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Today I want to talk about the headphones. But it is not about the technical component, and not about who and when they did similar to the modern, and how and why do each of us now uses at least some headphones. I chose a few milestones in the history associated with certain brands that, in my opinion, in a special way influenced our use of these devices.

Electrophone System h4> In the late nineteenth century in Britain there is such a service - listening to concerts and motets by subscription at home. The company has established a client device with four special headphones that are needed to keep the handle. The service cost 5 pounds a year, but for an extra pound you could add another earphone. This system is more like a phone.

Service lasted from 1895 until 1926. By 1908 served 600 subscribers, and were broadcast from 30 theaters and churches.

Such was the stand.

People enjoy listening to music.

Employees, meanwhile, is working for such a remote control, switching users to the desired channel.

Microphones installed in concert halls. In the church, they disguised themselves as the Bible.

Advertising service.

Baldwin and Type C h4> In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin suggested USAF their headphones. He had to wait long for an answer and even remind myself to pay attention to it - that is, to write again in the armed forces. Somehow the idea they did not like these headphones while they did not listen to them ... After that Baldwin received an order from the Air Force and began to collect the ears in the kitchen.

The popularity of radio and headphones h4> Any phone in the form of burgers and players in the form of cans of Coke There does not seem so long ago. But no, back in the twenties of the last century was here a radio with headphones, which gave the biggest fans of oatmeal porridge. Vkusnuypirogek.

Generally, radio amateurs in the early XX century were home crystal receivers and headphones. They collected their own receivers.

So from the beginning of the last century, "ears" were no longer something supernatural even for ordinary citizens.

Dynamic headphones from Beyerdynamic h4> In 1937, the company launched a Beyerdynamic dynamic headphones DT-48. Today, this type of headphones - the most popular because of its affordability. Most of the headphones on the market today belong to this type.

The company itself has existed since 1924 and today is engaged in manufacture of microphones and headphones.

It is said that during a tour of Germany in 1966, the Beatles used exclusively Microphones Beyerdynamic E 1000.

AKG h4> In 1949 the company released its first AKG Headphones K120. The company - one of the prominent players in the market of professional music equipment. She started with five workers who manually collected microphones for radio stations and jazz clubs.

Koss and "domestication" headphone h4> Nevertheless, for a long time mainly used headphones telephone operators, airport operators, pilots and tank crews. Well, kids and hams, as already said above. More widespread this device has done Koss. And that chance.

Donated $ 200 to the wedding couple decided to invest in the business, and in 1953 began to rental of hospital patients TVs. The company calls J.C. Koss Hospital Television Rental Company. A little later, the company introduced the portable turntable. Included were the headphones that used pilots during World War II.

In 1958 the exhibition of all concerned is the headphones. And John Koss began to establish production of this device.

The first model, released under the brand KOSS - SP-3.

In the 1960s of the last century Koss became the undisputed leader in the market of the headphones. In addition, the company has become one of the leading suppliers of headphones for the US armed forces - circle.

Beatlephones dream became fans Beatles.

Porta Pro headphones will be in stores in 1983. Surprisingly, they are still sold and popular.

Also in the eighties were released wireless headphones operating in the infrared spectrum.

Now the "crown" of the company is the development model KOSS ESP-950. They range from 8 to 35,000 Hz. This electrostatic headphones, and this type gives the least distortion of all types sounder.

Stax electrostatic headphones and first h4> Before Koss, Sennheiser and other giants of the music industry began to produce electrostatic headphones, it took the company Stax. Electrostatic speaker has a distinct advantage over other sources of radiation: it is the simplicity of design and sound quality. This type gives the least distortion, as I mentioned above.

Electrostatic headphones Stax SR-1, presented at the exhibition in Tokyo in 1959. Among them is called earspeakers, that is, "the speakers for the ears."

How does an electrostatic transducer.

A device of this type emitters.

Warm tube electrostatic ear speakers from Sennheiser.

Audio-Technica and the Olympics h4> Audio-Technica The company was founded by 42-year-old Japanese in 1962. History began with the production of phonograph pickups. The first two models AT-1 and AT-3 manufacturers began selling audio equipment in Japan. A year later the company moved into a spacious room Bole and increases the production of starting selling AT-5, and in 1969 comes with their pickups on the world market.

And in 1974 the company released the first series of dynamic headphones AT-700. After four years out condenser headphones ATH-8 and ATH-7.

1996 Summer Olympics was held at Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Russia ranked second in the overall standings with 26 gold, 21 silver and 16 bronze medals. From athletes to better themselves showed Alexei Nemov, who took just six medals, two of which were gold, one silver and three bronze.

Minute nostalgia completed. And now what I am about it all the microphones and headphones for holding this event were made by Audio-Technica. Since all the equipment worked perfectly, and chose her for the Olympics in Sydney in 2000. And in 2002 - in Salt Lake City. Moreover, at the next Olympics Athens Olympic Broadcasting SA use the microphone of the same company.

In 2007, Audio-Technica launches line QuietPoint® Noise-Cancelling Headphones - headphones with active noise cancellation, and the model ATH-ANC7b QuietPoint, published in 2009, immediately takes the award Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering.

But we should not forget the fact that the bulk of the production company - is the professional equipment. Including, of course, intracanal monitors. In this picture - wireless intracanal monitors M3, released in 2008.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 - this is one of the latest models of the company. Their frequency range - 10 Hz - 25 kHz, and the level of noise reduction - up to 30 dB depending on the mode.

Bose, and active noise reduction h4> In 1978, at the Amar Bose, founder of the manufacturer of Hi-end audio equipment, the idea of ​​active noise cancellation. Headphones on the plane was not allowed to enjoy the music as it does not drown out the cries of children and the noise of the engine.

The essence of the active noise cancellation is that the wave can pay off if the forward send similar in antiphase. Bowes implement this idea in practice for first set of pilots, then this system has got in life lovers.

Surprisingly, Boaz was not the first, in 1959, twenty years before the idea of ​​ANC at Amar Bose, Willard Mikker designed headphones with protection from external sounds.

Who uses active noise cancellation system and even in cars.

Pilots fly constantly headphones Bose. As in Westone, for example.

In 2000, Bose launches line of QuietComfort.

Sony Walkman and music on the street h4> By 1979, the headphones have become part of the home environment for many people. However, Sony with its Walkman'om pulled the headphones on the street, allowing people to listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere, without disturbing others. Later, however, the company had to wage long negotiations with Paul Andreas, who invented his Stereobelt in 1972. Now Andreas is rumored receives royalties from sales of Walkman, as well as about 13 years ago, fished from Sony over $ 10 million.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​Andreas produce headphones rejected ITT, Grundig, Yamaha and Philips. Such is the school they committed, confident that no one wants to listen to music in public.

Sony Walkman TPS-L2 - the first model of the line. Outside of Japan, the player had other names.

The first advertisement Walkman.

Included with the player walked headphones MDR-3L2.

And in 1985, for the production of headphones Sony has joined the company Westone, make a really comfortable wearing them with a special tab.

These headphones in 1980 released Sony.

The new form factor from Sony - 1997.

Westone and monitors for professionals and audiophiles h4> Full version: History Westone i>

Company Westone appeared in 1959 and started with the production of goods for people with hearing problems and for physicians who deal with these problems. Now the list of goods in this category Westone great variety - that is, all the necessary range of hearing aids to the ear models for polyclinics.

But we are interested in something else: as the company began to produce earphone? It all started probably in 1985, with the help of Sony in creating comfortable headphones with high quality sound. A couple of years after that, together with Westone Etymotic designed monitors for musicians: the main thing - do not damage your hearing, such an important organ for the musician. Westone experience in medicine helped to cope with this task.

In 1990 he began to use the armature Westone headphones for muzykntov, and in 1996, along with Shure released universal intracanal monitors with balanced armature (ie, reinforcement).

In 1995 the band Van Halen zvukach gathered dvuhdrayvernye headphones capable of blocking noise and provide enough high-quality sound. Realizing that it monitors like many, he founded Ultimate Ears. A company Westone helped finalize these headphones and take their production. In 1998, among the clients of UE were The Rolling Stones, Enrique Iglesias and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And only in 2002, the company produces headphones for mere mortals under their own brand. This UM1, headphones with balanced armature and a radiator.

Now all headphones have become available to the ordinary user. Some of the latest - W60 with six emitters presented at CES 2014. The price corresponds to the level of: reinforcing the cheap does not happen.

iPod and earpods h4> In 2001, Apple released the first generation iPod. Now this line consists of a series of iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano and Pod shuffle. By 2007, it sold about 110 million of these players, and in 2012 - already 350 million. And along with them - Apple Earpods.

Monster Beats h4> From the song words can not erase, and as if, in my opinion, went looking and how these headphones would not be popular forge their right and left, here I have to write something on the basis of Dr . Dre and Jimmy Iovine company producing headphones.

What other events and brands, in your opinion, have formed the headphone market? B>

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