Portable audio: Myths and Reality


We publish a series of transcripts of our podcast "Sound» . One of the last conversations recorded during the show, is already out in the format post , but today we decided to go back to the the first issue (of 10.22.2013), in which Dmitry Kabanov and Timothy Shikolenko talk about how the idea of ​​recording this podcast debunk some of the myths related to the topic of audio, and talk about the often unknown to the masses, but the curious component of portable audio systems. < / a>

Dmitry: We decided to start with, say, where there was an idea we all came to the conclusion to make the transfer, it is dedicated to the art gadgets that are "screwed" to your smartphone or to your home audio systems that you can carry with you anywhere, and not just to understand them and make their lives, their music is really better, more pleasant and to spend time better.

Timothy: To improve the quality of life, so to speak. In general, the idea went from the fact that the modern media is almost forgotten that there is music. The fact that there is an entire industry of sound, which in the 80s was "a horse", talking about her all knew about it all. Now, for the most part, speak about some computer technology, about some obscure figures, talk about smartphones, on Apple, and everything connected with it. And about what music to listen to is not stopped, [do not say]. And that is happening around it, which exist around this technology [users do not know], and in fact there is also a huge world.

And it turns out that I meet with different people, not related to our subject, I start talking about that at all is: what [there] devices, which have the technology and new opportunities for people, and I see his eyes widening. And I have it every time, on the one hand, surprised and pleased I am to say something new, I added some quality of life. He now realizes something. On the other hand, I am upset because a huge number of people are just not aware of opportunities that provide technology in the field of music, in the field of sound to people who are passionate about it.

Dmitry: Well, yes. We are not far to seek. While I chose and was looking for a headset, fated to hit the Audiomaniyu: I just did not know about the existence of such devices as a stereo amplifier, portable amplifier for smartphones ... and choosing the headphones, so to speak, above the average, in order to listen to the music, handle the same podcast, I did not hesitate, he decided to simply plug them into your iPhone. Device such as a stereo amplifier for smartphones, for me, simply did not exist until now.

When we started looking, what they do is, what form factor, functionality, I just decided to take a couple of weeks to learn it and the whole thing. When you begin to deal with small, for you to open the field of the unknown. But it's so addictive that I want to understand, to delve into these gadgets to see what is, what is not, to compare the prices. What does it mean that - will not. Is it better to carry a subway through that better listen to podcasts, and what better to put the house. Is it better to take as a portable boom box, if you can call it. Because I have a house, for example, do not even know what it's called right, is Jawbone-heater, which works via bluetooth and is connected to the normal mini-jack.

Timothy: Yes, it is an eternal problem. When we add some new products (as we are gradually expanding the range it toward modern digital devices), there is always a problem: what to call this thing in Russian. Our world is going digital, despite the fact that we have ears, of course, continue to be analog, so in the process of expanding the range every time we gather a council and think what to call this or that group of products: in America, for example, in Europe there are The term «portable speakers» - portable speakers.

If you call it a "portable speakers" or "portable speakers" it is absolutely not clear what it is. And then there is all sorts of questions, and new terms. Those headphone amplifiers. When you talk to someone who is not aware of threads "Headphone Amplifier" smile is.

Dmitry: It is a huge box ...

Portable Headphone Amplifier i>

Timothy: Yes, but why exacerbate the headphones? And if we talk and even "portable headphone amplifiers," it is generally something. And this is why? I take the headphones, connect them to your smartphone to iPhone'u to Android'nomu devaysu, Samsung to some, hear everything, everything is fine. At the same time (now noticeably) a lot of people walking the streets with big headphones. This raises several issues: first, the people "close" on the external background, which prevents them from enjoying the music, and secondly, people still want to buy headphones that sound quality to listen to all that invested in this artist composition: the voice and everything else.

And often I see on the forums that people say, 'Here I am listening to, and there is not a sound one, basses are missing. " And swear headphones. And actually some good headphones. That is, they come home, they are connected to something "big" and hear all right. But the abuse is still somehow headphones. It turns out that the iPhone can not blame them. How to berate iPhone? It's their favorite gadget. On it someone for a long time saved up, someone wanted for a long time, waiting until the new model comes out.

Dmitry: When viewed from the standpoint of the layman, which is likely, I will act in this program on an ongoing basis - I can not say that I'm an expert in audio - and when it comes to the headphones and on the devices, I use to listen to music, I am absolutely normal people like all around. And when I choose headphones, the most that I pay attention to is, of course, "the more expensive the cooler," and "the smaller the resistance, the better." The wider the range, the better.

Timothy: Yes, the classic of the genre! We are often asked why our site is not possible to compare the speakers and headphones characteristics. But the fact that it is virtually useless. It is clear that, when compared on the resistance, you can see how much pull the amplifier, this speaker system. In fact, a lot more factors.

Dmitry: Well, it's like saying that a passenger car wheels are small, but if a large tie, it will be better. But in fact they are adapted precisely to this model, it is to this class of machines, and it is useless here something to twist, tie the wheel of Kamaz. Also, with the resistance and with a range.

Timothy: In fact, a lot of options. If you take [alone] dynamics, there are several dozens of parameters. And try them in my head like a bed and compare useless. Compare the characteristics of a classic: the frequency range, power, resistance, - it is something will, of course, but in general it is useless to compare because there are speakers completely different classes. At the same characteristics in their view of the same.

Therefore, there is a misconception that if that's the main characteristics: power, frequency range, can be resistance - the same, hence, there is no difference at all. Here - big wheel, it - too big column. This is 10 000, it costs 50 000 rubles, the basic characteristics are identical, hence, there is no difference. So, is that 50 000 - it's just a "divorce suckers" for those who have a lot of money. They buy expensive, but not cheap.

Dmitry: If another box on kartinochku shows some familiar, some musician or star, then that's all, "shatters».

Timothy: Yes, it's another story. And the funny thing is that people like the modern, somehow they [like] is not very receptive to classical advertising, but such simple things for some reason they bought.

Dmitry: I think here is in the fact that people can not quite be sure that he is right, focusing on those characteristics that we talked: price, etc.

Timothy: So we should listen.

Dmitry: Yes, the deciding factor for him is, oddly enough, the fact that someone listens to a well-known, advertises the product.

Timothy: At the same time we forget that all ears are something different. And musical tastes are different. And everyone loves listening to music in different ways. It is clear that there is, comes to us even from the 80s-90s the desire to unscrew the bass more. Just because they do not suffice. But they are not enough, not because they do not exist, but because the sound equipment, which was used [then] simply can not reproduce the spectrum, which is incorporated in a musical composition. As a result, because I want to add that it seems that something is missing.

Dmitry: As a result, the headphones to all this never comes.

Timothy: If you go back to the point from which we started, about amps ... they, by the way, [there are] not only for smartphones, oddly enough. That is, now there is a huge number of portable players. It all started with a fairly large devices. I remember it, I stand at the origins of this market since the beginning of the 2000s. It all started with a fairly large boxes, and there really was possible to put more or less decent amplifier. Then he went to the tendency of "less is better." As a result, the latest players are smaller than a box of match.

Dmitry: It is with these issues with these problems, I think we will deal in the course of this and the next gear. How to choose? What to choose? What to look for? What in general are the types of devices? What is the technique? How can it compare? With what to listen to? And listen to what?

Timothy: Yes, the theme is inexhaustible. I think we can talk about it for years. Well, actually, we do. The first thing I would like to say on this subject, and most importantly: you can not select audio equipment, relying on some well-known personality who has chosen for itself, these headphones. I understand that you are now on the head, for example, Beats, and you them, probably not just bought.

Dmitry: To my shame, we did disclose that fact the first issue.

Timothy: There are reasons why you bought them. It is expensive headphones. They invested a lot of PR. And the PR, of course, affect the price, because there can be no miracles.

Dmitry: Well, of course. This is big business. As far as I know, this company has been bought back by those who sold it. Subsequently, it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars. The brand is sold, and sold well. To him "tightened" famous people. All excited and happy.

Timothy: world-class brand.

Dmitry: In fact, I felt very clearly that from a practical point of view, if you do not look at the delicious image, as they are used they simply bumped, become loose, and all the plastic begins to crack. If you are being dropped from 20-30 centimeters on any surface, they just fall apart, and you have to take the glue "Moment" and start all over again. I bought them a hundred years ago, so I'm just chasing them on the record. They just are suitable for such purposes.

Timothy: They are, in fact, a lot, which are suitable. Headphones decent. Another question. The issue is that people go to the store, see the box. They take it and do not even realize what's inside. And then, of course, there is such a fun factor: people like, simply because people like. Even if they do not like, they persuade themselves that they like. And that's all stopped. There are some people who can convince themselves. I do not know unfortunately whether to happiness? .. The main thing is that they have satisfied their demand. They wanted just such headphones, wanted to make it look that way.

Because after all, for the most part, it is - the youth audience, and the music there is corresponding. It is generally quite easy to play, so it is suitable for virtually any audio equipment, including cheap. If you go into audio formats, there can already use a variety of compression formats, the same mp3. It will still be more or less normally. That is, it turns out a bunch of cheap equipment - cheap in terms of production music.

Dmitry: It seems to me, here it is important to understand that actually buy something do not come cheap. Even when compared with the same smartphones iPhone'om or anything else, it's actually half or even a good smartphone. It's amazing how people come to this purchase, compared with the same smartphone. They can compare smartphones weeks on Yandex.market choose somewhere else to watch characteristics: the screen, memory, CPU. But when it comes to headphones, one simply walks into the store, spend 10 minutes, enough, do not even listen to them and everything and goes.

Timothy: Fortunately, not the only way. Fortunately, there are people who understand that to choose something musical need, listen to music. It is desirable that which you know well, well you know how it should sound. Unless, of course, you know, if there is, what to listen to, something to compare. But, anyway, the store can come and listen to those or other headphones. Both large or small. By the way, there is another myth. I think in the course of the play will debunk the myths around which a huge amount of audio.

Dmitry: Yes, of course.

Timothy: and one of the myths - that's what the small earphones, "droplets", whatever they are called, that they basses always worse than the big ones. This is really a myth. It's just a different technology. And there are small headphones that "basyat" o-ho-ho, and can be compared with the very large. That is no longer talking here about what size they are. Here, by the way, about the acoustics of the same story, too, they say, the more speakers, the better.

in-ear monitor for lovers of "strong" bass line i>

Dmitry: a bunch of myths. Starting with the fact that until the last moment, it seemed to me that the speakers made of glass, should be necessarily worse quality on the order than, for example, columns of wood. But, as it turns out ...

Timothy: The material from which made the speaker cabinet ... so, ideal column should be made of concrete. It is durable, it does not resonate, does not vibrate, does not create additional overtones. All. This is the perfect speaker.

Dmitry: will be a little bit hard to drag on the 10th floor.

Timothy: There is a problem with the logistics right. It is not possible to deliver anywhere. Therefore, it appears that [instead of concrete used] MDF - the material from which made almost all the speakers in the world, and expensive and cheap - any. Very cheap, of course, it can be made of plastic and do, or some other materials used. There is a very decent speakers, made for example of aluminum.

The question is not what will be the material, and how to correctly apply: it forms, and a variety of additional materials that are used in the production. Complex engineering calculation. Not everyone understands that the speaker - is not just a box of wood, hewn boards of several rectangular size, which is inserted in the dynamics podkrucheny wires and everything. In fact it is not so simple.

Those who count it all - engineers with extensive experience, people tend to take it for life. Do not just enthusiastic, involved. It is - part of their lives. They behave differently represent. If you just take and put together a box anyhow, to take even the most expensive speakers to insert and connect, then immediately burn "beeper", ie the subwoofer, simply because they need to filter sound. Then, from medium- and low-frequency speaker can generally no sound to follow ... that is, he will, just that you will not hear it.

There is a huge number of subtleties. It seems that everything is very simple, but in reality things are very difficult. Each speaker, it is so unique as fingerprints. We are often stories that people hang out fun vecherochkom burned any speaker in any not cheap speaker, come to us. We sell speakers, including. They come to us and say: "And give the replacement».

Dmitry: This is a little more complicated than replacing a light bulb in the kitchen.

Timothy: It is virtually impossible unless the speaker made for this particular speaker, as so often happens, if it is not very expensive speakers. It produces all the kit. This is done exclusively for this speaker's sound system. Find analogue impossible. Analogues do not exist.

You can try to compare with spare parts for the car.

All right.

Everything is fine.

It's dangerous.

This is something.

That's impossible.


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