9 categories connections between people influence the destiny of man

Any meeting in life - is not accidental. Each for some reason, and reason given to you. Each puts its imprint in your destiny.

According to the law of karmic connections, all appointments in life are divided into nine categories according to the degree of influence on the destiny of man and the degree of approximation of karmic connections:

1. The kids (they are normally - the closest and most important to our karma in the life of people);
2. Favorite;
3. Spouses;
4. Parents, brothers and sisters;
5. Relatives;
6. Friends;
7. Co-workers;
8. Familiar;
9. Random passers-by.

A close karmic connection means that we have met many times in their past lives, are in close relationships and may have been somewhat to blame in front of a man, or he to us. It may be that we were the cause of a great misfortune for him in the past and are now paying the price for their cruel mistakes that have to be this man to carry out his every whim, to hear the claim. If we put fate in such circumstances, therefore, there is a reason.

The remoteness of karmic connection, the less we met and had contacts in the past, energy, and less of them we have in real life.
It is believed that from incarnation to incarnation, we go "packs" or rather, "baskets" as one brood chicks. "Baskets" are different vibrations. These vibrations we recognize a person from his "basket", no matter how scattered our fate. "Suddenly," having met, we immediately understood each other perfectly.

This does not mean that we have no relations with people from other "baskets". They are very complex and heavy karmic connection, but we only comfortable with her. Sometimes the karma caused us to be alone all his life and did not meet any of his. Well, then, we deserve it.
Let's start with the farthest category influences us the most weak, it includes people with whom we have the most minimal karmic connections.


The first counter we did not give everything to the penny, and do not go to the ends of the earth. Co random passers-by have only contacts that match this karmic category - will be more confused. The main way to interact with passers - equivalent exchange, which is an indicator of our friendly relations to the world

. If you need to take a decision in respect of the person you see for the first time, for example, whether to provide assistance, on which you are asked whether to buy things that you suggest - listen to your feelings. Try to understand, pleasant or unpleasant energy impulse comes from the person and how this impulse in you responds. For example, those who impose their goods on the street, often goes a good pulse of energy (they are specifically to this study), but if you listen to yourself, there is a vague uneasy feeling.


These are people with whom we often or not so often, but we meet in life. In the category of friends, we can not write them because I did not feel a great affinity with them. In general, we do not know them well enough to understand who they are for us, except that acquaintances.

This friends, neighbors, the permanent hairdresser, bathhouse attendant, school teachers of our children and parents of school friends of our children. Category This is the most extensive in our lives. And how differently we behave in the bath and in the parents' meeting, so in many ways we build our energy relationship with different friends.

All of us, the people of Earth, are one and the like, and we have a common task. The way each person lives, depends on the whole life of society as a whole, which means that each one of us.

Energy cooperation with the familiar category of the most diverse. Familiar we can perceive as a very close and nice people, love them more than the family, be spiritually united with them, and we can take some of them even hostile. Depending on this we build our relationship with them.


People related to us in the case, karma is closer than just friends. But they are in no way be confused with the friends and relatives. Otherwise, it may very hurt and business relationships and friendships, and related. Not to mention the fact that the case itself could crumble into dust. Interact with co-workers can only go on the equivalent exchange.

The old lady, the director of a shoe store, "as a friend" hires daughter of his high school girlfriend. By coincidence, the girl gets into a situation where it becomes the cause huge trouble. Store manager barely misses a court. All in shock. School friend goes into the category of the hated enemy. Meanwhile blame only itself respectable lady. Business relationships must be based only on the business osnove.No lady is not fully realized their error, because the conclusion that she has learned from the lesson, read: do not do the good people


Karmic friends category opens a series of friends and relatives. And relationships are built quite differently with them. In the previous three categories of relationships built on the basis of mutually beneficial exchange. Karmic relationships friends suggest selfless support, assistance without regard to what you get in return.

Why are we driving fate? Why, among the thousands of people encountering one person suddenly feel the kinship of our souls? Because this relationship really is. We did not always remember and understand, but always feel that we - the chickens from one basket. We understand each other, we seem to think, we have the same values ​​in life. We cosmically one basket. How and why is this happening? The issue is that of tomorrow.

There is an ancient truth: it is better to be deceived friends than whole life does not trust them. If friends have deceived you, well, then you made a mistake and took the wrong people for his friends. Blame only you. Learn to distinguish between categories of karmic!


We came into this world not by chance, but by the cosmic laws, which are to comprehend until the end we are not given. We - a piece of the whole society of the planet Earth, so the state of our soul depends on the state of society as a whole

. Directly and this is reflected in the fact that we "cleanse" a kind of karma. That estmy obliged (by birth) to solve their family problems, to help relatives to accumulate positive energy kind, releasing the next generation of generic diseases and karmic problems.

Rod, in which we have come to interact with us in many ways. One it is given as a guardian. Rhode protects against misfortunes, helps in life, directs and in difficult moments gives strength. So, we deserve something this support! These roots must be preserved, bequeath, multiplying traditions.

Another kind is given as a test. In overcoming the generic problems, and sometimes curses that are on it, growing stronger soul, tempered, gaining strength, and thus clears the roots, because the man himself - a piece of nature. Overcoming the negative in himself, he thus clears the genus as a whole.

However, there are people who have very little dependent on the kind of karma. Apparently, because they have a very serious personal problem and a difficult mission in life on their own karma. Such people leave the parental home early, leaving far away from home, quickly acquiring autonomy and independence, even with close relatives maintained a very weak link. They often have a difficult path in life, and usually they are big complex cases.

Unfortunately, too many people playing the kindred feelings, ready to destroy the morale of their loved ones and not even feel it did no good. This macrobiotic "vampires" of them should be closed. And yet, how else, if even a distant relative appeals to you with a request - do not deny, do everything in your power. This is your generic structure, it will bear your children and grandchildren, it depends on you, how clean, friendly and strong roots they would get.

With relatives rarely possible equivalent energy exchange. Either we use their energy, or giving them your own. Often recycle negatives of each other. We have sometimes closed. And all of this is normal for this category of relations due to the specificity of the generic energy processes.


Relationships that add you to the closest relatives - the clearest indicator of your relationship to the ancestral karma. If the family several children, each of them may have their own relationship with the family and, therefore, its generic component due to karma.

That's the way our world is that one of the children can be complete carrier father's karma, the other - the mother of karma, and the third is kept clean from these debts. There may be much more complex weave karmic family lines between brothers and sisters. Two daughters can carry karma mother and father transmits pure genetic line of his grandson. Brother and sister will inherit his father's problems, and the mother passes to her grandson their creative talents. The options here as much as families in this world.

The favorable relationship between brothers and sisters, selfless and friendly - a great gift of fate and invaluable support granted to air

. But if the relationship is not going well, and even very bad, let us not forget, then, that they are our brothers and sisters, given to us from above. And no matter what happens, we must humbly accept what is given to us. Let us reasonable support our families - it is our karma, what we owe them somewhere and now give

. If an alcoholic brother, asking for money to spend on them, it is our duty not to give it everything we have, but to do everything to save him. However, not against his will. Everything that is done against the will of man is evil.

If there was a quarrel between the sisters and brothers, forgive the offenders, we deserve these insults, maybe we are guilty more in our mutual misunderstanding of each other. Ledge and go for reconciliation - a kind of working off karma. Rehearsing karma, clearing the way for our children and grandchildren.

No matter how evolved our relationship with parents - forgive them and ask forgiveness for what we do not understand them. Whatever it was, these people are given to us by God - therefore, we deserved it and this must humbly accept what is given


Marriages are made in heaven. The couple - are the people who will build together their own destiny. Karmic dependence on a spouse is much more than the dependence on parents. The failure in marriage is experienced often much heavier than "difficult" childhood. It is perceived as the collapse of the plans and hopes of youth. Not everyone is able to find the strength to start all over again, sometimes in the not young. Joint children continue to bind spouses and divorced.

You have chosen a man to wife, and now he (or she) does not suit you. But you have chosen - means this man something consistent? It turns out that you have chosen what corresponded to themselves at the moment! Now we need to understand why fate brought you. What should you give to each other, to teach and to learn through your appointment.

Energy relations between the spouses does not know borders. From the wife is almost impossible to "close." Karma two fuses and it becomes common. Energy harmonious couple is so large that they are virtually indestructible. Alien, disharmonious influences can interfere only for a time, two energy displaces all disturbing, destroying all the negatives.

But if you're on the second day or the second year after the wedding, we found a serious disharmony in the relationship with her husband, so your task - to do everything to make them more harmonious as possible. You can not just pick up and leave. Spouse - not a random passerby. This is another level of karmic relationships. The fate provoked you on karmic work.

When you answer to your all questions and take all the hard mental work, you have a feeling of emptiness appears. There will be no irritation, no anger, there will be resentment, you will know what to blame themselves. Then you will be free, you will be entitled to make a choice, is entitled to break off a relationship that does not bring joy to anyone. But your karmic work should be carried out "one hundred", you can not fool yourself. Problem solved when they leave emotions and remains reasonable, light attitude to everything going on.

Marriage - it's an experience of serving another person. This is to test the ability to love and empathy, the ability to take another's point of view, listen to it, despite any difference of views.

How much gets your soul, if you serve diligently and selflessly, with humility and love for man. How happy are the people, when eating with a peck of salt, they finally grow harmoniously with each other, taking a spouse for what he is, love him with all my heart and the dignity of its shortcomings. Do not think that this simple humility before life or the fear of it. When people reach harmony, it is always the result of a huge inner workings of both.


Well, when the favorite wife and coincide in one person. It is more difficult when they are different people. The relationship with your loved ones are being built almost the same way as spouses. But if marriage can be a difficult karma, love - is always happy, and it is given as a reward, perhaps, for the good working off his karmic debts, it must be preserved as a precious gift

. If true love is not mutual, it gives us even higher state of mind, when we are able to wish for happiness with another favorite, with the one she loves.

Energy cooperation between lovers can be only one - the gift. Give the whole world, to give oneself, to give every ounce of his energy. Feel like a priceless gift does not disappear with every breath, but only multiplied, growing, gaining new strength.


Chief karmic debt living in the human world - duty to the child. With the parent feed usually absorbed the concept of the world, good and evil, they are absorbed somewhere deep in the feelings, even when it is not spoken aloud.

What a way to interact with the child you choose - a matter of taste, character education, but most importantly, ask yourself often: "What I stimulated him this action, this particular word?»

You punished her child - showed that you give him? An example of cruelty, hardness hands, having power, or how to be free and to be responsible for their actions? How much sensitivity as the subtleties required a parent to feel that it responds to the little man, in response to the actions and words of adults. Only the infinite energy of love to a child can help in this difficult, sometimes intuitive operation of the soul.

In conclusion we can say that such a division into categories karmic very conditional. One and the same person can be for us in the one case, a colleague in another case - the other, the third - a loved one, relative, brother. The point is not to hang on each individual label "casual passer-by" or "best loved of all the favorite." The problem is that at the moment of communication every time to understand what is happening, what is permissible and what is unacceptable with this person in this situation.

Author: El Tat


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