40 things I want to say to children before they become too old to listen to

Children should be taught how to think, not what to think © Margaret Mead


Right mood – it is just the little thing that can have a huge impact on our lives. – Should not be allowed to influence what surrounds us. Better try to change their mood so that it helped us to become who we want to be, and helped us to Express ourselves best. As a rule, in our anger and stress not blame the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and we do. Tweak a bit your mood and time to get rid of, and from the other.

What surrounds you, depends on how you perceive it. – Almost always and almost in any situation, nothing prevents you... and nothing keeps you on track to your dream, but yourself and your thoughts about the fact that, well, anyway you do not succeed, because such is life. How you perceive the world around you, affects what you believe, your belief determines your behavior, and behavior changes the world around them.

All we should get rid of the habit to complain about life. Instead of complaining about your life, try to live simply. Maybe then you will finally realize how beautiful it was. Say is a "must do" just "do." And remember – much of what we complain about, others can only dream of.

Positivity always pays off. – Your thoughts does not finish the existence, when you stop to think. The echo of them remains with you for the rest of your life. And so try to choose them wisely. Be incredibly, overwhelmingly positive. Be cheerful, creative, funny and funny at the same time! And smile as often as possible. Smile changes the rhythm of your body, it changes for the better the very fabric of your being. It helps you to feel better and better able to cope with any cases.

Negative only shortens your life. Before you mindlessly waste your life on anger, contempt, hatred or envy, think of how valuable your time is, and that he has not filled.

Unnecessary anxiety is the worst enemy of the present. – Vain anxiety is only able to deprive you of a good mood. And nothing more. When you are worried, especially worried for nothing, you just use your imagination, creating in your mind something you do not want to meet.

Don't run away – run to the goal! The best way to avoid negativity is to move on to something positive.

Nothing is never as bad as it seems. – Believe me, it is possible to extract at least some benefit from any situation, no matter how bad it looks at first glance.

Gratitude never hurts. – How to turn suffering into joy and chaos into calm? Thanks. Be thankful for the fact that you don't have all the problems that COULD be.

Even when you think everything is falling apart may, in fact, everything is going smoothly. Believe. Believe in your life. In destiny, if you will. To be happy is to some extent to be able to go with the flow of the river of life, not across to it is to let things take its course instead of worrying about non-existent and unattainable desire. And when you think that life is "falling apart", perhaps these pieces, by contrast, come together – for the first time in many years.

Sometimes changes are necessary. – Change is an integral part of life. They are in every moment, whether we like it or not. No matter how good or bad or was the situation you hit, sooner or later everything will change. So what, this is exactly can you expect. And since life is constantly changing, it can make you. Breathe the wind of change full chest. The past is gone, it's gone. And because it's time to focus on what you can do now – not on what you could or should have done.

You can do a lot more than you think. – Take every moment of your life without pity or alarm. Remind yourself that you'll be fine – and you will be able to cope with any obstacle encountered on your life path.

If you're wrong, this is a good thing. It means that you are moving forward. No wonder they say that I am not mistaken, only those who do nothing.

You still spend your energy – whether in idleness or useful things. Better to be tired from something that has left you at least a little smarter, stronger or richer than tired of idle pastime.

There is a huge difference between being busy and do something to do. – Do not confuse process with result. Can be a long run in circles, never reaching the goal. You need it

You definitely will not achieve anything if you're not even trying. – All you got started in the same way with trying. All. So try the same! That your actions connect "want" and "have".

Correct and easy things are rarely the same. – Do right, not in the way most convenient to you. Do what you can for something to bring, not what's easiest. If you see a fork in the road, choose the path that will give you strength. Select new knowledge, personal growth... choose something that will help you realize your potential.

You can't become better without becoming first himself. – To be able to give our best, first of all you need to you avoid the false. Take a minute and try to remember who you are and for what we fight. Think about those ideas and principles that made you who you are now.

If we are to work for something meaningful. – You can make every effort to achieve the goal – but only when it is meaningful, positive and ambitious goal. Therefore he does not choose his to something, what you have is not soul – you'd better find yourself something that you will dream about at night.

Always properly arrange their priorities. – If life pulls you in a hundred directions, over most of which you have no power, take the time to properly prioritize and direct most of their attention and energy on what you really need. Only you can decide that your life is really important – and sooner or later this decision will define who you really are.

Strive to the top. – Let your dreams be big, delicious and gorgeous. After all, they give you strength to move forward. Remember that beyond your reach, not always be the same – if you continue to move forward.

Miracles happen every day. – If we assume that miracles are normal, we expect. And waiting for a miracle is the surest way to get it.

If you undertake something, do it with full dedication. – Never spare. In life, in love... anything. Every morning ask yourself today what is most important to you, and try to build around your response all day.

The focus is more than justified. – If you always do what is comfortable, Yes, that easy, it is unlikely that you ever will achieve anything. But if you in order to achieve goals, willing to go to anything – you can't stop. So don't forget – whatever it takes you focus on one goal, in the end it will more than pay off. Your efforts never go to waste. Even if honest, concentrated effort will not lead you directly to the goal, they can tell you what should be your next step.

What you can achieve, depends on how you want it. – If your goal is very important to you, you will certainly be able to achieve it. When you are ready to do anything to achieve their goal when you are purposeful and persistent, you soon realize that your goal is already at arm's length.

You can always make the first step in the direction of your dreams. – Yes, in your present state there is nothing that would prevent you from going to your dream – one step at a time. And every failure, every disappointment only help you to continue to go forward with doubled efforts.

At least once a month dedicate yourself time to assess how far you've come. – Look at how far you could come in over the past month. How far you have come. Now imagine where you can lead the way.

Other people's opinions not required to become your reality. – Remove from the opinions of other people useful information, but don't let them restrict you. Learn to appreciate themselves and to defend their principles. Be him. And if you don't want what the world offers you, find the courage to refuse it.

Don't be afraid sometimes to go beyond the rules. – No, not to break the law, namely, to go beyond the rules. If all you do is set obey someone else rules, then you have not matured. You just learned to obey.

Only you can decide what is important and what is not. – The meaning of your life define you. You and only you.

Listen to your intuition. – When you feel that something goes as it should, it means that for you it really is. And if something seems wrong to you, most likely, you it is by no means favorable. Pay attention to the voice of your subconscious, and go where he leads you.

Understand and accept your flaws. After you do that, nobody can use them against you.

Each of your mistake is a step forward. – Each of your mistake is a little more to push you to the right decision.

Each day begins with a clean slate. – Don't give up today just because yesterday happened something bad. Don't you dare to even think about it. Each new day is a chance to start over.

Not one moment of those that you have lived consciously and with commitment, it is not wasted. – Appreciate your life and enjoy the journey through it. Appreciate each new moment, whatever it is you may bring. And learning to appreciate these little moments, you learn to appreciate life.

Treat everyone, especially to ourselves with kindness and respect. – Treat yourself like the most important person in the world, and treat others no worse than themselves. Do not miss any chance, any opportunity to tell someone about his exceptionalism, on the external and internal beauty. Live so that people enjoyed your presence when you're near them, and appreciated when you are away.

Take the important apologies you never received. – If you love someone and want to forgive that person, save him from having to apologize to you.

True love is freedom. – Get rid of the shackles. Of expectations, requirements and regulations from a framework which try to drive the people you love. A gift of pure love allows you to bless others and accept them for what they are – giving them the freedom to choose for themselves.

All who meet on your way, may teach you something important. – To be honest, those people are the hardest to deal with, are often the best teachers.

No matter how many things you know – you do not know much more. – In almost any situation it is necessary to take as a given that you know not all, and what you don't know can turn everything on its head. Go somewhere in other place, and you'll see countless ways. Do something differently, and are surprised by new possibilities. And most importantly – keep an open mind.

Posledovatelei, the best thing we can do for their children when they grow up – let them make their own decisions, allow them to be strong and responsible, giving them the freedom to explore life on their own, be allowed to ride buses and trains on their own... let them be by themselves, and believe in yourself.


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