Karma and illness.

You must have read that people have the disease causes in the mind, that negative thoughts and emotions create negative energy and power in the energy system and organs. Many books have been written on the subject - it wrote Liz Bourbeau, Louise Hay, Valery Sinelnikov and other authors. Many thanks to them for their work, they have done much to ensure that people are aware that their health depends on them.

Yes, indeed, negative thoughts and emotions can create and do create illness of the human body. But this is not the only cause of diseases. There are other reasons, and they - the karmic. The disease appears as karmic, and started their own mind negative thoughts / emotions / energy already superimposed on an existing cause. Pure somatic disorders is really a bit.

As there is a karmic disease? In past incarnations by some their actions, we create negative energy created karma that has come to us in this embodiment in the form of karmic records in the grid. If someone thinks that these records go as far as the human consciousness of growth, it is not so. To remove them, you need a special work. And as incarnations we have had many hundreds, and enough of them were dark, and the records of a lot. And they create problems for us - or from situations and relationships, or health. If someone thinks that he had only light embodiment, it is very misleading. You told us that you were in the past incarnations healers, priests, shamans. Yes it is. However, all who are now interested in spirituality, there were also black magicians, servants of the dark cults, etc. And this is not surprising. In order to ultimately select light, we need to be investigated including dark side. Without this experience, as you know, we are not out of what would have been chosen. And only examining one and the other hand, plunged into darkness, and knowing the light, we have been able to make a choice. Often people themselves chose a negative experience, and become victims of illegal introductions. But again, it was the training and experience. And there is no one (!), Which would not be dark incarnations, and you need to know about it in order to heal them, because they have an impact on us in the here and now.

Some of those who are now engaged in spiritual development, feel that they are in fact more than what they are now, they have been in past lives extraordinary psychic abilities and opportunities. It really is a sense of the power that they possessed in the past. But the results of those lives when they use that power not for good, these abilities were they are covered by Over dictates. Now, if a person develops his mind, and (mandatory!) Purifies negative karma, these abilities will be returned to him. And only if he moves to the light and works on himself.

Karmic recording by our acts there as a negative energy structures in our organs and systems. And these structures are superimposed our own negative energy that we create our thoughts and emotions. And how could we not heal your mind, as it does not get rid of fear, rejection, suppressed anger and the rest of the negativity that is deposited in the body in the form of dark energy, we can not be healed until they are removed karmic patterns, which became the original cause disease bodies. These structures, as has been said, are only removed the special work with karma.

It has become fashionable to say that karma is canceled. Unfortunately, this is not true, and true clairvoyants know it, because they see the karmic records that have not disappeared. And people continue to get sick and die. Now, if the karma was not, then all would have been already fully Zdorovenki and schastlivenkimi and would not have any problems.

And the sick and dying people involved in spiritual development. In my memory went wonderful bright people age over the past few years from 37 to 57 years who are actively engaged in self-development and have the potential to reach an even higher consciousness. Unfortunately, the spiritual man is not freed from the karma of past incarnations, it affects him as well as everyone else, without exception. Its only advantage - if he did not believe the tales that karma is not, he can heal that karma, if he possess the abilities and specific knowledge and skills to remove the karma, or if the appeal to the Karmic Healer. So what is the choice of everyone - either to wear rose-colored glasses and believe in the absence of karma, and at the same time suffer from diseases and unresolved situations and relationships, or to heal the karma to heal sicknesses, and to harmonize their relations and the situation
Not all clairvoyants and healers see the karmic patterns. Similarly, it does not see all the entities. And often my advice people come who were treated by all that anything but what is in reality. And, of course, it is the treatment did not help. In order to work with karma, one must have a very good clairvoyant clairvoyance and even better, to have the knowledge and skills to work with karma and the contact with the higher planes. A treat physics as most healers, without remedy the causes of the disease, namely, Karma, is useless. In this case, the healer takes human karma for themselves. And the disease will come back to the man. We must understand that to present the healing has occurred, the person must understand what it is, what their past actions, he created this karma, so karmic healing is best carried out with the informed participation of the person. Then it effectively.

I myself did not immediately learned to see and discern the karmic patterns. This was preceded by years of very serious work on oneself and the revival and development of their own abilities from past incarnations.

If a person has a heavy karma, it is already apparent at an early age. You know that children are born with birth defects that young children get sick and sometimes die from incurable diseases. Sadly, the current identity of the person responsible for past acts, but does not know anything about it and does not remember his past incarnations. It is clear that such childhood diseases can not be attributed to physical. Young children have not yet managed to accumulate so much negativity your thoughts and emotions.

Some karmic diseases manifest themselves in childhood, some in adolescence, some later. And about 50 years appears to have a whole bunch of diseases, which, of course, compounded by his own psychosomatic, their personal accumulation of negative emotions and thoughts.

And a very important role plays Karma kind. Diseases associated with ancestral karma, people are often not less but more than that related to the personal karma. Black magic, ancestral curses, bloody deeds of ancestors affect their descendants up to 7 of the knee and provides them with life's problems and diseases. If you repeat any disease of your parents and grandparents - is a manifestation of the ancestral karma. Negative addiction, especially evident in a number of generations, and are often a manifestation of ancestral karma. Diseases of bones, bone trauma - often generic karma
Any serious illness, usually associated not with one but with several karmic episodes. Its cause is often both a generic karma and personal. And while not heal all of these reasons, the recovery can be expected. Treatment methods of traditional and alternative medicine usually gives some relief, but the disease is not fully reversible and occasionally escalates. And this is natural, because the karmic patterns continue to affect the organs and body will never be healthy if they are not removed. It rarely happens that the disease passes completely and gives more relapses. This occurs when a person has worked for this karma and heal your mind from your own negative thoughts and emotions that complicate the disease. In this case, however, the disease can not completely go away, but fade away and not bother so much as before.

This does not mean that we should not be treated at all. It is necessary. But treatment should be comprehensive - and necessary heal karma and heal the physical body (better, of course, the methods of alternative medicine), and to heal and clean energy system, and to work with your mind, with your thoughts and emotions. It should in any way possible to help yourself heal.

mental disorders also belong to the karmic diseases. They may be the result of both personal and ancestral karma.

Now a lot of people die from cancer. You about it probably, you know. This terrible disease is the result of a combination of severe personal and ancestral karma, as well as their own negative human emotions that often trigger the process. And yet - the soul of the person agrees to such an experience for the purpose of cleansing, if you can not be cleared by other means, for example, healing of karma. And now, during the transition, many souls choose this difficult experience for the purpose of purification. In this case, the soul has the opportunity to leave the afterlife on a higher plane than those from which it came. And, accordingly, its next incarnation will be more healthy and happy.

If a person is miraculously healed of cancer - this occurs when it is fully heals your mind, open Universal Love and receives permission of your Soul and Higher Forces healed physically
How karmic energy creates disease? If a person has committed in the past a certain act, it creates a negative energy that came back to him in the form of negativity in its power system. In further embodiments, it has come to this recording power. These energies are in the energy body, and, as we know, initially negative changes taking place in the energy bodies, and then they were transferred to physics. If the energy of the body there is something that prevents its full functioning, closes the flow of energy to the cells, then, of course, even if not immediately, but the body becomes ill. Imagine that each organ of such structures is not one, but several, and they prevented him to be healthy. And with the age change are compounded and agencies increasingly ill. People could live much longer if it were not for these negative karmic records. Therefore, of course, to begin to heal the karma as early as possible, not when the disease is already in full swing, and as soon as it was felt the manifestation. Because gradually increase irreversible changes to the physics that even with removal of karmic patterns will then be very difficult to heal.

Very often in such karmic records there is magic, and then heal them especially hard. In past incarnations people often do various magical rituals, especially when they were engaged in black magic, and now they have a negative impact on their health. The most common serious diseases connected with such magical energy.

Work with karma can be when the person is ready for such work. Just surf the previous incarnation for the sake of curiosity, as some do, do not. If we are working with the past - something with a purpose, for example, for healing. Just blindly overwrite events of the past is useless. It does nothing. There it is necessary to cure the problem, but it is a serious hard work, which includes several stages and is always performed individually, depending on the situation. But it changes a lot, because the karmic records are deleted, and healing the past, we heal the present and the future. The situation is improving, diseases are healed, the mind changes. And how to change people's attitudes! Those who yesterday were prepared to throw at each other, after the healing of karma are absolutely neutral to each other, or may become friends.

Thus, the disease creates karma, personal and generic, and our consciousness of compounding. Therefore, healing karma, but not getting rid of your own negative thoughts and emotions, which were also part of the disease, to heal completely impossible, and it is very important to complete the healing work with your current consciousness, with their qualities and current tasks.

As soon as people grow spiritually, they come more and more true information and more difficult to make believe in fairy tales. With the development of self-awareness, they gain access to higher terms of information, gain knowledge, trained and can apply them to yourself.

Now we have a very important realization. We can achieve an unprecedented level of development, if Heal your mind and your karma, if cleaned of all the negative energies of the past. This is an important and serious work. Of course, not everyone is such a global problem, someone more modest task, and it is appropriate, as each soul is on a level that it has accumulated. If a person has come into this life is not just to listen to fairy tales, but in order to achieve a high level of development, for it will surely come a time when you have to deal with their own karma. Each time this occurs at different times. Someone moves to a disease or a difficult situation, someone himself with his consciousness comes to that. But in the end, everyone understands that to move forward without this it is impossible, and in general just to live a normal healthy life joyful.

Our Spirit always leads us. And we must understand that we are moving the way we need and appropriate, if we do not give a control our ego, if we see all its manifestations, often quite subtle. It is the ego that is always looking for the easy way out and forces believe that doing nothing can be achieved any significant results. That ego is not interested in the fact that man has developed, purified, because it is in this case loses its power over him. We should not be afraid of difficulties. We are capable of much, and we have to develop ourselves and be willing to change themselves, without being subject to the effects of the ego. Purged of karma, a person not only improves your health, but also heals your mind. The energies of past lives cease to influence it, and it is much easier to build your life in accordance with your highest good, and do their best reality its Heaven on Earth.

Author: Galina Vetrova


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