger, irritation and other, are merely a reflection of what we have inside what we currently are.

The law of similarity explains why no one situation is built on manipulation and violence, never and to anybody yet did not bring happiness.

You cannot change the world without changing yourself.

3.The law of merger. Like attracts like and coalesces with it.

This law explains why in life we attract only those situations and those people that are close to us on interior essence. Thanks to this law, at every stage of their life we are dealing with people whose views of the world and human relations are identical to ours.

Their environment we create for ourselves, and if it does not satisfy us, we are able to change it without having to manipulyatorstvo and violent measures. For this you need to change your way of thinking. And only then all around us will be very different people – close to us in spirit, supporting our efforts and believing in us.

The law of merger allows us a completely new way to look at the people we encounter both in pleasant and unpleasant situations. Awareness of this law gives a clear understanding of what if any quality of others we don't like, we have similar qualities, but diligently close our eyes to them.

In the face of others person always has to in front of mirror in which he can look.

4.The law of change. All is motion. Change is inevitable. Fear of change leads to stagnation. Stagnation is like death.

Everything in the Universe is subject to change. What yesterday seemed eternal and immutable, over time becoming obsolete and gives way to the new. Changing social structure, models of development of society, the principles of the social structure, belief system.

Nothing is permanent and nothing remains the same. "Everything flows, everything changes". However, we keep desperately desire stability and are afraid to part with it.

Problems mainly arise because we do not want to change anything in their life, are afraid of losing something familiar and stable, clinging to the situation, which no longer exists.

Fear of the future, forcing us to deal with impending changes and to rely on illusory stability, does not allow us to look at the situation, as the beginning of something new.

The destruction of the familiar brings us pain and shock, however, the easier we let go of the old and cease to regret the past, the sooner and less painfully will begin a new phase, which bears no less, and often even more joy and happiness than we have had in the past.

The emergence of problems shows us that it is time for change. Ends any situation is always the beginning of the next offering us a new chance at happiness. Don't be afraid of change! Boldly step forward, and your efforts will be rewarded.

5.The law of rhythm. Everything flows and flows; everything has its tides; all things arise and fall.

This law is directly linked to the law change. Any chaotic, at first glance, a movement, any phenomenon in human life and in the development of the society, subject to the universal law of rhythm. All events in our lives, thanks to this law, arranged in a particular rhythmic sequence.

The law of rhythm sometimes frightens us with its inevitability. Hard to believe that stability doesn't exist and you want to stop a moment, especially if it is fine. But the feelings rolled on us with the inevitable frequency as the tides. Sorrow alternates with joy, excitement – with equanimity, irritation with calm, sorrow with joy.

Do not despair, if life began a black stripe, and it seems that suffering has no end. No this is not a disaster. You must wait for the change of cycles, in the full confidence that everything will change. The corresponding behavior model tells us the serenity of nature, quietly passing from the condition of the day as in the night, in anticipation of what tomorrow will again dawn.

6.The law of duality. The universe is ambivalent. Every thing has its opposite, without which it cannot exist separately. Opposites are parts of a whole and differ only in the level of manifestation of qualities inherent to them.

This law tells us that any phenomenon in our Universe has its opposite, without which it could not exist. The universe is harmonious, but because we are all important and necessary parts of one great and coherent body.

Any person encountered on our way, not bad and not good. He is only human, in various situations manifested in different ways. There is no bad separately from good, as there is no joy without sorrow.

Every situation, at times the most disastrous, necessarily has its opposite – just look at it from a slightly different angle. Black would not exist without the white, the darkness points to us those boundaries behind which starts the light and exhale entails a breath.

The law of duality teaches us not to rush to label people and phenomena which meet us on the way. Always remember that the stick has two ends, and the two sides of the coin.

7.The law of the pendulum. Every thing tends to turn into its opposite, with the larger speed, than more sharply in it shown is typical of both opposites of quality. The measure of the swing to the right kompensiruet measure of the swing to the left.

Balance – the main condition for the existence of the Universe, and it restores it with the law of the pendulum.

In our daily life this law is ubiquitous. It is closely connected with the law of rhythm as the pendulum moves from side to side, subject to a certain rhythm. It thus developed our love, friendship, our faith in various world Outlook systems, our state of mind.

The law of the pendulum clearly gives us to understand: the night is darkest before the dawn and in the most gloomy black already glimmer the glimmer of the future light. Nothing is permanent, everything changes, and the measure of the swing to the right kompensiruet measure of the swing to the left.

8.The law of causality. In the Universe there is a causal relationship between phenomena. Everything that happens to us is an inevitable consequence of inherent causes in the past. In the Universe there are no coincidences. Either case represents the patterns that have not yet informed us.

"Under this law every person is in reality the master of his fate, himself gives rewards, punishes himself. This law says that all thoughts, all words, all actions have repercussions in the future of human life, and not as a reward or punishment, as commonly understand this idea, but as the inevitable result that follows its cause" (Ramacharaka).

Knowledge of the law of causality enables us to understand that everything in the Universe are closely interrelated, and nothing is random may not appear on our way. Your thoughts and actions, we are laying the circumstances of his future life.

9.The law of balance. One law of the Universe uniting to eight fundamental laws. Only when the equilibrium is reached when found the center, where the movement reaches such a speed that becomes equal to rest, can be synthesized and completed all aspects of the common law.

This single act causes all of the above-described laws, and shows us that any of karmic laws cannot be considered in isolation from the other, and that every phenomenon in the Universe is determined by their population.

Ancient esoteric knowledge of karmic laws of the Universe formed the basis of modern applied branches of psychology Karmatically, which occurred at the intersection of sociology and esoterics.

Karmatically examines the effects of universal laws on the development of society and the personality of man, as well as developing tools to overcome psychological crises, based on the karmic doctrine, the core of which is the doctrine of reincarnation, known to mankind from ancient times and is the basis of many religions.

According to the doctrine of reincarnation, the human soul does not die with the body, but consistently and repeatedly returns to Earth in other bodies in order to gain experience and learn everything.

The karmic destiny of man – knowledge, and therefore no experience is negative or positive. There is just the experience through which a human soul and understands the difference between the extreme manifestations of certain qualities. That is why we must learn to live these extreme forms, and not be afraid of them and can not be avoided.

The doctrine of the laws of the Universe tells us that there is no karmic punishment or karmic rewards. If happens something unpleasant, and violates our peace of mind, so we didn't take into consideration one of the laws and thereby upset the balance that keeps all things in the Universe.


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