Everything is possible - just need to make an effort

Sometimes it seems that our capacity is limited. This is often due to the fact that we do not believe in themselves and do not make sufficient efforts to implement the plan. Leo Bormans - writer, author of the bestseller "The World Book of Happiness" - told his story, which inspires confidence and hope

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One day I was lucky enough to meet with Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan. "What you were ten years old?" - I asked him. He laughed and replied: "Do you think that if I wanted to become UN Secretary General?". No, he, like all children, stare up at the stars and dreamed of something bigger and better than it is in the present.

With this all begins. We all grew up on the same values ​​- simply because we are human beings, it unites us. We always understand when someone is in trouble or treated unjustly. But many of us prefer to simply ignore it. < «Something around begin to change only if one would take responsibility for your own personal choice. Find the strength primarily on internal changes »
We have the opportunity to develop these forces, to educate them and help their children find themselves our friends. Positive psychology is based on our internal inexhaustible possibilities. < In the end, we always get put in that mental effort
My father was a traveling salesman, and we lived in one of the poorest regions of Belgium. When I was five years old, I loved to go with his father in a small grocery shop. There are for me the owner turned the box from under the vegetables, turning it into a makeshift stage, which I recite memorized verses. I loved these performances, and always came away with the award - ice cream. < Today, I travel around the world and communicate with a large audience. Most recently, I realized - what I do, in fact, like my baby « concerts »
. Perhaps someone condescendingly call you a dreamer. Well, the cynicism of the most convenient way of life: it does not require any effort, he does not recognize in others the passion, he does not notice that there is in us the best. As I said goodbye to Kofi Annan, «never cease to dream, but also do not forget to turn dreams into reality ».

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